Will this work 1800x ?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Holyfires, May 16, 2017.

  1. Goranothos Augur

    Nice system! Not sure where all the hate is coming from. If I had one that nice, I'd probably make a brag thread also. ;)

    What keyboard is that? Two things I don't mind spending money on to get quality are keyboards and headphones. I'm partial to mechanical keyboards. My current one is a Matias "Quiet Pro". My favorite keyboard is the old IBM Type M, but the clicking drives my wife crazy so I don't get to use it. :(
  2. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    OH... you mean like these guys running with it just fine? http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ryzen-1800x-linux&num=1

    Are you dense? And really, Frys? A chain computer store is your reference for it only working with Windows 10?
  3. Reval Augur

    I don't get where the guy's hate is coming from either. I was just trying to help him out.

    It's a really nice system though.
  4. Cactuszach Elder

    If you're dropping stacks like that on a new rig then get rid of that RX 480 and get a GTX 1080.

    EQ had some issues with the 10xx series and im not sure if thats been resolved, so if you are concerned about that and willing to go with a RX 480 you may as well save some money and get a GTX 970 and save ~$100. They will have virtually identical performance with EQ. You mentioned other games previously and if you are into modern PC gaming Id spring for the 1080.
  5. Greattoad Journeyman

    Ok answer 1 is Logitech keyboard and mouse 2 1080's at the moment have seriously high heat issue's avg running temps without a gpu cooler is high 80's . I'll till vega 11 is out with the new 16/8 HBM 2x stack ram that thing is going to rock . The pro series for work stations are already out and boosting 15 TF a sec which is crazy
  6. Greattoad Journeyman

    Not dense guy Fry's is a Retail chain store but one that , I get a discount and 2 I know the store manager. I always buy a warranty so my stuff is fully covered btw bashing on a retail chain that will replace a part if it goes pop free of charge really ?. That some dam good customer service right there and btw they price match and you can order from any other online site and they will install it for you ..
  7. Goranothos Augur

    Greattoad why are you answering for Holyfires? Same guy, different forum account?
  8. Ecko Elder

    I've got an Asus GTX1080 Strix deely, had no issues running EQ, although I've only been back about 5 weeks or so, so if there were any issues I've not come across any.

    Also not sure what the guy is on about with high temps, ofc if you're not running a GPU cooler then it's gonna get stupidly hot, but all GPU's come with coolers/fans, even the reference boards, so not quite sure what the point is there. At max overclock running for hours it barely breaks 70c, which is acceptable. 4/5 boxing EQ barely gets above 50c so really using the 1080 to it's full potential;p (i do/did play other games until EQ got it's claws back in me) If you've got a 1080 running at 80c then guessing it's an issue with the cooling in your system that needs looking at.
  9. Greattoad Journeyman

    Because my holyfires is my real life brother and he couldn't get to the forums so I typed out an answer real fast on my phone
  10. Greattoad Journeyman

    No it's posted on Nvidia forums bad fan and bios been that way since launch that's why I haven't gotten one yet . You must be one few lucky ones , I think it up to 12k bad cards atm or more
  11. Greattoad Journeyman

    FYI we have 3x systems all the same like holyfires posted pic of mine is red wife is pink of course and holyfires is blue
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  12. Goranothos Augur

    Do all three of you play EQ? That would be cool.
  13. Ghubuk Augur

    You mean you typed a whole bunch of answers for him? And did it in the first person as if it were Holyfires? LOL
  14. Goranothos Augur

    Ah give him a break. Let him have his brag thread. You gotta admit, that's a sweet system. :)
  15. jeskola pheerie

    you fail. here is my EQ PC:

    and here is how I paid for it:

  16. Bamkan Augur

    My wife has the pink one !
  17. Ghubuk Augur

    My brother's is the blue one!
  18. Brohg Augur

    Ah, I read on a forum the blue ones have less DPS
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  19. Reval Augur

    He's just waiting to see my amazing computer...

  20. Holyfires Elder

    Ok first of read the sig . what does it say ?. Second IBM server racks like that cost more money then you would ever make in 5 life times. Cray 4 million plus dollars and that's not the cooling system or power .so please post your rig not some made up bullcrap . FYI Cray systems use zen chips with windows 10 server pro ...