Why did you add Overseer if all you've done is make it useless?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tanise, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Angahran Augur

    it's like DPG have a committee that just sits around coming up with new ways to annoy the heck out of people and take something that works and turn it into complete garbage.

    New overseer was released, people were excited.
    So, they nerf it, people are upset but this is DPG, if we're not used to nerfs by now we haven't been playing long.
    So, people are still using overseer, so what do they do ? They nerf it again!

    Here's an idea, if you didn't want anyone using this overseer why bother adding it to the game ?
  2. Greymantle Augur

    Changing the collectables to no-trade is VERY disapointing. Heiloom does nothing for me, as the alt characters on my account are rarely used other than mules for TS stuff. I have 4 paid accounts as my wife and daughters play. I had been using the collectables to assist them in compleating sets. I am done with them on my main other than 2 i need from Velks mission basement . Those were not offferd anyway. This basicly nulls the reward set for me as i have no use for them on my main. I do not need the exp option and the coins are not much use to me either. Please reconsider this change.
  3. Moege Augur

    Ornaments that was not selling in the marketplace (could go and find the post if you like)
  4. Angahran Augur


    They say they want to reduce the amount of items in the game and then do something like this that duplicates a ridiculous amount of items for no benefit!

    I doubt anyone has tested all the collection achievements to see if they actually work with either version of the collectible item ?
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  5. Duty Calls New Member

    Its pretty obvious this is a cash grab? I'm sure you can easily overcome anything they "fixed" with a judicial infusion of cash? I'm just asking.
  6. Eckish Lorekeeper

    I think you are misunderstanding the change. They didn't duplicate any items for this. They added the attunable flag to the existing items. And if you collect it via the Overseer rewards, then they auto-attune to that character. It is still the same items that you'd collect through normal game play.
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  7. TruckerYo New Member

    skimming though if you make collection now a set that is no drop didnt you just increase the total number of items in EQ. that a ton of new eq items. this was the reason you told you wouldnt make a conversion item for weapons to orniments?
  8. Angahran Augur

    So, using the 'attunable' flag for something it wasn't designed for for the sole purpose of making this 'reward' from overseer completely pointless ?
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  9. DillyBar Augur

    Right. Useless.
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  10. Zerker1231 Lorekeeper

    why is anyone shocked ? They have a very long history of investing in entirely new systems and making them useless or abandoning them one expansion later. LDONs anyone ? Heroic instances that are basically never used anymore ? Invested heavily in that one COTF had dozens of them and they basically don't exist in the last 3 expansions at all in fact ill bet that COTF had more heroic instances then every expansion combined after it. Mercs ? The list goes on they waste resources on these new ideas because they never follow through and abandon the use of them later or make them useless with nerfs.
  11. Eckish Lorekeeper

    Considering they seem to have limited code support, it isn't a terrible solution given the current design choices they have. Being 'useless' is subjective. It is certainly a bad change for anyone caught up on collectibles, since they won't be able to trade/sell the items. But it is still perfectly capable of accomplishing the original advertised goal of Overseer to be a feature for helping people catch up.
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  12. Cordoba New Member

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  13. Veritas New Member

    For those who pay for multiple accounts and want to trade items between the accounts yes they did make it in to a useless pile of code. But I am sure some one was whinging about it so they listened to the one and said we do not care about what our subs think.
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  14. Caeelar Journeyman

    This is basically bait and switch. Introduce something that looks super helpful, get folks to spend money on it, then switch the product after they have spent the money. I am no expert in business law, but isn't that illegal? I would think at a minimum, you would offer the db coins back to the folks who spent on this thing before you changed it to an unrecognizable state.
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  15. Ulrin New Member

    In the course of a month, Overseer has gone from one of the best mechanics in the game to something with only marginally more utility than LDoN points. I was excited to see the change to fragment collections instead of percent chance collections - this is exactly the sort of grind I could get behind. Slow progress, perhaps, but steady progress nonetheless - not the streaky RNG based cr*p that we deal with in so many other game mechanics already.

    To see the unannounced, unexpected, and entirely unwanted addition of NO TRADE flags to everything claimed? What a slap in the face.
  16. Agrun Apprentice

    What happens if I have a stack of unattuned collectibles and I auto inventory an attuned version of that same collectible? Do they stack separately? Do they stack together? Do all my unattuned versions suddenly become attuned if they stack together?
    Has all of this been tested?
    Has there ever been an attunable stackable item before?
  17. Braxan New Member

    Wow, I don't think anyone could come up with a more customer infuriating scheme for a product roll out if they tried.

    While I can begrudgingly accept my time and SC wasted in using Overseer as this is a game, what infuriates me is the development resources that were WASTED on Overseer which should have been spent on upgrading the game (more zones, more AA's, more quests, etc.) that the player base has been actually asking for years.

    What we have here is a complete failure to communicate.

    Not a good long term business model IMO.

  18. cadres Augur

    They don't stack with each other (attunable and unattunable) - just had time to quickly check that before the servers went down.
    WTS 100+ collectibles on the 'wrong' toon (I put them all on one for ease of distribution later - I'll just go boil my head now...)
  19. Angahran Augur

    ROFLMAO! You're funny :p
  20. Cuuthbert Augur

    I find overseer to be a nice addition. Great downtime item for the game during a wipe or waiting for burn timers. Loved the xp on new toons and for toons that don't have their collects done I can finally work those evolve shoulders soon. Really helps me get those collects that I was not going to go back and farm or are just expensive in the bazaar. But admittedly I don't put a lot of thought or time into overseer, I just always viewed it as an add on and I like the ability to get some older stuff without having to sit in an ROF or COTF zone for 3 days getting something to drop or spawn
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