Why did you add Overseer if all you've done is make it useless?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tanise, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Voktar Journeyman

    I mainly use the Overseer quests to get mercenary exp as my main focus is getting normal AA exp. It works beautifully well as low level.

    This little bonus each day has granted each of my chars a fair amount of merc AA exp by doing nothing.

    I found it a nice addition. It can be better, sure, but it's not trash at all like some of you feel.
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  2. Tatanka Augur

    I hear you. I just resubbed 2 weeks ago on my main account, because of Overseer, mostly just to see what it was about. Enjoyed getting collectibles so much (I'm about 10 expansions behind the curve in everything but levels and AAs) that I subbed my 2nd account to help move me along. Safe to say, I won't be renewing the 2nd account sub next month.

    Though I haven't spent much DBC (a total of maybe 30 DBC between both accounts, just to get finish timers to co-ordinate with my real life schedule), I feel your pain.

    OK, tinfoil hat time, since you're the Nth person to mention this issue of DBC spending (and I'm also like you, I rarely have anything to spend it on, so I still have >10K DBC from subbing in years past).

    I know that in some cases, accounting rules require companies to consider balances like this (DBCs) as LIABILITIES on their balance sheets, because DBCs to directly have a dollar value (you can buy them for money). They JUST recently ran a big sale on big bags (the first thing I spent DBC on in a long time, bags are my one weakness, LOL), and then got people to spend lots of DBC on Overseer.

    Perhaps this was a planned agenda to get those liabilities off of the balance sheet?

    I've had crazier ideas! :)
  3. Cadira Augur

    Taking a break at all from bannerlord was your first mistake.
  4. Yara_AB Augur

    good to see that i am not the only one who got that idea once he saw all the cash-buttons on overseer once they pushed it to test server ...
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  5. Graves Elder

    They are no more a liability to the company than a bone chip is. They have no dollar value. Don't believe me? Try converting them to cash.

    They are accounted for as a sale if bought with cash. Otherwise they never trouble the accounts accounts department.

    Sure, game currencies that are convertible to cash should be accounted for, but DBC is not one of those.
  6. That0neguy Augur

    I don't think the overall sentiment is that it is worthless. The problem is they took money from people to offer something that had a lot of value to us. Then removed it, multiple times.

    Is Overseer worthless? No. Is it worth the $100 people spent on it? No. Would they have spent that $100 on it if it was launched with the changes they have made? No.
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  7. matouoli Lorekeeper

    well said .;)
  8. dreadlord Augur

    Whether or not it is 'worthless' is surely a matter of individual requirements and where your character is at?
    To me, it is worthless. There is no longer anything which is of any use to me at all.
    I suppose I could accumulate the currency in case there's ever anything to spend it on, but that's really not terribly exciting.

    I appreciate that for others there is still some value - certainly the 'guaranteed' collects are an improvement on Nerf No 1 (was it no 1.. or 2... or 3....) for those who need them individually

    On reflection, my main gripe is the 100+ collection dispensers in my bank rendered useless by this change - which could have been avoided just by giving us due notice. What a lot of folk fail to realise is that it's not just about them. I'm happy for other folk to have overseer - I just really wish it had been launched as 'not aimed at x kinda player' and without the pretence that it would have something for everyone
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Current expansion was removed because they want folks to be running around getting collections in the current expansion.

    And they want each account to use overseer for collection rewards. They make more money if more people are using it.

    My only issue is all this should have been done before it was ever released. And anyone who spent DBC on it before the nerfs should be able to get a refund.
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  10. Tatanka Augur

    That's the part which doesn't make sense. I subbed a second account to help with the collectibles for the first account. Now, I'll let that sub lapse.
  11. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    People wanting to get collections for all their boxes will use overseer for all of them. DBG hopes they will also spend money on overseer. I suspect they saw all the money they made on it initially and think they can repeat that. I don't think that is likely. Buf if all they do is suck away more DBC money from folks who let it build up I think they will be happy.

    I am just continually confused as to why they didnt come out with a more balanced overseer from the beginning. I mean knowing you would want collections no trade seems pretty basic. So we go back to an intentional cash grab. Maybe that was their way of paying for the feature.
  12. Caeelar New Member

    So, it seems they tossed out a free 3 common agent pack to two of my accounts (probably the third as well, but I haven't logged it in). They were in my /itemoverflow when I logged in yesterday. I guess this is all we are going to get. This really doesn't help most people though, since they are no longer using the overseer system. I'll probably never use it on my third account since I mostly use that account for alts and mules. Raising an alt with overseer kinda defeats the purpose of having an alt LOL.. I play alts because it's fun to play them and level them yourself =p.

    Honestly, I would probably be happy if they just make the collectibles tradeable again. That said, it probably won't happen because the bot armies probably consist of hundreds of subs they would lose making the books look bad, and the game look less appealing.
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  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    As far as I know, there has been no official explanation of what this was. I got it on all three of my accounts, but I know other people who didn't get it on any of their accounts.
  14. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I think user experience on Overseer boils down to what you’re trying to get out of it and how much money you sunk into it.

    Overseer can reward:

    • Experience
    • Mercenary Experience
    • Tradeskill Materials
    • Ornaments
    • Collection Items
    • McKenzie Brews
    • Crystallized Luck

    Most people tend to be focused on the first five categories.

    The first patch:

    • Increased price on McKenzie brews and several other items
    • Changed collectible mission from guaranteed collectible to 25% to receive one
    • Removed the ability to claim current expansion tradeskill/collection rewards
    • Removed the ability to trade currency and collectible selectors.

    The second patch:

    • Changed collectible missions from 25% chance to a 1/4th fragment to protect against RNG monster
    • Changed collectibles to be no drop after claiming.
    • Increases price on crystallized luck

    So if you’re someone who is focusing on XP, Mercenary XP or Tradeskill materials, you’re likely to not have had your opinion of the system changed much. Those rewards have been consistent throughout.

    But if you’re someone who focused on ornaments you found the pricing on them all increased and the ability to trade currency from multiple accounts to a single account removed, greatly slowing down your acquisition of the vendor bought ornaments. But they did add more ornaments so maybe you’re happy with it.

    If you’re someone who focused on Collectibles you went from getting 1 collectible per successful 12hour mission that you could trade to anyone to getting 1/4th of a collectible per successful 12 hour with no ability to trade them.

    If you’re someone who focused on Brews or Crystallized Luck you are likely frustrated with the increased pricing on the vendor..

    It’s the people who spent money bolstering their Overseer capabilities on multiple characters for the purpose of obtaining collectibles on multiple accounts and funneling these collectibles to a single character, or those who tried to obtain brews or crystallized luck who couldn’t trade the currency anymore who are upset with the recent changes.
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  15. KtsKts New Member

    I have 22 collection dispensers on my main yet I am finished collects. These were for my alt. Now I have wasted around 80 quests doing this. Games shouldn't make you feel screwed b/c you did something and then they change it to totally screw you.
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  16. Tanise Elder

    I think Daybreak is trying to be more like EA. EA loves doing that.
  17. Cicelee Augur

    Couldn't you still choose the collectible you want and trade it to your alt? Instead of trading the TBL collectible item, you redeem it for soot covered boots and then give that to the alt (as an example)?
  18. That0neguy Augur

    They refuse to even acknowledge this though. I loved how in the AMA they defaulted all of their answers to "Oh 'Catch up' is a bad description now, we prefer 'supplement'. And refused to answer the actually meat of the question about how it actually improves game play.
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  19. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Last update made the collectibles redeemed from the reclaimers No Drop.

    So any collectible reclaimer can only create collectibles that are used by a player on that account. You can no longer trade them to guildmates catching up, new boxes or sell them.
  20. Barraind Augur

    And then several answers later say "Why would we do xyz, its a catch-up mechanic".

    Didnt you just say the other thing less than an hour ago?

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