Will TLP Players get Equal Representation on the Community Council?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Brontus, Jan 27, 2022.

  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Like it or not if they are working on something that they want to keep secret for whatever reasons they are not going to post it to the forums. At times like this they will either take no feedback or require anyone who is involved to sign an NDA which is what the CRC group is for.
  2. code-zero Augur

    Not really sure what's funny...oh I get it you don't actually play the game so you're unaware that there's been large numbers of bans and suspensions for all sorts of reasons including RMT Krono.
  3. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    People RMT in an mmorpg? Sorry, I thought you were making a joke.
  4. Mashef Augur

    Considering TLP servers are the only reason this game is still drawing breath I would hope so.

    It may be the past but the past is the future and the present is the past.
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  5. Treage_Imminent Elder

    What representation is needed for 20 year old content beyond bug fixes? These servers are supposed to be "Time Locked Progression", warts and all.

    This request seems odd to me, given the nature of the servers that players have chosen to pay to play on. What is there to expect, other than a close as possible reproduction of how the game was many years ago? You don't need council members for that when the bug report forum exists.
  6. Brontus Augur

    I disagree. EverQuest has been in a constant state of flux since 1999. Some examples of things that were removed completely: no SoW indoors, mediating with spell books open, corpse runs, graveyards, bard swarm kiting. A few years ago the devs removed the ability to charm low level NPCs in Veeshan's Peak. The VP key process has been changed on a few occasions to make the key drops fairer. I could go on and on.

    There are many quality of life changes that have been made over the years to EverQuest and of course many unfortunate nerfs too. Then we have the introduction of controversial pay to win features like Krono and the Cash Shop.

    EverQuest is a work in progress.

    There are literally thousands of bugs that have been reported and that remain unfixed to this very day. Many original zones were not properly itemized and could be vastly improved with minimal effort. So there is plenty of work for enthusiastic devs to do if they were given the time on the clock.

    I believe that council members should be a voice for the players. Instead, I fear they may just be there to rubber stamp the decisions of the devs and serve more of a public relations stunt then actually being a way for players to have their voice heard.

    To be honest, if the devs really wanted to hear the opinions of the players and were serious about it, they could post polls on the forums and/or in-game. Or they could simply ask questions here. A few months ago, a player made a suggestion that Darkpaw should create a Suggestions section on the official forums where all players could post their ideas. A simple thing like this that would be a central location where suggestions/feedback could be reviewed, might take all of 2 minutes to create by the admin of these forums. This common sense idea has not even been implemented yet.

    At least we can be sure that the players who post on these forums and those who would would throw their hat in the ring for such a council actually play TLP EverQuest. I have far more confidence in the vast institutional and collective knowledge of the TLP community than a potential new developer that may have never played EQ before.

    As I stated in my original post, I remain skeptical. So far not one dev has posted here to respond and engage the TLP community on this important issue. I think the writing is on the wall for the efficacy of the Community Council.
  7. Kazint Augur

    The app does ask how much time you spend on TLP vs live. I don't know why everyone assumes the worst but they'll probably want a good mix of players.
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