Why nerf melee belts slow proc?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Siphon, May 14, 2019.

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  1. Siphon New Member

  2. Warpeace Augur

    You mean after the effect has been on those belts for 5 expansions? Oh, they just noticed it.
  3. smash Augur

    They nerf because needed, and gmm opened their eyes.
    Compare example vs beast slow belts are better as beast slow often resisted. Can often try 2-3 b4 it stick so when in grp with person with belt i stop slow and do dps instead
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  4. Naturalist Lorekeeper

    No, they want to anger more players obviously. Player spells being resisted by trash mobs is working as intended but hey let's nerf a 5 year old effect (that's been part of every expansion since introduced) because it's now deemed "OP" by whoever just got hired by DBG.
  5. Brohg Augur

    lol TIL : Ngreth "just got hired"
  6. Repthor Augur

    Most ppl dont slow anyway by the time slow has landed belt or not mob is normaly about dead. Also belt alow get resisted tons aswell. The anount of dps players have when they co ordenate properly makes slow and cripple alot less valuble then in the past.

    This change is mostly gonna effect lower end ppl the most. So it makes the game harder for ppl that in some cases already struggle to kill mobs in a resonble time frame.

    when ppl like me or other high end tanks walk in to group content we do so with a metric ton of dps by our side . Rendering debuffs pointless when mobs die in a matter of 15 -20seconds.

    The nerf/ adjustment seems pointless seeing as slows get mitigated anyway and the main classes that slow have a better base slow anyway.

    But in the end meh life goes on its not a make or break thing , box groups will make sure to in corporate a box that can slow if they havent already. And low end players will get a slower b4 they start their group. Si makes the game more annoying for lower end ppl. Others ppl wont be effected. Seems couter productive but meh just another day on the nerf wagon.
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  7. WorriedinNorrath Elder

  8. kizant Augur

    I'd like to think the devs know that forum drama is the fun part of EQ and they were just providing good content. But they were probably just think these new values make more sense. And they probably do.
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  9. feeltheburn Augur

    bring along a shaman, chanter or maybe a beast problem solved.
  10. svann Augur

    Im going to guess that proc rates when these were introduced made more sense, but now that people proc every other second it seems too strong.
  11. Flat Toad Lorekeeper

    Er...So people go out of their way to obtain a belt specifically designed to provide the Slow effect...but don't actually intend to make use of the function. ... hmm..... last time i smelled something like this, i was walking behind a cow...
    Actually, the first stab Devs made at "explaining" the nerf was that the new GMM belts were TOO OP...hardly the sort of thing one would hear about something "people don't use anyhow". ..and the original fix was supposed to be only on GMM belts that had DOUBLE effects, not all slow belts in the game.
  12. Monkman Augur

    The only gripe I have with the nerf is that it's items like these that make this game fun, EQ has always been about cool clickies or items with neat effects.

    I'm more upset that they don't have prenerf/postnerf versions (like "okay we made these more powerful than intended, from this point on any of these items that drop will have lesser effects on them") That was something that made EQ special... seeing someone with an item that you knew was more powerful because they obtained it within a certain era (think pre-nerf fungi staff / guise / runed fighters staff) all of those items were adjusted/removed and their previous versions still remained.

    This whole nerf across the board seems lazy. I personally am not affected by this nerf, but i think the way they go about it after they've realized their mistake is short-sighted.
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  13. ojier Journeyman

    I don't know why I play this game anymore.
    There are glitches, and things that need improved - but they do NERFS instead.
    I can live with it, but I honestly hope some other game comes along.
  14. Drayman Lorekeeper

    Has anyone actually parsed the difference? I don't parse because I play on an older machine and logging lags me but I have the GMM cripple/slow belt on my group geared SK and I ran FF several times right after they nerfed that belt last month and I notice zero difference. I tanked exactly the same way I always did with one merc healer healing me and I didn't seem to take any more damage than before the nerf.
  15. Laeadern Lorekeeper

    More nerfs....nice DB, really nice guys. I don't always group with a slower so those belts were at least something somewhat useful.
  16. Fintank Augur

    I just want a belt with a cool focus effect.

    "Sancus' Retribution" - Upon failing to burn correctly a mass of graphs and charts fill your window till you git gud.
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  17. Bamboompow Augur

    It got nerfed the same way all nerfs happen. There is a fairly standard logic flow.

    1) Someone gets sour grapes. Oh look some class has _____. I want a commensurate effect too, in spite of all the cool things I can already do! Of course this person doesn't realize that the dev team will mainly take toys away from everyone as opposed to giving out even more goodies. Which leads to....

    2) It comes to the attention of the dev team, which will find some empirical evidence that an effect,skill or spell violates their general business model. IE it discourages a more diverse level of play which in turn effects subs. If you didn't need Class_ABC_ along because effect on Item _XYZ_ fulfills a role that Class_ABC_ performs, than the dev team will view it as an existential threat to that class and those players may quit their subs, effect revenue etc. It doesn't matter if Class_ABC_ can do multitudes of other fun things and not just the prosaic effect that got farmed out. For example a shaman dotting/healing more instead of debuffing/slowing might be game unbalancing or OP in some way.....

    3) The nerf will roll out in a way that reflects the regressive nature of current society in general. Those at the top will experience little impact. Either no effect or in someway they benefit. For example in a general sense the after effects of a nerf demand better play and increases the pool of worthy players for their raid squads. Those who are struggling....get to struggle even more. If only they could pull themselves up by the proverbial bootstraps and #GitGuud. Please don't quit your sub in the meantime. The game needs your revenue.....

    That about sums it up.
  18. Ridiculousness New Member

    After 5 years of these items being out. why now?
    I dont see you guys fixing any of the horrific bugs, zone lag and glitches out there.
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  19. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    I don't get DB. They do some cool stuff then they poison the well with things like this and its like were going backwards again.
  20. Repthor Augur

    well you might be walking behind a cow i dont know. Dosent change what i say in anyway. slow is must usefull for ppl that take along relative time to kill something. Ppl that kill stuff very fast it makes almost no diffrence, as the mob gets very few combat rounds of dmg to attempt to dmg you. Wile groups that take longer time will have greater use of said slow effects as the mobs get more combat rounds of attempt to dmg you
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