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  1. Drpeppa Journeyman

    Why is it of some one posts a thread they feel like people who oppose their thoughts are enemies ?

    I've lurked now for some time an every time some one points out their view and some 1 else points out a different view they just go into attack mode rather then actually discussion the topic at hand?


    Poster 1. I think this.

    Poster 2. I dont agree heres why.

    Poster 1. What you really mean is this.

    Poster 2. No. What I said is exactly what I mean.

    Why people do that ?
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  2. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

  3. CatsPaws SMH

    Yes, why? I try my best to be helpful on these forums with either an answer or a link to what may help the poster. My posts are continually argued with or they just post that its wrong and THEY never have had that, seen that or done that and yet they themselves do not offer up a better solution.
  4. YellowBelly Augur

    It’s a pattern that’s been happening for years. I think it’s because the vet forum has the same 10-15 people posting all the time. All they do is argue with each other.

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