Why are you not just spinning up an Aradune clone?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tepin, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Name2 Elder

    What is the differentiation here? My understanding is that this is a rebranding effort to shed a terrible image in the industry, while keeping the same people in the same places that caused that reputation in the first place. I'm still on daybreakgames.com, and the page footer say Copyright Daybreak Game Company. Am I safe to assume that it's the same thing, same people, same policies, same processes and there's no real difference?
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  2. code-zero Augur

    Your understanding would be wrong. Darkpaw was formed when Daybreak split the Everquest properties away from their other properties. You can read about it here
  3. Name2 Elder

    Ok, that's a press release released by Daybreak through their own channels. Even there it says DarkPaw is a studio under Daybreak. Of course they're going to try to make it look like a new thing if the goal is to shed the Daybreak reputation. My understanding comes from an anonymous employee's comments earlier this year on a company review website. Sure, quality of the source and all that, room for skepticism, but a press release doesn't really answer my questions.
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  4. Jrome New Member

    Well, they are taking money from people who can't actually play. The server queue times are 4 hours. Hypothetically, when I get off work with a 4 hour queue time that means i don't actually get the play that day. The only option for me is to take my machines to work and log in early and occasionally hit the forward arrow so my accounts are logged on when I can play at the end of the work day. Do you see how messed up that is that I am preventing people from playing because I am occasionally hitting forward arrow to move and not get afk booted when other people in queue could actually be playing when they are ready to actually play. It makes zero sense.

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    There's no speaking sense with fanboys (likely employees pretending to be players) like code-zero. You can find him in every thread licking boots, regardless of how atrocious the service is. They are not objective.
  6. That0neguy Augur

    Go find any type of form that shows Darkpaw is a real company. It isn't. Everything is still Daybreak.
  7. Tepin Journeyman

    I fully recognize the game is 20 years old, so the code automatically spinning up more resources to handle demand I am positive is not a thing with EQ. Which is why I said spin up an Aradune clone. They CAN and HAVE spun up new servers to handle load. They CAN and HAVE consolidated servers down the road that are on an appropriate expansion cadence to collapse servers together and their population. That is not an ideal solution especially in today's day of tech, but again for a 20 year old game this is what they have to do and have done. This is not untrodden territory.

    The fact they are inflicting this much pain on the population and little to no meaningful communication is absolutely astounding. They either do not care (which I doubt is the case), or there is some other pressure coming from a high up stake holder that is just clamping down on new server worlds...
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    Yeah!!! only an hour tonight. OK just forget it, no other game makes me wait that long unless its the week of a launch and thats rare
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    I think they just took em off the payroll and moved them to the basement with their red stapler in san diego...
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    Because the Russian "organization" that owns EverQuest and pays the handful of remaining developers, doesn't want to spend money. They only purchased EQ to make money. They have no interest in the player bases concerns or complaints. Literally all that matters is the game makes a profit without any additional costs.
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    Way to let them suck you in with marketing hype. Apart from this being "aradune" server there is nothing special about it.
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  13. Megazen Elder

    1. You know what else cost dollars?....people unsubbing. I'll bet good money they lose more from this than they save by not opening a new server. Time is basically up, and the window is about gone.

    2. Ummmm....lol. Yes...yes you can, you open up a new server, voila, like magic, the problem is literally solved. This is just a /boggle of a statement even....they have solved this problem before...a couple of times.
  14. Relentless Insomnia

    Mithara is coming.
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