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  1. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Since I was planning on buying the RoS version, I was going to upgrade my silver account to gold. I think with gold i get more character slots (which is great since I have all 4 of my slots already filled on Vox). Once I go "gold" and make a few more characters (i like to try different things), will the game pick which characters I can play if I go back to silver status?

    Also, trying to get my wife to play and i had a 2+ year old daybreak account that i made to play some super hero game with my godson (that shows as "free") if i upgrade that account to a sub account and she creates lets say 5 different characters to see what she likes best, if we let the subscription laps will she go back down to "free" and only have 2 slots and if so, which 2 would she be able to play, or if it goes to silver status would which 4 would she be able to play?

    Or if she hires a rank V merc while gold status, but goes back to "free/silver?" does the merc V she hired get demoted down to the rank 2? or it will only change once she fires that merc and hires a new merc?
  2. moogs Augur

    Good questions. Someone else will be able to remember the exact mechanic involved in deciding which of your characters are viewable and if there's a workaround to select the ones that are cut off. If you have the Loyalty crowns, these are nice: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=91095 I think you can buy 3 per account. There's also something similar in /market.

    The merc will not be demoted. Unfortunately it will say she does not meet the merc's requirements. So it's helpful to have at least 2 merc slots...one with the "gold" merc and one with the "free" merc.
  3. High Voltage Augur

    It's the characters that were logged in last that will be usable. Note that the Doll of Character from the loyalist merchant will expand the number of usable slots. Same for the marketplace item. So on a f2p account you can have 8 slots usable.

    For the merc if u go f2p, a merc that is not allowed will get suspended. You will need to dismiss him and hire one you can use.
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  4. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the reply moogs, so it is true that going from f2p to gold will result you going back to f2p after gold runs out. Can you get a silver account if you pay for a year sub in advance?

    I find it great that I happen to have a silver account status on my original account from beginning of time. But i guess after the 19+ years my characters i had must have grown old and died (checked all the servers available and none of my characters were there).

    I guess Ill have to look thru my old notebooks of old guild mates accounts that i boxed in for raids, i'm sure none of them are playing anymore and they probably all have "silver" account status.
  5. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the reply, so if I used some of my 5k+ points and expanded my silver account to add +1 (bringing it to 5), then subscriber (going to 8? or 9?) and go back to silver status, the last 5 guys of the 8/9 characters i log in are the ones i have access too and the others go into a coma until i go gold again?
  6. High Voltage Augur

    Exact. Subbing will take you to 9 in your example.

    Can't get silver satus for an account anymore, btw.
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  8. Taetew Lorekeeper

    oh so if i upgrade my silver to subscription (gold), it expires and goes down to f2p?! yikes!! i guess i wont even bother buying the RoS now and grind it out until i get bored (probably more quickly now that I wont have unlimited free AA's and cap out at 105).

    Thanks High Voltage, you saved me alot of money :)
  9. High Voltage Augur

    M8, with no word I said you will lose your silver status. But you cannot get silver status anymore if you don't already have it. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Taetew Lorekeeper

    gotcha! I read it the wrong way, i do that sometimes.
  11. Aurastrider Augur

    Honestly I don't know how they determine "silver" status. I have several accounts that were created after they did away with the old bronze, silver and gold status and just went f2p and all access. Every account I have had sub time on has defaulted to what would be considered "silver" status by the old standards meaning 4 character slots available and 1k AA cap once their time expires. Maybe someone else can chime in who has had the opposite happen where they did not get these benefits after the changes. My thinking is they just did away with the option to buy "silver" status for the 5 bucks or what ever it was. Going gold and having time expired would default you to silver which it has always done for me.
  12. Taetew Lorekeeper

    If that is the case, i would sub on the account i created for my wife (its a f2p), but I read otherwise that was only during a limited time and if you dont have a 'silver' account, you cant get one now.
  13. Geroblue Augur

    Some old accounts were grandfathered in and became silver. I paid the $5 on my all access accounts, formerly gold, and made them into silver. There was a short window where this could be done.

    So when I'm not going all access, I stil lhave silver on my 5 accounts.

    You can't add characters when you go back to f2p or silver if you already have the maximum for that server. That would be 2 for f2p and 4 for silver. But if you don't meet those maximums, you can still add characters to those servers.

    The J mercs can only be used/gained by All Access.

    When you have All Access, you can also play EQ 2, which I have done.
  14. Aurastrider Augur

    Like I said for me every account I have made and gone all access after they did away with silver still see's general chat has 4 slots and the max limit for AA's is 1k. I have 8 accounts that are all access at some point throughout the year. Out of those about half were created after they did away with silver and 2 of them never saw all access until about 2.5 years ago. I have no clue how or why they defaulted to silver status in terms of perks. If 15 bucks isn't the end of the world to you it's worth testing to see.
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  16. Captain Video Augur

    You can buy up to 3 more character slots per account from the Loyalty vendor using loyalty points, if you haven't already spent them; those slots are permanent on the account if you revert to F2P. You can also buy up to 3 more character slots in the Marketplace using DBC; those slots are permanent on the account if you revert to F2P. So, it is possible for an F2P account to have up to 10 usable character slots if Silver, up to 8 character slots if not.
  17. Taetew Lorekeeper

    Actually I tried EQ 2 when it first came out and within an hour, i decided EQ 2 blows :(

    now if EQ Next would come back, i'd sign up for platinum access! (haha i know thats not a thing, either of them) but i was so looking forward to EQ next.
  18. Geroblue Augur

    While there are some things I like about EQ 2, the lack of one coherent tutorial for all characters bothers me. The leveling for low levels just seemed, scattered about. My characters died more often in EQ 2 than in EQ.

    Some of the zones are dark all of the time. Might be liked by some players, but I wanted to see my character's surroundings. And increasing gamma didn't seem to help much.
  19. Nucleus New Member

    I could be wrong but I've always thought the way they determined silver status was if your account ever received an Everquest game key. However some where around the time they did away with the old bronze, silver and gold status there was a discrepancy they later fixed which may be why the $5 silver went away. If you paid the $5 when it was available did you receive an account key? My guess is probably not which is where the problem arose so they had to fix it. Some accounts don't have an Everquest key known by the player because of that $5 charge that people paid for when it was available. They don't want to deal with the loophole where a player won't know their account key or something like that is my guess.
  20. Nucleus New Member

    My point is that currently there is only one way to obtain silver membership. That is if you were to locate an unused Everquest game key. If it's used, then it's no good and won't apply to your account. An unused Everquest game key would be extremely rare. No stores sell them and none are available online. There are some game disks and old packaging being sold but they are all used.