Why did I pick Mangler?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bitzy, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Bitzy New Member

    Not happy.
  2. Blakin New Member

    Can you be more specific?

    Great server, great people, a lot of fun. Server problems happen in every game and every server.
  3. TheChosenOne Augur

    Leave Mangler and come join us on Selos!

  4. Blakin New Member

    But I like having people to actually play with.
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  5. Bitzy New Member

    Well, the people aren't Mangler, the server is Mangler. Hitting level 26 with enchanter, logging in and not having that experience- hitting level 26 again and getting booted off immediately is tonight's example. Really level 26 was my goal today. I didn't think it would be problematic.
  6. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Pretty sure this is the first unscheduled downtime since launch outside of some issues during the first hours. Hasn't really been bad at all.
  7. EnchFWO Augur

    Well hope you didn't plan on raiding. Check in on those raid guild rosters. Yikes.

    PS. Just wait until you run into...
  8. Eklipse New Member

    what ya mean?
  9. EnchFWO Augur

    If you're interested in raiding then you're already familiar with the raiding guild rosters.
  10. Eklipse New Member

    Thanks? Not a lot of info. Just started back this past weekend. Am interested but not sure what you are implying
  11. Blakin New Member

    If you are not 50 yet and raiding, you are not interested in raiding.
  12. Mundaukk New Member

    As long as they avoid the Warders, I imagine it'll work out for them when servers come back up lol.
  13. Eklipse New Member

    ahh...well hopefully stuff opens up once im max then :D
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  14. 93_Combine New Member

    false. not true at all tbh.
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  15. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Yeah totally dude. The only players who ever raid on any server are the ones doing so within the first two weeks. Everyone knows that.
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  16. Misaligned Augur

    We lost a Shield of the Immaculate and a Rakusha Cloak.

    <fart noise>
  17. Blakin New Member

  18. dundada3100 Elder

    someone should start another raid guild or join some of the other good guilds here then. I dont know if MESS is doing splits or not but M&M is running 3 now. Has anyone else done CT, Inny, or Dragons? I mean you cant really blame guilds for having ridiculous rosters if no one else is downing stuff. Not a shot at other guilds but if people want to kill stuff they are going to join the guilds that can kill that stuff. When I was leveling I grouped with more people I wasnt guilded with than my own guild. Knightmare, Midnight Rations, and some others have great members just dont know what their numbers are looking like and if they are downing stuff.

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