Will Rangers ever be fixed?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Syladra, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Didnt know about the rej line least there instant cast :) already using the mana tonic ones there nice long duration.
  2. Thraine Augur

    so i can cast my dot ONE time every 8 mins if i use these pots on CD, but i wont have mana for anything else ... that seems normal to you? lol
  3. Szilent Augur

    If you use those potions, you'll be able to cast your dot one additional time per four minutes, on top of all the spell casting you normally do.
  4. bombyx Journeyman

    The problem of ranger:
    1. Cover track CD timer is too long. Some mobs will regain aggro after cover track active.
    2. Blusterbolt need upgrade. It is very hard to root level 100+ mobs, the mobs run back after push.
    3. We need more mana regen skill.
    4. Can reduce the min range for bow?
    5. Arrow attack spell use enc rather than Mana.
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  5. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I made a bst so i could get there mana regen buff. Rangers need a better way of getting back mana.
  6. Thraine Augur

    ok imagine your oom after a 3 min burn, there's 8-12 mins left in the event. then im down to one dot every 4 mines as you say. so the spells im normally casting at that point are no spells at all.

    the class is busted af assuming your trying hard to DPS, we just need to keep living with it, or go play something else.
  7. Kalipto Augur

    So, unless rangers can solo xp faster than any other class, they're broken? Headshot was adjusted to be less ridiculously OP and that's a good thing. No class should be able to kill DB mobs in 15s solo, with 0 risk, just "cause".
  8. Cicelee Augur

    Are ranger mana problems there because if they get more mana, they are surpassing zerkers and rogues and such and devs don't want that due to the other things rangers bring that those other classes cannot to the solo/group game?

    It would be nice for devs to come out and explicitly state where they want DPS classes to stand on a parse tier and why. But they never will due to the backlash of anyone not in the first tier, so we are left wondering why the class we love is not first.

    My ranger just hit 125 and finally left the guild hall with auto grant AA and I can attest (coming from a magician) the mana thing is noticeable how fast I could go OOM if I wanted to. A lot of that for me is gear and AA issues of course, and while a boxed ranger I am not spamming Summers- just a called shots, focused arrows, DOT and done (an Ecliptic on named maybe)... but I can see how a main ranger playing the class could go OOM fast.
  9. Szilent Augur

    I'm very confident in saying the developers do not think about this whatsoever. They are infinitely more likely to have thoughts on the power ranking of pie fillings than on where DPS classes should parse relative to one another.
  10. fransisco Augur

    Didn't a dev once say that they don't really think about class balance? They just throw stuff out each expac and try to keep things in a semblance of order?
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  11. Jack Elder

    Ranger mana problems come from their mana using half being druids. And according to the ama thread, the devs think all the caster classes should be running oom like druids and rangers. They did put an update in on test a couple of months ago that upped both druid bear and ranger scarlet cheetah's fang and then reverted it less than a week later.
  12. Galvanize Elder

    Class balance in EQ happens at a glacial pace, erratically and sometimes nonsensically despite the implemented fix ending up incredibly straightforward. It takes 3-4 years for incredibly simple fixes such as "Make melee weapons hit harder to raise melee damage" "Make dots tick harder to help dot classes"

    These are things in a real MMO that can sometimes be added as a hotfix without even bringing servers down, or in a monthly balance pass/update.
  13. fransisco Augur

    Honestly though, I do prefer EQ "class balance" to WoW "class balance". Blizzard intentionally just shoves power around to break new things to make people switch classes and keep people playing. Their "balance" strategy is to make people keep switching characters. Its more aggrevating than eq because they are intentionally doing it over and over again.
  14. Greymantle Augur

    I never understood the idea of WHY classes had/have to balance. There are advantages/dis-advantages to each class. Learning to make the most of what your class does best is part of the game. I do not think rangers are broken, other than the archery animation. Would be nice if the arrows fired from the center of the bow rather than 2/3 of the way down.
    Are there things i would like changed? Yes , but the class(es) have evolved a LOT over the years so anything is possible. I have been playing a ranger for over 20 years now. Still my favorite class.
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  15. Galvanize Elder

    Because the game changes over time, classes or numbers scale differently, some mechanics become un-needed.

    You had poor berserkers doing awful damage for years when its literally their only thing.

    Crowd Control has become a moot point in the game with how strong tanks can be, so half of an enchanter's kit is gone, reduced to popping IoG+Chroma Haze for ADPS and then phoning it in.

    Clerics getting overshadowed by Shaman healing/ADPS/DPS in a priest archetype

    Rangers requiring boatloads of mana to do their DPS compared to other classes

    Druids being in a weird spot where they're outhealed by everyone, and outDPS'd by Shaman - same huge mana problems and little utility now that every zone is within 2 zones of another and ports are less of a big deal.

    Lack of ADPS group benefits that Rogues offer despite all other pure DPS classes and some hybrids offering a group some benefit.

    There's plenty of good stuff EQ has, but wanting it to improve in some obvious ways it could isn't bad either
  16. Nerple New Member

    Lately I've adjusted the abilities I use a lot because of the aforementioned mana issues which was greatly frustrating me and a funny thing happened, my mana issues practically disappeared and my dps jumped up notably.
  17. Derka Power Ranger

    So what is this "one neat trick" you've done?
  18. Nerple New Member

    I just recently finished writing up a class guide for rangers returning to game. I'll share it once I have it reviewed by a few rangers I know that are among the best in the game.and are often my source of info for how to play the class. It covers the very basics to just general preferences to gear and spellcasting.
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  19. Derka Power Ranger

    Not really interested in a guide just how you magically made your mana issues go away. Downgrading to 120 spells worked for me, unless I have a bard in group then it's 124 summer's. Being smart with twincast dots, utilizing rod of dark rites and gobbling champion restorative. I thought there might be something else.
  20. Windance Augur

    I'd love to see the write up