Why Everquest not EQ2?

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  1. Skizzoo Journeyman

    Hail everyone. Yesterday I was making some screenshots of EQ1 for my article on 15th anniversary of EQ (on mmorpg.org.pl) for a site were I work. That moment I decided to try EQ2 for like fourth or fifth time. I can tell that there is not as much climate as in original EQ, but my friends just don't want to play the original. They don't like writing to NPC's - that more WoW approach than oldschool... Imean EQ2 has likely no limitations when you get silver account. You just can't get master stage spell, but the expert is just fine, I guess.... I wonder why people are devided between EQ and EQ2? Why do you still play EQ1? Which one I should play?
  2. Izcurly Augur

    You should play the one that's the most fun for you. You can even play them both, if you want. In a month, subscriptions are going all-access anyway, so it's no longer going to be a choice of which to subscribe to.
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  3. Skotsh New Member

    Because EQ2 is terrible.
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  4. Maelix New Member

    But why, in your opinion, is EQ2 terrible? As someone that is also thinking of entering Norrath, I'm curious. What is it about the gameplay of EQ1 that is better than EQ2?
  5. Siluett New Member

    So you ask this for your article I guess? Why dont you ask it like its for your article then ?
  6. Skizzoo Journeyman

    I don't ask for my article :) I ask because as I was writing it, I thought about SOE having two games of one series. Like Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 type of thing, where Guild Wars is no longer supported but servers are up and nobody plays anything else than main story. On the other side there is GW2 where people play like crazy. I was wondering why SOE keeps EQ and EQ2 both at the same time. What's so special in EQ or what is so bad in EQ2 that people don't want to leave/migrate to EQ2. I know that there are memories and friends, but they can also switch. You now get my point of view? I rather play EQ1, because I find this game to be harder and EQ2 is like simpler, you don't buy spells, you get your quest areas given on hand and there is likely no AA farming, but EQ2 is better, because people with silver acc are less underpowered than gold, not like in EQ1, where you must have Gold to enjoy the game fully or your toon will be crap with only 1k AA's...
  7. Quatr Augur

    I am not sure. Back when EQ2 was released, a number of my guildies tried it and then came back to EQ1. I tried it a few years later, but only lasted 4 or 5 levels -- something was missing. Obviously it works well for other people...
  8. howtor New Member

    as someone who played eq till eq2 launched then played that for 5 years most of the people that played the game at start were expecting it to act and fell like the old. But I can tell you that when I was playing eq2 it was missing the "feeling" of eq which turned a lot of people off, and the game now is just a lvl rush to max levels and does not have the feel it did when it launched
  9. Necromonious Augur

    For me it's because EQ2 was always a weaker, watered-down version of WoW. I was super into WoW for a long time after it came out, but since EQ was my first MMO, I always gave EQ2 ingame videos and guides a few passing glances. And every time I thought "looks like Everquest is trying to be WoW and failing". Then, a while after I quit WoW, I came back to EQ. For me it never had the slightest look or feel of WoW, and for someone burned out with WoW, that is what I needed. Nowadays when ever I think of trying EQ2 I just think "may as well just go back to WoW then instead"

  10. GeezerGamer Journeyman

    Are all the classes still the same? Still clones? I am no fan of MMOs where you are expected to split your class the further you advance. Classes should have as little overlap as possible, in my opinion.
  11. Kaneras Augur

    The only thing I liked about EQ2 was the challenging crafting system, after that it failed. Hated the "dock bells" and the fact that zones became very theme park, funneling you into certain areas just killed the sense of exploration for me. I never got the theme either...why blow up the moon? Craters all over the place...just seemed like a bad idea to me. Dungeons...if you want to call them that...were terrible too. SOE admitted EQ2 was a mistake more than once.
  12. BrandeX Journeyman

    Because it is in fact "EQ Too", not "EQ 2". Same theme, completely different game. SOE I think understands this now, which is why "EQ Next" is "EQ Next" and not "EQ 3". All three of these games have the Everquest theme, all of them play differently.
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  13. C3lowz Augur

    The game play is just completely different. I played EQ2 and honestly if I want to play a game like that I'd just play WoW (And I do)

    EQ1 Just has a compltely and totally different feel and mechanics than other games I played, and probably because it was my first ever MMORPG

    EQ1 I play on and off, EQ2 just seems more modern, and honestly I'd rather play a better modern game than EQ2 (No offense to SoE) EQ1 still has that grasp on me that no other game can do though.
  14. Borek-VS Augur

    EQ2 plays like WoW. EQ is different. It's as simple as that.

    Everything else just refines those differences: EQ is "harder", it has a very broad range of content (less at higher levels), classes are more distinct.

    I'll confess to a degree of resentment towards SOE for trying to steal players from EQ for EQ2 via the naming and borrowing of lore, etc. It was probably the most damaging thing that SOE has ever done.
  15. Rauven Augur

    The reason why you'll see players say EQ2 sucks and not give a reason why is because they just can't handle MMOs beyond the first generation. If you ever played WoW or EQ2 back in 2004, you could tell who the EQ players were. They were VERY slow to move out of AOE attacks, even those marked on the ground, and probably were keyboard turning.

    This isn't to say EQ players were bad at playing. In EQ there's very little movement, even in endgame raid encounters, especially before PoP. And keyboard turning is just more efficient than turning with a mouse in many situations.

    Also the pace of combat is much much slower in EQ. During combat you can get up and get a drink or even use the bathroom and most cases, no one will notice. That is a death sentence in most other MMOs. Or at the very least, your character is going to be standing there doing nothing while the rest of the group has moved on. In EQ you have time to chit chat and converse with your group and it has an overall more social experience in groups because of that.

    Then there's the argument about how hard or hardcore EQ was because of its former death penalties and other gameplay. First of all the death penalty wasn't hardcore, it still isn't. Most guilds or groups of friends had at least one necromancer on call for corpse recovery if it was necessary. And then you had Clerics that could restore most of the lost exp. Lets compare that to WoW in 2004 really quick... On the top it seemed like EQ had a worse death penalty. In WoW (and EQ2) you only damaged your equipment. In 2004, gold wasn't easy to get in WoW and death could mean your character, depending on class, could quickly end up in a negative net gold gain. I could remember a time when I couldn't buy ammo as a hunter because of it, and switching to a lower level gun simply because I could make my own ammo for free. Never had an issue like that in EQ.

    Then you got the hardcore gamplay they always speak about. Before PoP, named monsters were capped out at 16,000 hp. That took less than 2 minutes to kill for 12 people. In fact as long as you had the gear and the people, raiding was incredibly easy. The hard part was splitting adds, easily done if it was outdoors with harmony, and a monk using FD if it wasn't. In fact the hardest part was waiting on things to spawn. Epics were not epic fights, but epic waits. In fact the only thing that made you further along in your epic then someone else was your superior ability to out wait them. Kinda like a staring contest. Where coincidentally enough, WoW's hunter epic was way more difficult but shorter. There was a part were you had to kite (and kiting wasn't easy in WoW) these bosses solo (without pet tanking), and they one shot you if they got close. Basically you had to know your class pretty dang well. EQ2's epics were quite a bit harder in comparison, shorter, but actually took skilled peeps to get.

    This isn't to say EQ is a bad game. On the contrary. I'm only pointing out the points people typically use to show how it is 'so much better' when most of those points are myths concealed with age and nostalgia. Many issues with EQ have been fixed over the years and the 'waits' aren't nearly as bad and can mostly be skipped.

    What EQ does offer that other games don't is a more relaxed pace. This can be a nice change once in a while since WoW and EQ2 have faster paced combat, and newer MMOs such as Rift, FFXIV, and Tera are even quicker. Sometimes you just want to sit back, chat, and sit in a spot getting exp. You can't really do that in 2nd gen or later MMOs.

    Its the 'lazy man's MMO' but there is nothing wrong with that. You're here to play a game and have fun. Not work. Always keep that in mind. You've got plenty of time to work during the other 5-6 days of the week. And if you're looking for something a bit quicker or engaging, then EQ2 might be the route you want to go, especially if you like the story of Norrath. I play both games for both reasons, and hence have a station pass. It is well worth it IMO.
  16. Quatr Augur

    EQ2 and WOW are two different beasts. I played WOW back in 2004-2005, enjoyed it quite a bit and still play it for a couple of months whenever a new expansion is released. Excellent eye candy. On the other hand, I tried EQ2 a few years later and didn't like it at all. To each his own.

    That was true when EQ1 was released. However, the high level game is, and has been for many years, much faster. If a non-tank grabs agro, there is a good chance that he will die in a round or two. Tanks and healers need to be on their toes because damage can be spiky. Some like the change, some don't -- it's been debated back and forth for years.

    The death penalty was significant in 1999 because XP gain was very slow and there were few high level clerics with the 90% rez. Corpse recovery was also a big issue. There were times when people stayed up until 5am because they needed to retrieve their corpses. I was one of them and it wasn't a whole lot of fun. These days things are different because you can't lose your corpse and because 96% rezes are readily available (90% if your account is Silver.) The relatively trivial death penalty (compared to the original EQ1) was one of the things that attracted me to WOW in 2004-2005.

    Doomshade, an easy open zone raid target during the Luclin era, had around 250K HP. The top Luclin boss, Aten Ha Ra, had well over a million HP. They took a long time to kill since DPS was very low at the time. There was also a change to raid mobs' HP around that time, but I don't remember the details. Velious and Luclin mobs were certainly not capped at 16K, but I believe the Kunark dragons dragons were capped at 32K.
  17. Gythlen Augur

    I love how people throw around the "EQ2 is just like WoW' argument. Makes me lulz

    Yes, EQ and EQ2 are two different kettles of fish, created in alternate universes. I'll have to dig around for the quote I found on Zam, but essentially there was a quest in EQ before EQ2 came out, that something happened and a new universe was created from a split.

    As anything, people flock to something new, then ebb back or not depending. In the beginning, EQ2 was pretty hard. There was class/sub/final choices (like Fighter-Brawler-Monk etc), spirit shards when you died (akin to corpse runs), needing to unlock zones before you went to them through quests (no just popping over, you WORKED to get to Enchanted Lands!) etc.

    Then griffon towers came in (anyone remember the argument that EQ2 stole griffons from WoW? Haha no) as well as building of wizard spires around. Travel became faster and easier, tutorial islands were removed to streamline people into specific starting areas (like Crescent Reach in EQ), shards were removed (you just take durability hit on armor and exp loss but no deleveling), crafting pretty much became useless (especially in regards to armor and weapons) etc.

    Like in EQ, once you run your upteenth character through the game, it's boring. The rush is to hit 85 fast for the raids, get that gear etc. Really not that much of a difference I see (and I have a 95 Guardian in EQ2).
  18. Celestian Elder

    Your response was wrong on so many levels but all I had to quote is this to sum it all up.

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  19. Halfwise New Member

    I like EQ because I like Frogloks.
    EQ Frogloks are adorable.
    Awwww, look at the froggy! (Note: Black eyes are the only eyes worth using. Even SOE agrees, every Froglok in Gukta has black eyes.)

    EQII Frogloks are creepy as hell. It's the eyes.
    Those are the eyes of a sociopath... They will kill you and not even waste a moment's thought on it. (In fact, many of the races have the "creepy eyes", they are just more pronounced on frogloks.)

    If frogloks make it into EQ Next, I hope they don't mess up the eyes again.


    Look at them.... Look deep into them. And you will understand all that is wrong with EQ2.
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  20. Quatr Augur

    I am not sure if it's the eyes or something else, but they sure look like they are about to lash out and/or take a bite out of you! :eek: