Why did you add Overseer if all you've done is make it useless?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tanise, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Eckish Lorekeeper

    Since they are now account bound all they way down, can they be added back to FTP accounts as a reward option?
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  2. enclee Augur

    Do you guys ever run out of bad ideas?
  3. cadres Augur

    And me too!
    It would have been fair to warn that this change was coming (if, indeed it's needed - I really don't see why it is) so that we could have used the items as each of us had intended (pass to friends, sell,move to other accounts etc). Now we have loads of folk who've invested time, and in many cases actual cash, in something you've rendered worthless.
    I liked overseer (buggy as hell as it was - and still is**) but this move just seems determined to suck all the joy/utility out of it for many folk
    Warning of the changes in prices would have been good too - the only thing I spend my overseer tetras on is more agents.

    ** Buggy: I logged out before patch with 5 active quests on each of 4 accounts. Logging in after patch I had just 1 one one account , 2 on 2 accs and 3 on the other - why not fix this instead of messing with something folk liked? Pretty much every time I check overseer this happens, day in day out
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  4. seber Augur

    I like overseer Quest Good job Dev team
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  5. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I have nothing but sympathy for you. Sorry that happened. :(

    I've started to notice that Daybreak/Darkpaw has developed a REALLY bad habit these days of not previewing the "bad for the game/screw the players" changes on Test. They're not even remotely giving players a chance to prepare for something like that or at the very least give feedback about it. A change like this, where it involves making things no drop, and not giving players a head's up...it's kinda disgraceful to be honest.

    I think it's because they KNOW it's a bad decision and don't want to hear players tell them how and why it's bad.
  6. Shamanagins New Member

    Ever heard the term.Bait and Switch ?
    Classic example of taking peoples money for 1 thing and getting something useless in return. Bad business practice and illegal in most if not all states.
  7. Leelaz New Member

    Thanks again. I didn't want to do any experimentation on them to find out if they were heirloom so I appreciate you sharing that information. The option to get the main dispenser back is also nice. However, the preview for the items aren't necessarily accurate with their flags which is part of why I didn't want to experiment with any more of my dispensers.
  8. Feth New Member

    While I am disappointed that they chose to make these no drop, in respect to box account transfers, can we get a rationale for why this was done? Was it from an economy standpoint or some other reason? I have been buying the dropped ones in the bazaar when they are at reasonable prices but it was nice to be able to farm them with overseer with my box accounts when the ones in the bazaar are selling for 100k pp each piece.
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  9. Ryino Elder

    Like California lol
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  10. Angahran Augur

    So, the final collectible item, e.g. 'a shiny gnome head', is now locked to the character ?

    So, someone spent the time duplicating every collectible item in the game to make the new 'notrade' version.

    Then they went and updated every collection achievement so they will accept either the original or the new notrade version of the collectible ?

    Seems like an awful lot of work simply to make something that was useful into something complete useless.
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  11. Yinla Augur

    I may just have to make yet another alt......:rolleyes:
  12. Tevik Augur

    Trying to reduce the number of items in the game, though.

    Hopefully that just means I'm ignorant of the code, and there's some way to flag an existing item as no trade without creating a new set.
  13. Skuz Augur

    Yeah that bit is not working as you describe it here.

    If you claim the collectible & have already previously claimed that same item the new collectible cannot be traded, yes it is attuneable, but it is also no-trade.
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  14. Axxius Augur

    You are using a feature (Attunable) for something that it was not designed for. Attunable collectables - that doesn't make any sense, a pure technical 'hack' solution for a particular problem (a flood of collectables obtained via Overseer instead of the main intended way).

    This is a bad idea. It will end up creating more and more problems, some are already mentioned in this thread. I can't offer a better solution right now, but Attunable Collectables is not a good one either.
  15. Angahran Augur

    What about the final collectible item ? Is that tradeable ?
  16. forum troll Elder

    Ridiculous. not even advance warning for those of us who payed to finish quests early and stack collectibles for our other accounts which we also pay for, … but hey they are attunable so for only 3300 loyalty you can send a set to a box! - last dime I spend on overseer

  17. Mazame Augur

    It is well known that many people play on many accounts. When Overseer came out it was enjoyable. Now your just making changes to piss people off with no reason.

    Collection items were dropping 1 every 12 HOUR if you did all 5 quest you were getting 10 a day.

    I can run around a zone and farm them getting a full set in less then 12 hours. NO reason to change it but you did you nerfed it to where it was giving 1-5 a day. So we took to the forms and asked for a change.

    You posted the change would be that it would give fragments. This was still a disappointment but better off then nothing. yet the trade off is you make them NO TRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I understand you made them trade able between toons on the same account. but many of us was storing them on different account and you NINJA change with out warning so they are now Junk.

    Why Spend time and money on a new feature that is then Turned into TOTAL TRASH. it like you don't want people to use it at all.

    The TS drops are a joke you would have to do non stop quest for month to be able to get enough mats to make anything useful.

    NO MATTER WHAT it not worth doing Overseer as you can Farm the stuff a 1000 times faster than you could earn enough from Overseer to be useful. The only thing that Overseer is used for is to get Ornaments.

    As I feel it not right to just say how much you messed up with all of the nerfs to overseer. I feel I can at least offer Idea to make it better.

    #1 Mover trade Skill rewards to a vender and let us Pick the items we want with out getting 10000 TS we do not want. You can do this with using a token where the quest rewards X # of token and the token can then be used to buy the TS item you want.
    #2 add in TS items that are a nightmare to farm so people can work on their 300+ TS

    #3 Take the BS NO TRADE of the collection items. it by no means over power or out of balance to get them from Overseer. They can already be farmed faster all your doing with this change is telling people to go farm them and not use Overseer at all.

    The price on collection items in the /BAZ is out of hand it was not that way before TBL when the evolving item was added that make people go farm these. Overseer was a nice change to off set the inflation caused by the TBL item.

    #4 Add Group / raid coin to the Overseer Vendor. you already up the amount of Coin that drops from old raids. so why not just add in the option to get those coin from the Overseer system.

    If Overseer is left along and not changed to something useable then all of the time money and effort put into it was wasted. Either fix it or remove it.
  18. Soulbanshee Augur

    All attunable items retain the flag once attuned, the no trade flag is added notating that it has been attuned.
  19. Mazame Augur

    No that is what was changed and what many of us are unhappy about.
  20. Soulbanshee Augur

    Attunable flag was added to all collectibles. Collectibles obtained through normal game play remain tradable. Collectibles obtained through overseer get triggered to be attuned to the character and go no trade.

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