Why, oh Why SOE?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by sigalph760, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. sigalph760 New Member

    I'm 35 years old. I started playing EQ close to launch, back in the day when I was a young adult. I loved every minute of it. I couldn't get enough. I'll admit, I probably played it more than I should have. But, life happened. I lost a lot of free time. I couldn't keep up with the curve and the rate of expansions. I fell behind. I faded out. This is probably the same story for thousands if not tens of thousands of people. I'm sure this will go down as another "make another progression server" post. And rightfully so. It is. But indulge me for a minute.

    My first character was a wood elf ranger. I still remember trying to survive on orc hill in gfay. I remember finally working my way into crushbone and seeing in bold red text "TRAIN TO ZONE". I would run for my life and hope I could out run the guy next to me just to make it to that zone line. I remember camping the outer wall in unrest until I could get a group camping inside the house. I killed tons of aviaks in south karana. I remember that first trip into lower guk. That first fire giant kill. Seeing a dragon in Lord Nagafen. I could go on and on. Those days seem like yesterday. Yet, it was long ago.

    I understand, once done is done. Reliving the past is still the past. But it was a damn good past and I'm sure a lot of people in my same situation wouldn't mind paying a subscription to live it once more. Actually, I wouldn't be shocked at all if they would pay a subscription to relive it many times more.

    The developers have worked hard to create a ton of expansions. I get that. I doubt the current developers appreciate old school players wanting to play through ancient content to them. If I was a developer, I probably wouldn't understand why people would want to play through content that was made 15 years ago and not play what they just worked hard to launch.

    As classic/progression type players, help me plead our case.
  2. Notch New Member

    Experiencing EQ back in '99 was grand, for certain. But, the last iteration of progression servers was exactly the opposite for SOE.

    Fippy, the more populous of the two progression servers, was rife with hacks, training and exploits which required significant attention from SOE. And, attention means diverting resources from other projects.

    Doubtful that SOE wants to be put through this again.
  3. Astus New Member

    Does this pointless plead actually need it's on thread, you couldn't just add it to one of the other thousand threads where others have done the same repeatedly? I think they get it, if they open a new progression server you and your 50 friends will come back and pay the monthly sub and if they did an era locked server you and your 100 friends would not only come back but would be willing to pay twice the monthly sub. You have said nothing others haven't already repeatedly said. The real question is why should SoE open a new progression server when they already have 2 going and after a short time people will quit and then start crying for a new one all over again. They will start a new progression server when they want to start one, constant begging isn't gonna help. Making an era locked server isn't the answer to that, it's just gonna be a bigger headache for them a few months after it opens and people get tired of the same content day in and day out, other era locked servers work and survive because they are free, add a $15 a month sub and it will dwendle down to hardly anything.

    I will say the same thing i have said in other threads, instead of crying about what you don't have, make the best of what you do have. If you can't even do that why should they go out of their way for you. Yes you are/were a paying customer but just because you pay doesn't mean you do or should have any say in the product they supply. It's their product, they put it out there and people use it or not. I totally understand if SoE never opens a new progression server, look at how people act. Rampant cheating at the start for as long as they can get away with it, then others crying about being locked out of content, people crying that it went past the era that everyone that plays eq loves and never wants to advance past, and then the flood of morons continually posting......We need a new server, I'm totally dying because I can't relieve the good old days....blah blah blah.....seriously get over it, want to go through the good old days again then pray to god to turn back time for you then it all will be completely new for you and you can die happy and satisfied.
  4. Nickster86 Elder

    They can't fix the lag on current servers yet they should go open up another server ?
  5. Nickster86 Elder

    Don't worry Astus I will group with you. As for new prog servers history shows us that the majority will always trump the minority and the majority want new content. People can threaten to withhold there money but seeing as how eq offers silver accounts I don't exactly take that as a move by a company begging for your dime.
  6. Malachi Augur

    Actually despite all the negative and then the big security compromise we went thru, I enjoyed the first parts of the progression servers (original and kunark) more than the rest and even enjoyed that phase even more than I currently enjoy the current game. And the kicker is, all that stuff is now addressed and developers are better equipped to minimize and eve totally eradicate the bugs, exploits, hacks, and other oversights in game mechanics to make another set of nostalgia servers run even smoother.

    That said, lobbying at this point can really be counterproductive. I would suggest letting the dust settle on their "plan" for current content and the hype of eqnext before making a large uproar for the need of another set of progression/classic/race/nostalgia whatever servers.
  7. shaagul Journeyman

    Wth are talking about all the people that want a classic progression server arent even play WoWEQ. The current eq game is a sad shadow of the classic game. The people that are asking for a classic progression server arent playing on the live servers. You are right we are the minority but we are a new paying minority. New income for an old as game that is loosing subscribers. Creating a CLASSIC progression server with hell levels and Corpse Recovery would being in new subscriptions. The eq emulated servers are alive and thriving for a reason.
  8. Sheaffer Augur

    Sure but a lot of that is they are free
  9. shaagul Journeyman

    No you are very wrong. Me and all my buddies would ALL gladly sub to a classic server. Most folks playing on those servers are there because they are truely classic for the most part. They have hell levels and corpse runs. We arent the give me it now for free generation we are successful adults that want to play a game we loved 14 years ago and hasnt been duplicated yet. Current live servers are a giant joke, nothing more then WoW with shitter graphics.
    All us old timers are asking for is a Classic progression server that is HARD.
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  10. Ironwall Journeyman

    see i played everquest at release. it was a new type of game for me, having come from ultima online at that stage. I became a "hardcore" raider when there was no such term as "raiders", it was just what everyone did after their character maxxed out levelwise. (which is how it should still be imo)

    I must comment on the fact that as much as i loved original everquest, i hated the end game. i hated staring at my spellbook, i hated trying to do corpse recovery because we'd all die trying to zone into PoF, i hated hell levels - trust me, leveling a ogre shadowknight from 1-50 was quite the task back in the day.

    it was a very different game. and many aspects i did love are long gone, but many others have been improved upon. I for one have 0 interest in reliving what was ultimately a painful struggle and unrewarding experience.

    who the hell as a "successful adult" has TIME to sit around and do 4-16hour corpse runs when everyone wipes in pof?
  11. Krag Lorekeeper

    I loved EQ when I first started in '99 also. The best part of it was the wonder and mystery of it. It really was like being in another world, seeing the world as a child again, being curious, scared, excited. When you met someone, that was their only character, not one of their 10 different toons they play. Real friendships and relationships formed as you adventured further into the world, helping and protecting each other. This is what made Everquest like no other game I had ever played or dreamed of. It wasn't about the loot, most people had crap gear, didn't even really know what AC did or how damage/delay mattered. Just went on adventures and had fun, even though it was frustrating many times. Leveling was slow and you just didn't worry about it, all your friends were leveling with you slowly, so it didn't matter. Groups were plentiful and soloing was more of a challenge then a need.

    But, like growing up in the real world, the world starts to seems smaller, with less wonder and mystery. Your friends start to move away and have new interests. Things that we once loved and did for fun, become work. It becomes about who has the biggest house or fastest car. Who has the best dps or tank the best. What stat can I improve a couple points for a .0001% improvement. That's what it's about now. It's more of an arcade game now. Fun, less frustrating and time consuming, but nothing like it was.

    What I'm trying to say, is that even if you could bring back a classic eq server, it would not be the same. Just like going back to your childhood wouldn't be the same. What you loved about EQ is gone and as soon as the new server was up, everyone would know the best gear, who drops it, the best class to get to level 50 the fastest etc.. Don't know if a game will ever come by again that will recapture the original feelings that we had with EQ. Maybe that's impossible now with the information on the internet and peoples knowledge of how these games work now. The gotta get max the fastest mindset is here to stay I'm afraid.
  12. Sheaffer Augur

    Corse recoveries were voted on last progression server and soundly voted against.

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