Will the Casual Server also have increased Quest Mob timers?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Evade, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Evade Augur

    I plan to play an enchanter like I did way back in 2000. I'm still haunted by Vessel and Verina. For those that don't know, Vessel and Verina dropped Enchanter epic pieces. Vessel was an Iksar located in the sewers of Cabilis and Verina was a Dark Elf inside the cleric guild of Neriak. Both had a 2-7 day random spawn timer and was permanently camped by players. Once spawned, you had to race against other campers to gather enough forces to kill the mob before the other players did. Failing to get the kill meant camping 24/7 up to another week.

    It was the worst epic ever. I never understood the point of making us way 2-7 days to kill a mob that was hard enough on its own.

    Then there were all the quest ground item spawns. Several of which had 24 hour timers. Travel to the depths of a dungeon, then wait up to 24 hours staring at a wall waiting for the ground item to spawn.

    Maybe the spawns have been adjusted over the last 19 years? If so then disregard this post.

    If not, then for the casual server I'd love it if Daybreak took a look at all the quest related mobs and ground item spawn timers. Reduce them all to 30 minutes (like ghost of Kindle) and make killing the mobs and traveling the depths of dungeons to loot the ground items the challenge, not the spawn timer
  2. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Doubtful. I assume they just perma toggled on the increased creatures flagged as "rare" as its a common holiday bonus that is probably easy to do as they recently went back and flagged a LOT of early era creatures with the "Rare" tag so that it blanket hits them.

    Many epic quests will be easier as there are quite a few that have mobs tagged as "rares" as part of them. As far as I'm aware Vessel Drozlin and Verina Tomb are not.
  3. MarttinPH Augur

    I want to say that npc's that are only required for a quest cannot receive the rare tag. They can only receive the tag if they drop other notable loot.
  4. Iyacc Augur

    On Agnarr those two mobs were a part of the shitshow that is epics. Instances for the similar raid mobs didn't work because they typically had a long initial spawn - ie. Broken golem in Fear. The instance collapsed before the golem could spawn.

    Since those two aren't part of raid instances, I think when we quit playing on Agnarr it was still a heavily camped, hope you get lucky kind of spawn for those two mobs. I would expect the same on the new TLP unless something has changed in the last 4 months.

    Now, as someone else already said - most epics can probably be replaced on Selo quicker than most TLP although free clicky buff is still nice. I know our initial gameplan in Major is to not work epics en masse except for the sprinkler of course.
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Yeah... Selo is not a quest-friendly server. No point in it. If you take 2 weeks to do a quest, you're half way through the expansion anyways.

    The ultra fast unlocks basically mean you need to be okay not ever being best in slot, and forgoing a lot of loot you would have wanted. It's pretty much the opposite of something like Agnarr (stopped or slow).
  6. Evade Augur

    Yea, I'm not okay with missing that kind of content. Selo doesn't appeal to me one bit
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  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    I just don't see spending a bunch of time obtaining an epic that is obsolete by the time you get it... or at least will be 30 days later.
  8. Shakara Augur

    Well if you don't want to do the pre-quest for your 1.5 then you need to do the 1.0 to get flagged. and the 2.0s which require the 1.5s are timeless