Why we should stop boxing on Mangler

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Wisp99, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Aneuren Augur

    Many of us have been asking for quite some time for a boxer friendly server. This is what we were offered, so here we are.
  2. Nolrog Augur

    How about you play the way you like and then mind you own business and don't tell other people how they have to play.
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  3. Maxe Augur

    I would agree with you if there wasn't an issue with krono being duped in the past.
  4. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Oh neat so Maxe has an alt account
  5. Maxe Augur

    Yeah, I have several accounts but I only post on my main account. I believe in personal accountability, so I only talk from my main knowing there may be consequences. I'm not the only player hating on the macro bots being vmed and vpnd. I have no problem with legit boxers though to be clear. If you're manually hitting separate controls and looking at all the screens you're doing it right. It's still Overkill but at least that way you can claim it is for a little more action.
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  6. FL!P Augur

    I agree with you though OP. Like if you only box with yourself then why are you on a tlp? Honestly would love that question answered. you can get the same game experience from a live server if you only wanna box with yourself or wife or w.e. What do you have to gain by boxing? not even flaming, legit would like some insight to this.

    The counter argument is there are plenty of places, its everquest enjoy the vast world!!
    My dudes its classic, there are not that many places.

    "But there are pickzones"
    Right and every one of them is full of boxers. Every... single... one.. Ill happily walk around with my stream up to show this.

    If you wanna box thats fine, play with yourself noone cares. We do however care about someone selfish enough to block content for a full group of actual people.

    But I guess I am just out of touch, the one game that has been heralded as a great community with awesome in game social interaction is now.... A bunch of single player RPGers?
  7. Nykara2 Elder

    Then why play on a TLP when.you could play on any other server?

    People come to TLPs specifically for the grouping experience that's hard to find at lower levels on other servers. You already have a ready made group so its a non issue for you.

    Not everyone can afford to sub multiple accounts, TLPs are a way for them to get around that by finding others of the same level to group with. I haven't played EQ seriously for a long time so I jumped in to experience the expansions as they unlock with people around my level to group with. Maybe meet some nice folks and join a guild etc.

    If the grouping experience isn't one you really need or want then any of the live servers would do the same.
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  8. Arclyte Augur

    i dont mind 2 boxing that much

    it's the guy 6 boxing an entire group that really kills the game. If i were a FD class I would train them constantly
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  9. Grailer Augur

    So how exactly are you going to stop boxing on true box servers?

    Most boxers would solo anyway . They just are able to solo better with more boxes

    However if developers had a server which banned any boxing I would play on it . But I would cancel my healbots account as well.

    So it’s up to devs .. do they want the money or the bag
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  10. Machentoo Augur

    Perfect. That makes you the one breaking the rules, while they are the ones following the rules. Well done.
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  11. Nessirfiti Augur

    I enjoy Everquest, I enjoy working through the content with my guild, My guild exists on Phinny. and I like that the content is time gated. If we're having problems with a raid fight we can't jump to the next expansions group gear and come back and make it trivial.

    I pay my monthly subs, I object to people dictating how I can and cannot play, when how I play is within the rules of the server.

    I know I've made jokes about it before, but I never really expected people to be against pre-made groups as well. It does really drive home the point that the anti-boxing zealots really only care because they want to force people to group with them where/when/how they want.
  12. a_librarian Augur

    Yeah I've ran into the same mass botter on Agnarr and Coirnav, in the same spots. Whatever they are doing is very financially rewarding for them because they keep doing it over and over again. Daybreak doesn't seem to care to enforce their own rules beyond rarely AFK checking the bot armies (hint: they have alarms set to notify them when they get a tell) and otherwise leaving them alone to run 36 bots farming plat or raid drops around the clock
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  13. Deathcomestoall Journeyman

    I do not box on TLP servers. At the same time if the spots are filled up by other people ether out DPS them or find somewhere else to level. I know it sucks being told that, yelling on the forums about a problem DBG does not think there is a problem. This will not help anyone or anything. Every time there is a new TLP, it is the same thing. If you are going to tell someone they can not play on a server why can't you move? Maybe they do not want to deal with the toxic community that is known as Everquest. Everyone is min/max even at level 5.
  14. Nykara2 Elder

    A small group of 2 players + 1 box doesn't really bother me much. Hubby and I do that on the live servers sometimes. But when groups of 6+ camp an area 24/7 it becomes less of an inconvenience and more of a complete blocking of others being able to play how *they* want to. One person cant even play 24/7 have to log and sleep sometime so its clear those boxes are more likey plat farmers not legit players.

    Big difference really between a small private group and something far more damaging to the game. Unfortunately it seems the only way to ditch the latter for real is to also ditch the former
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  15. Lasia New Member

    You sound like you need to go outside and play, and make some real life friends. You sound lonely. I hope you eventually find what you're looking for... the social interactions you so passionately desire.

    But, EverQuest is a game. Nothing you get in this game will ever compare to the social interactions you will experience with people you can physically see and touch.

    Best of luck!
  16. Serona Elder

    My favorite is how on all the threads where boxers ask for a server we can box on all you diehards say boxers ruin the game don’t give them a server blah blah

    Then you’re surprised when we just box on the truebox servers .. surprise surprise the people who don’t care about paying for multiple accounts will also buy multiple computers /s

    Maybe show some support for a server that facilitates our play style and there will be less boxing on your truebox servers.
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  17. Nessirfiti Augur

    You're upset that loot camps are camped? It doesn't take a boxer to camp those. Groups of people camp them as well, and Unless you're going to ask DBG to put limits to how long a person can be in a zone, or remove the group invite feature and force everyone to use a random LFG tool there's no way to stop that.

    Unless, and hear me out, this might sound crazy. DBG made a feature, that when a zone got too full, another instance of it opened up. Nah It'll never happen.

    Every bad thing people attribute to boxers, I promise you I've seen non-boxers do it, and more often.

    Honestly, I kinda wonder how well people can really tell if a group is a six boxer, a pre-made or even a random group.
  18. Aurastrider Augur

    Hey OP do you get mad when you see someone at a restaurant eating by themselves taking up a table for four? They should just stay at home and eat by themselves instead of taking a table that 4 people can eat at right. The person at a party just sitting in the corner by themselves must irritate you to no end. How dare anyone enjoy going to social places and sticking to themself! Get over it you aren't that special.
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  19. Ravilla Journeyman

    I mean if they wanna do it, than thats their choice. Though I do find it incredibility stupid that you would box on an MMO in the first place. Whats the point? Play a single player game if thats what you want, I mean an MMO is the social aspect of playing with others if you go off in your own little world with your own army I dont see how thats any fun. But again I guess if thats what you wanna do, you do you.
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  20. Arnuphis New Member

    Using your analogy that person sat alone at the four person table wouldn't just sit there, they would get up and come over to your table without a word and take all the food away from the people sat there eating. That is what we object to.

    I was in a full group earlier minding our own business and this bard and set of boxed mages just comes charging in and starts stealing all the mobs. When we asked what he was doing his response was 'I gotta level fast and I don't have time for noobs'. He then told us to go elsewhere. That is why people hate boxers. Not all of you are like that but it just takes one idiot to sabotage any sympathy you may get from the general playerbase.
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