Why Agnarr will outlast other TLPs despite the being PoP-Locked.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Montag, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Communist Puppy Augur

    Feel like 300 people may be a moot point when the population chart is looking like this.
  2. Renshu Elder

    Are there not a bunch of 'vendors' sitting around in East Commons on Agnarr?
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Late nights in ec is around 40 and dips into 30s. Compared to say 300 plus traders is akin to over 12 picks of seb with 25 people in them. Makes a huge difference.

    But really here is the health comparison... phinny guilds are spam recruiting on the agnarr server. And that settles that...
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  4. an_ogre_monk00 Elder

    Not settle much. In agnarr place, Ogre see many guild spam recruit. Including top three guild. Ogre own guild half of what used to be. Not lose people to other guild, lose people to disappear. Very sad. Phinny place grow too slow, no one want to grow up that slow anymore.

    Ogre think it not be so bad when ship to frozen place return and let us leave, wish ship would return sooner. Jungle place boring, not much to do. Mostly fun for farmer. Not think server full of farmer healthy, much like gnome full of maggot bad to eat. Nothing change since ogre was babby, farmer ruin fun.
  5. Accipiter Augur

    Not mentioned (I think) is that there are a lot of people standing around the bank in PoK on Phinny, too. At least a couple hundred. Doesn't matter, though, Agnarr will indeed die a quick death come PoP. Until then, though, farm those krono!
  6. -wycca Augur

    Actually, I'm pretty sure it's the opposite indicator. We've gotten so many ppl returning from Agnarr and so many new ppl in general chat from Angarr, that it's probably just that guilds are going for the low-hanging fruit since there's so many unhappy on Agnarr. After all, guild's wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't producing results... :cool:
  7. Rage_Sk Journeyman

    It's because the Agnarr community is pretty toxic. Lot's of problems phinny never had at this era of the game. The number of times I hear the DBG sayed there is no camps DPS is all to justify ksing/camp stealing and just generally an excuse to do anything you want per day is almost impressive.
  8. Jaxarale01 Augur

    It is interesting how the exact same event can be seen completely opposite by both sides when each uses their agenda to color the perception of the event... (see sig)
  9. Machentoo Augur

    Did you play on Phinny? We had the exact same issues.
  10. an_ogre_monk00 Elder

    Ogre think this thread last longer than Agnarr will.
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  11. Kiaro Lorekeeper

    I'm with you on that big guy.
    So here is the thing, the number of guilds on Phinigel is reducing, the amount of SPLIT RAIDS is increasing, as players disperse into the leading guilds, they're just fielding more runs. The amount of people returning from Agnarr has overflowed many raid teams, the point is, people are leaving Agnarr to return to Phinigel, or live, or to just quit. NO ONE is leaving Phinigel/RF/LJ any more to go to Agnarr.
  12. FatherDoom New Member

    The reason for this is a significant majority of the people still playing on Phinny would rather quit playing the game entirely than go through having to play Kunark and Velious again. They are not fun. I was looking forward to Velious on Phinny SO HARD last year. After about a month I couldn't wait for it to be over. I guess 17 year old me had lower standards than 34 year old me.
  13. -wycca Augur

    Yea nostalgia tints the glasses, until you actually have to do spend the time in those expansions and you realize how little there is to do when you can easily beat everything.

    Going back 2 years ago to the people who wanted 6 months in expansions (or even more) is just sorta funny. People don't argue for that anymore...cept the new ppl. Those of us who knew it would be a slog and said something got some pretty nasty labels too...
  14. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    I also was looking forward to Velious. Until like week two of Velious where I was bored out of my mind.

    Luclin was fun though but I never saw VT or Emp Ssra much back in the day. I also occupied all my non raid time figuring out new and exciting ways to to AE in the deep.
  15. Kiaro Lorekeeper

    the content is much easier now, we all know how mechanics work, characters are stronger (even post MOTM, we're more survivable)

    Velious used to take some serious dedication to beat, now not so much.

    Folks who think Luclin or PoP will be any different than this long boring slog they see in Kunark are in for a rude awakening when they cap their AAs in 1 bonus weekend and have quarm down within the first week. After the first taste of LDON "raid" I'd expect people to pack up and head to a more engaging server/game.

    The folks who are on Phinigel, gritted our teeth and held on through 6 months of Planes of Power, because we knew that Gates of Discord and beyond held promise of being actual engaging content, and so far, helping finish up 20+ BiCs and getting epics done in OoW it has been a much more open and engaging game outside of our 3-4 raids a week.
  16. malaki Augur

    Luclin is much better on TLP than Velious is. Also the Discord expansions have been great on Phinny, just so much to do besides logging on for raids.
  17. Aziuno Augur

    My everquest raiding nostalgia was with Planes of Power, and after experiencing it on Phinny, like others said, it became a grind after 2 weeks of Quarm.

    All of the Tier1-Elemental planes bosses were trivial, unlike live

    Rathe Council kept some difficulty as far as setting up the kill and communication, but even a casual raiding guild will wipe 2-3 times and then get it down and not have issues going forward.

    Time was all trivial, and the hardest fight (TZ) was just gear checks / communication checks.

    The joy I experienced on live was in the time it took learning/beating encounters and the feeling of accomplishment received when downing bosses. This is not present in PoP on TLP's.

    After the initial wave, the nostalgic people will leave as they see it as 'I'm done, I beat the game.'

    The people chasing Krono will already be gone, probably in Late Luclin at the latest.

    The remaining population will be a plethora of un-geared alts/casuals chasing the nostalgic dream, and a few mains who like the mindless grind and strive for all of the BIS Gear and just want to grind stuff with no return on investment other than spending time with their friends. I do not think the population of this style of gamer will be enough to sustain the casual gamers coming in late for their nostalgia fix.

    There just is not enough challenging and rewarding content once you are at this point in the game. You will be doing Time, or splitting Time, and LDON raids. The gear in elemental planes will not be sought after except for the end bosses.

    TL&DR = Without the injection of new content constantly and new goals to reach for, the majority of this server will die 2 weeks into PoP. The rest of It will be dead before LDON unlocks. There will probably be 2 raiding guilds that remain at that point. (Full of the raiders you don't want to raid with)

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