Who is Buried in Sathir's Tomb?

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  1. Tiseanu New Member

    The task Who is Buried in Sathir's Tomb involves the investigation of several sarcophagi, such that different task steps require the investigation of different sarcophagi. These task steps will update if the same sarcophagus is investigated multiple times.
  2. Absor Developer

    This one should be fixed now. It was all sorts of messed up.
  3. Stephsanity Elder

    Stuck on the Check the last sarcophagus step. I've clicked multipe times do I have to kill mobs around them or something I'm stumped only 3 in the room help pls
  4. Absor Developer

    You shouldn't have to, no. Which one are you having trouble with? Facing the middle one, right, left, or middle?

    Also, is it giving you a message?
  5. Stephsanity Elder

    It finally update but the find the artifact update won't work now killed abou t100 mobs sarnaks ghost you name it
  6. Axxius Augur

    Random update for killing sarnaks.
  7. Stephsanity Elder

    Finally got it when we came back and tried again
  8. Naugrin Augur


    Sorry. I tried to resist but I am weak.
  9. svann Augur

    Q: Who is buried in Sathir's tomb?
    A: Mr and Mrs Sathir

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