Why we should stop boxing on Mangler

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Wisp99, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Wisp99 New Member

    There is one thing about EverQuest that makes it a great game.

    It's one of the few games that exist that create a genuinely fun environment to group in and form communities. The main reason why we all loved EverQuest and the reason that it still can bring back people from years ago is from the social interactions that we experienced.

    If you are boxing then you should go play another game. If you want to play by yourself then there are much better games with better graphics for that. If you hate playing with people that much then why join a group based game and ruin the experience for everyone else?

    For every legitimate player, your 5 toons glitchy auto follow is an eyesore. You may as well go drive down the highway and throw s*** on the road because that's basically what you're doing.

    The rewarding EQ experience is to come across players, group together, and make new friends.

    There's something to be said when you are grouping with friends and camping a spot and experience the excitement of that rare item dropping. If you're going to horde the spot by yourself you are taking away the social experience and excitement for everyone including yourself. Not to mention you are disrupting the economy at the same time by artificially inflating the market and changing the value of items. The regular player no longer can get the same value for something that they put a single person's effort into.

    EverQuest's division of group roles is better than any other MMO I have experienced.

    While two boxing is not as bad as the box army, you're still taking away what could be a role for another person. It's the difficulty of EverQuest in our reliance on the different classes on the group which make this game a rare gem. It's the healer and the crowd controller and the tank and the damage dealer who all feel valued and feel like they are making contributions to the group. When you have a high level who tanks, heals, and decreases the difficulty of the game, you are taking that experience and feeling of being valued from someone else. You're decreasing the element of danger which makes this game exciting.

    Mangler was created to supposedly recreate that genuine experience. Why on earth would you want to join a server that was created to give people that experience and ruin it?

    I suppose it gives people a feeling that they are powerful. But this is a video game and your virtual currency is worthless. What isn't worthless is the social experience that and enriches people's lives. You're effectively taking that away from yourself and from others for *nothing*.

    Boxing should be made illegal on Mangler. Players should shun boxers and let them know that they are not welcome here in order to discourage this behavior.
  2. Cicelee Augur

    If you are boxing you should play another game?

    Considering how much of the population boxes, whether it be on Live or TLP, I do not believe DBG would be excited about your proposition...
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  3. Serona Elder

    Pick exists, so, there’s no lack of camps

    AoC exists, so, no lack of raid mobs

    So .. your primary argument is boxing diminishes the value of people actually playing that “boxed” character, and as such, hurts that person’s feelings?

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  4. Fraggly Augur

    I thought since Mangler was true-box this wasn't an issue? It doesn't seem like you will be happy on any server you play on, and will never stop ruining the experience of other players until they are all like you.
  5. Maxe Augur

    Wait until it's not all newbie zone grouping and the two zones you can get exp from are 2/3 box groups 24/7 and none if them add you because they want the BIS for all 6 of their toons. It will be sometime today or tomorrow if it's like all the other TLPs, the people who actually spend money in game are often overshadowed by the heavy presence boxers have on the forums. Part of the reason they're always in here trying to belittle what people say when we don't want boxing is because they routinely exploit the opportunity to make some money farming black iron medallions, GEBs, Djarnns ring, cloak in mistmoore and a few other items that can be solo camped and locked down easily by a single player with 6 boxes. As long as there's money to be made at the expense of the normal player base, these people will continue to cause problems for the larger player base. I wonder how many boxes beat actual players in yesterday. I know I spent 9 1/2 hours trying actively to log in while people we're being allowed to 6 box and the population was being actively capped. I'm not sure how someone's boxes are worth more than 5 other potential customers, but there's a lot of lack of sense when it comes to these TLP launches. Sometimes I wonder if they're trying to make money or just continue to cater to a tiny group of toxic peopl e with an active presence in the forums and Reddit...
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  6. Shaynxiety New Member

    I box because I wouldn't want to group with whiny players like yourself.
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  7. Maxe Augur

    How very toxic of you.
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  8. Narvakhan New Member

    My wife, myself and a cleric bot. Why? First because our play time is our play time. Second while we may in the future consider others, as my wife has taken 15 years away from the game and is learning another character, she doesn't need someone coming in telling her how to play it. This allows her to learn naturally. Also tell me, what would you like folks to do when there isn't a class/roll they are needing available? Shall we phone tree it? Put on lfg and twiddle thumbs because the group only wants 1? Doesn't want a cleric bot, too many mages, too many enchanters? Wait is the answer for my wife to not play a mage because of that stigma? Should I put away the enchanter that I have waited all these years to play? Should we conform to your decision of play or play style, perhaps your time schedule?

    Thirdly; considering the boxers pay the same money you do, they are part of the economy and are the drivers on the road, your intolerance feeds the problem. This is true whether you like it or not and has existed almost as long as EQ has. It is part of the culture. In fact most actual boxes (full group) are decent folks (remove actual boxers with players and it stays the same) and are trying to get the most out of their experience with their money. I have had FAR more issues over the years of white knight holier than thou types claiming superiority of their play because they "only play one" While there are those that treat it like a business, they are not the majority.

    Play your game they way your money or lifestyle allows you and mind your business. Stay away from those you like, separate from those you don't. That is your choice and your right - do not try to take that away from others. I played over a decade in the standard play style. I experienced every pain this game has had to offer (1/2 paladin at vanilla and raided fear for rubicite); My game play has changed over the years and I have earned the right to it - and I have earned the right (as has my previously raid heavy cleric wife) to enjoy the time OUR WAY.
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  9. its_a_secret Journeyman

    Ever encounter the 36 boxer that runs around? I'm certain he probably has 36 computers in his room. There are ways to circumvent the true box code, and run multiple instances of everquest from one machine. It isn't being policed so have at it. They farm things that require raid forces to obtain, discretely inside instances. The krono market allows them to make an extra couple hundred dollars or more a week real money transferring kronos. Crack down on RMT and the box armies will go away.
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  10. Lion of God Elder

    Loading my box onto Mangler right now! Not convinced
  11. Machentoo Augur

    If you can't live with people boxing in Everquest, you should go find a different game to play.

    There are lots of single player games where boxing is not allowed or even possible. You won't have any grief over running into a boxer in those games!
  12. Lion of God Elder


    Your numbers are way off. When you box that many toons, it isn't THAT easy to make krono. You've also got to pay alot of money per month in subs.

    Is the above comment the fantasy you've constructed in your mind which causes you to dislike boxers? You believe they make hundreds of dollars a week selling raid loot from within instances, which by the way, doesn't effect you at all. So the only reason I can imagine you'd have a problem with that is pure jealously that they can kill things solo that you can't without a raid force.
  13. Muffy New Member

    Boxing is just a part of EQ now a days. Daybreak will not listen to you or anyone else against players boxing because they pay for those accounts. Money talks, and we all still keep showing up. hah
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  14. Maxe Augur

    Eh I doubt a 36 boxer paid for the accounts. It's more likely they used krono someone else paid for. Probably a non boxer so they could buy GEBs etc since they're perma-camped by you guessed it, boxers lol.
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  15. Aziuno Augur

    Supply and Demand... It doesn't matter if that 36 person handed DBG the cash or they used Krono... If they weren't there wanting to buy Krono someone else at one point in time bought, no one would be buying Krono in the first place.

    Krono subs are a net gain for DBG as they cost more than month to month.
    That 36boxer pays DBG MORE than 36x what a single boxer playing via normal subscription pays.
  16. Quill Augur

    That 36boxer pays zilch. You're telling me that in your mind you think they're sitting there buying Krono for 36 accounts?

    Just hardy har har. It largely costs them nothing besides Krono other people paid for.

    Per the OP... its 2019 and that's Everquest. Its basically a single person game.
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  17. Maxe Augur

    you get that if the boxer was banned and the krono disappeared the krono is already paid for and they're sitting on hundreds usually. It's already paid for, meaning dbg isn't making more money off it each TLP they're just reselling it and making a profit IRL for the most part. If they're using krono they sit on for years they're not improving profits at all, and they aren't buying micro transaction items either.
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  18. Aziuno Augur

    You sir do not understand supply and demand or how trading/bartering works.

    End result, that 36 accounts is paid for by a in game item or service, thus they effectively paid 36 x $17.99.
  19. Serona Elder

    Exactly this - love this stupid argument.

    Either way, the money was spent. This boxer creates more demand for krono, and is actually consuming them. Thus causing more people to buy krono to sell to the boxer.

    More money for DBG.
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  20. code-zero Augur

    Read the Krono FAQ

    Krono are doing exactly what they are suppose to be doing if they're keeping 36 accounts running. And if the alleged 36 boxer is running the accounts on separate computer boxes then he/she/it have violated nothing.

    Now I have read repeated assertions that "running more than one on a single computer in true box is easy" but from what I know of that procedure a hardware solution would be a lot simpler. Having an army of boxes will surely draw attention that would discover duplicity for sure.

    I multi-boxed in 2000, my friends all did too. People have just gotten better at all things computer over 20 years

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