Why do we have insane que times?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Karissa, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Karissa New Member

    It has probably been asked many times, but why do we have insane que times on Aradune with a +20 year old game on classic expansion only content? How many TLP's have been released now? Why is this system not running better at this point? Is there that much incompetence happening to where it is better to lose business that you probably need rather than fix the issue? Will Aradune players see an extension in the bonus EXP time since we clearly cannot play during it? Mangler felt like it had more players than this on release with ZERO que times. Here we have 2+ hour que times. I think more is going on than we know.
  2. BardGuy New Member

    This server is broken and unplayable. They reward you for installing an auto clicker or some other mouse scrolling device. I have also yet to see the GMs I’ve heard we’re supposed to be here but I have been trained by bot armies to lose a camp my group held for hours (when we finally could get in).
  3. Karissa New Member

    I decided to go give Rizlona a try. Oddly enough I see less bot armies, less drama in the chat, and no que times. Out of the 3, the no que time is a winner. I am used to seeing bot armies and drama from the playground crews. It is lame though that GM's do nothing to the bot armies anymore when they come in and just roll camps and train people. I guess it is ok to be like that now.
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  4. hieroz New Member

    why would they get rid of a bot army making them more money then you? Its disgusting they even allow bot servers to coexist with true box servers and think the population for both will be equal. Has no one working at day break ever played MMO's before? They need to hire some actual gamers because they are not very smart for supposedly being computer programmers. But hey how many smart people do you know who have common sense?
  5. Rarthin New Member

    Ya hire gamers because they can all program right?

    Never ceases to amaze me how people can willfully ignore the facts of what's really going on.

    Couldn't have anything to do with the massive amounts of people that want to start on the newest server. The fact that log in severs and game servers are only designed to handle so much couldn't be a factor could it?
    I mean it's not like they have multiple servers to spread out the load... oh wait.
    Ya no, it can't be that tons of people want to be on the newest server then pretend to be clueless why log in times are increased. No that can not be it....

    Flame on lulz

    Side note: You don't like people that box, move to a server that doesn't allow boxing.
  6. Entwickler New Member

    I guess I don't have "common sense", because my sense is uncommon.

    Like the sense that I have to know that when you want a piece of software to operate across multiple servers, every single part of the software has to be written for it. Everything from font engine to the physics engine. That requires a LOT of people who, according to you don't have common sense.

    I get that you're frustrated. But keep in mind that the developers are not the problem here. It's fact that corporations are required to keep expenses as low as possible in order to funnel money up to the investors or else they don't get investment. Which is what it takes to re-write an existing game from the ground up and then transfer existing users over to it.
  7. Drencrom Lorekeeper

  8. killswitch87 New Member

    It's sad, it really is. I absolutely love the franchise, have since 99'. The people clearly want Aradune's ruleset. I've got characters on Aradune, before the queue was crazy. I also made the switch to Rizlona, but to me it's not the same. I did it to avoid the queue times. But seeing the full groups of bots everywhere isn't my cup of tea. I understand that party of 6 bots is bringing them in probably $90 At Least, a month(if they're doing it month to month) on a TLP. 6 v 1 wins in $.

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