Why People Will Still Play on Oakwynd

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by GRACUS, May 11, 2023.

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  1. GRACUS Lorekeeper

    The #1 reason most people will play on Oakwynd is not FTE.

    The people here advocating against FTE will still be playing because making KRONO in early expansions is very easy. DBG knows this and they know 1000s will flock to the server regardless of any ruleset they implement and a very large portion of that player base will be seeking to only play to stock up on Krono for their other servers.
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  2. Doze Augur

    If ever there was a time to prove that broken way of thinking wrong then it would be now - with the Jokewynd server ...
  3. Critt Augur

    Unfortunately I believe you are correct....Some of these people it's their job.
  4. Kraked Augur

    I believe you are dead wrong in your assumption.
    I and many others have 0 intention of playing on a server that is a test grounds for a mechanic that should have been implemented at the release of the game, not 25 years after its creation.
    They are trying to fix something that is not broken.
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  5. HealBigBoy Journeyman

    I mean how much can they really be making. Yes, I understand there are always the one or two people that are bringing a few thousand but on average it can't be more than working a full-time minimum wage job that requires 0 skill to attain.
  6. HealBigBoy Journeyman

    I think there are more people interested in playing classic EQ again (especially since last year was a let down with Vaniki and Yelinak) than there are krono farmers. Obviously this is just speculation but my mom says I'm smart and you guys should respect that!!!!!!
  7. Angry Totodile New Member

  8. Kraked Augur

    Classic - Kunark : I usually box 3-6 ( truebox yes )
    I normally average 250-500 KR during that timeframe depending on a plethora of variables.

    Kunark is really where I made my KR but that was also before they nerfed Enchanters.
    I would sell AoE PLs for 1-2KR per hour.
  9. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    I'll be on Oakwynd, because my friends will be on Oakwynd. As far as I'm concerned, that's the only reason anybody would need.
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  10. Dominate Augur

    This narrative is so hilariously false.

    If everyone is on a server to make Krono, who is going to sell them the Krono? You need a way higher ratio of "casuals" to "farmers" to even be able to make any.

    Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who boxes is a Kronolord. Not everyone who plays Classic-PoP is just there to farm Krono for their sweet other server. Not every casual is spending tons of money on Krono, either.
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  11. Zansobar Augur

    Some people will play because this will be the ONLY server where you can play the early expansions in era.
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  12. Ruhi Augur

    to make krono, someone has to lose krono ....
  13. Koniku Elder

    We all know that nobody started on mischief to make krono
  14. Haldi Elder

    I think you should maybe read the OPs post again before commenting. You keep referring to "everyone" they never mentioned "everyone" in the post. He/She just said a large portion, that doesn't mean everyone. I personally don't think this is the main reason people play these TLPs. I've been around the EQ community since the beginning and I can tell you easy Krono, is a massive incentive to play on a new server. I can't tell you how many times I see guildies or people I group with talk about going just for that reason alone. So all that being said it is still a big reason why people go there.
  15. HealBigBoy Journeyman

    That is interesting, thank you for sharing those numbers with us. I've always wondered. I wonder how many people a single krono passes through before its consumed (on average). Its like gamestop right, reselling games takes money away from the developers. I think the solution here is to figure out how to stop 3rd party krono sales and then they'd be REAL happy to support krono farmers lol.
  16. Obliteration Elder

    It's a classic everquest tlp launch with FTE added and some bonuses unlocked after each xpac.

    Sounds like a regular tlp with some bonuses.

    The people who are crying are the same people who are dying for more triple random loot, but that server was a one off and not traditional.

    I'm pumped to play on another traditional EverQuest tlp server as are many, many others.

    The new bonuses and features sound great too, can't wait!
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  17. HealBigBoy Journeyman

    Its not a regular TLP right now, its a broken mess unless they can fix it in a week (totally unrealistic with the depth of problems it created). The people crying are people who want their pets to be able to tank again, people who dont want a train dropped on them that they can't even attack!!! Kezzan demonstrates some of the most egregious issues in this video. Give it a watch and make sure you have a puke bucket near by.

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  18. Haldi Elder

    Yeah I agree, they will release the server in a failed state. Doesn't look fun to me either.
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  19. magikarp Elder

    we were all pumped, man. it was never about free trade or random loot for me. a lot of good ideas were thrown around before the oakwynd announcement, but to my knowledge, not one of them was changing agro, pulling, and healing mechanics.

    at this point, i am resigned to the hope they just release it as is. they deserve the impending dumpster fire
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  20. Gemstoner Elder

    I'm going to play because I play every new tlp through Kunark and then quit heh.

    With Oakwynd though, I also want to experience the insane chaos that is going to result if this Locked Encounter system is implemented as is. It will be glorious.

    Also, I'm not even against the system .. I just don't think it can ever work without months of testing and changing other systems (like adding fast run leashing back to spawn behavior for NPC's, etc). Heck, I wasn't even against the personal loot idea which I suspect would have been paired with encounter locking.
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