Why are Mechanoinstruction combines class restricted still?

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    It doesn’t make sense to me that these combines are still limited to pure Casters only. After all the changes to research over the years on TLPs these are about the only reason to level the research skill until very late expansions, yet they are still limited to pure Casters. Effectively making the skill useless for everyone else until about TBM on TLP servers.

    In order to even do these combines players had to complete a Parts for Belfast quest in Corathus Creep to be awarded Scrindite's Mechanoinstruction Manual, which is a No Drop component required in each Mechanoinstruction combine.

    At some point in the past few years the devs went through the effort of changing the non-pure caster version of this quest to also award the Scrindite's Mechanoinstruction Manual (previously it was only the pure caster version of the quest that gave this as a reward). However they never went ahead and flagged the 23 Mechanoinstruction combines to be combinable by all classes. So players can obtain all the items necessary for the combine if they’re not a pure caster but they cannot combine. They can’t even ask a pure caster to do the combine unless they also did the quest on their own since the Scrindite's Mechanoinstruction Manualis No Drop.

    Can we just finally flag these 23 combines to be all classes maybe?
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