Why isn't LDON treated like LOY

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Thorn, May 31, 2019.

  1. Thorn New Member

    Why isn't this expansion getting the same treatment as LOY? The content is completely avoidable and provides no real additional gameplay.
  2. Zeatanas New Member

    Personally, I completely disagree with your assessment. There is a large amount of both group and raid content in LDoN and it is the first introduction of augments. Some of the augments, such as spell foci, will be replaced quickly. Others, though, will last for several expansions and there's a few that are useful for literally forever.

    I do agree that the raids are trash-heavy and can be a bit tedious and that the group content turns into a pretty extreme grind-fest, but I don't think that means that there is necessarily a lack of content in the expansion.
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  3. Thalliius Augur

    Some people starting to feel that 6 month burnout window on Planes of Power?

    Selos 1 month unlocks for the win
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  4. taliefer Augur

    because reasons.

    the fact they started the whole expansions with no level cap only get 2 months things with GoD, an expansion with an actual ton of group raid and quest content, and not LDON is staggeringly out of touch to me.

    LDON should at worst be a two month timer, not three, based on their own no level cap raise argument. theres not even AA in LDON, unlike GoD
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  5. ZeeK Elder

    For Selo it won't be that bad. Extra month to farm Time/ele's and run some group missions + raids for some nice augs. I can see on the standard 12 week server maybe it should be reduced in length.
  6. Aziuno Augur

    LDoN is a lot like DoN.
    There isn't much to either expansion, they do a great job of complimenting the prior expansion, each have 2-3 raids that are worth doing but don't have alot of progression to flag for, and aren't too long of raids (comparing to clearing all of time in one night, or VT etc.)

    I wouldn't see an issue with a blended release for these, something like make the 2 expansions together last 16 weeks, something like PoP and OOW would last 1 month, and then the expansion after would unlock and last the remaining 3 months.

    Most casual guilds need about a month to finish PoP flagging, and most casual guilds are still working on Epic 1.5/2.0's 1 month into OOW.

    I don't think they should be treated like LoY though, as LoY doesn't have any raid content, and really doesn't have much group content, just a few zones, Dyes, and some quests for spells.

    I also think the 4 level 70 expansions need to be revisited... 9 months at 70 on the "Phinny clone" unlock rate is a bit lengthy, and some expansions are very dull (Ro Mainly and then DoN to a lesser extent due to less raid content and everyone already being full Anguish Geared.)

    P.S. I do think LDoN missions should get an EXP bump, or chunk of exp on completion
  7. Spayce Augur

    No matter how it's done, we don't need 3 months of LDoN...or 6 months of PoTime.

    That should have been blatantly obvious from the start.
  8. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Let's be honest both expansion suck and LDoN has more content u just personally don't like it.

  9. taliefer Augur

    GoD is one of the best expansions on TLPs. the issues it had on launch were largely rebalanced and/or taken care of through player power bloat on TLPs.

    LDON, i dunno. the group missions are fine, but get boring super quick to me. the raids are just not worth it from a time vs loot perspective.

    some of this is objective obviously, but i dont see how anyone can think ldon has MORE content than god. you might like Ldon better, but objectively theres just more to do in GoD
  10. Volts Elder

    Classic - 1 month
    Kunark - 1 month
    Velious - 1 month
    Luclin - 2 months
    LoY - 0 months
    PoP - 2 months
    LDoN - 1 month
    GoD - 2 months
    OoW - 2 months
    DoN - 1 month
  11. SunDrake Augur

    That release schedule looks pretty good, but I imagine there would be folks who'd put Velious at two months also. It's the last expansion before a lot changes. Some guilds are gonna want more than one or two BoCs, it's the time that most hit 41% haste, etc.
  12. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Lets not forget the new tlp launch as well to deal the death blow.
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  13. Hinastorm86 Augur

    They do it so people get burned out during it, and reroll on the new TLP that conveniently comes out near the end of the 6 month slog.

    Don't kid yourselves. Selo is an exception.
  14. Gremin Augur

    LDoN is the first real expansion with augments. As a person who constantly plays raid warriors, LDON is a great source for AC augs like the 35 ac one from EF LDoN raid or the 30 AC ones from South Ro and Guk. Any expansion is what you make of it, some are indeed better than others but LDoN has lots to do.

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