Why so much hate for Range and Charm Augs?

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    I have killed myself for months getting augs from various named in TOV and COV. I have made all the ones I could using the Ores etc.. Yet I am stuck with so VERY FEW options for a decent type 7/8 aug for my RANGE and CHARM slots. Why is this? Serriously? Is there a reason for this? In my charm at level 115 as a NON raiding player I am still only rocking the Gold Plated Spiked Gear xxx. For my range I have the one I got for finishing COFT missions etc... Hero's Calling.

    Dang every new amazing AUG I get does NOT fit in Charm or Range slot. Sigh. Is his an oversight or on purpose? I think I tried this past anniversiry to get the black pearl mission (think that is it, sorry I can't find it now for CHARM). Got everything but that.

    Anyone that can direct me to a quality lvl 115ish non raid aug for either Charm or Range slot that is better than I have?

    I do not understand why those two slots are so "highly" regarded or "restricted" for non raiders.
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    There are plenty places for these augs, and plenty places to search for them, such as eqresource.com. Just look at the augs on my toon here, https://eq.magelo.com/profile/1750554 . Sorry, I'm having billing issues with magelo, so you can't see the countless augs in my inventory.
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    Anniversary pearl augs and the range proc aug from the ToV tradeskill ear progression are what most of us wear. The slots have always been "special" and very limited options available, most of which have little to do with raiding.

    Range augs:
    Item Search - (raidloot.com)

    Charm augs:
    Item Search - (raidloot.com)
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    Well I feel like an idiot. Thank you all for the links to the Raidloot site.
    I DO NOT have the Velium Infused Gem of Security. I have the equivalent from the COV expansion and just THOUGHT (assmumed) that the previous one would be the same but it is not as the COV ones DOES NOT fit on Range or Charm slots. Interesting.
    That one alone is all I need for now. Going to look at all the rest of them. Thank you again. My apologies.
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    They made quite a few mistakes in ToV with aug slots. I wouldn’t even be shocked if two years later they rectified these mistakes.

    Velium Infused Gem of Security fits in all slots except primary/secondary. It should match all other Augs
    Complimentary Gem of Striking fits in range slot even though it should only fit in primary/secondary.

    Plus you have really dumb things like the only Rallos earring special aug is Velium Empowered Gem of Striking which has a focus that is good for all classes but only has the stats of the security aug. it really should’ve been an option to pick between a clone of the Security as well as Brilliance, Adroitness and Vigor augs with the same focus.