Which TLP server for newbie

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  1. Graodann New Member

    Dear ladies and gents,

    Which TLP server would you recommend for someone new to TLP servers? I would like to play a BST preferrably.
    Kind regards.
  2. Branntick Augur

    Aradune is the only TLP worth starting on this late.
  3. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Simplest solution is to say aradune, believe they are in luclin now so as close to a classic feel as you can get for a beastlord. That being said so is rizlona, and that one likely has more longevity as time goes by due to aradunes boxing rules.

    If your less concerned with reliving the early days, Mangler is in PoR and still very much alive, most of the folks who didn't want to redo classic for the 15th time stayed, and gear catchup is easy at this phase as is xp. Alot of guilds powerlevel you right up.

    If you like to cast fero, you'll find a guild no problem. Chill Mode has room for Beastlords, (shameless plug). But If your after the classic feel, that's tough with a Beastlord to begin with, and Aradune or Riz will get you closest to it. Manglers definitely in the top heavy phase.
  4. Riddish Lorekeeper

    If you want a smaller community and have an end goal, you can try Agnarr. We're locked at PoP/LDoN/Ykesha and have a small but great community.
  5. Valanie Lorekeeper

    Might want to consider waiting for the next tlp. I think most people are guessing it will be before the end of the summer.
  6. Gnothappening Augur

    I say sub up to refamiliarize yourself with the game. Pick either rizlona or aradune doesn't matter as I say don't figure on either being your long term home. Should have a new server by the end the summer and that will let you pick one to play on for real.
  7. Tweakfour17 Augur

    If everyone is gonna leave Aradune for TLP 2021, then why would he decide to make TLP 2021 his real home since presumably TLP 2022 is where the people will go. Aradune is probably his best bet, especially for Beast, but if he makes friends there there is no reason to jump to the next one just to grind classic with everyone (especially since BST aren't in on classic)
  8. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Which is why I mentioned Mangler, by far the highest population of a server thats survived the cycle in a long time, still very active, just top heavy.
  9. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Yeah, pending the era OP is interested in Mangler is a viable option. If he wants early BST era then Aradune is probably his best bet, then if he makes friends and gets a guild who is sticking around he can stay there until it becomes unviable due to 2 box rules and then transfer to Rizlona. Or if he manages to not make any friends re-roll on TLP 2021 as either
    A) A Shaman if he prefers the adps / buff portion of Beast
    B) A Mage if he prefers the dps/pet class whose always dead on raids due to MOTM portion of Beast
    while waiting for Beastlords to unlock.
  10. NoMoreTLPs Journeyman

    Probably Aradune is the only viable TLP right now for a new player

    Be warned tho, TLPs were able to tap into my nostalgia for awhile... but they're quite the cesspool and don't accurately reflect what this game was back in 2000.

    Bot farmers are rampant, and youll run into AE powerlevelers a lot too that will wipe entire. zones (like Velks, Sebilis, etc), then pick to the next and repeat. Lots of blatant use of cheat programs, map hacks, warps and even software that plays the game for them. Enchanters are the absolute meta, if you arent an enchanter or dont have one in your group, you'll level 10x slower and wont be able to handle as high of content. They're a broken class that is basically a tool on TLPs to farm and powerlevel for Krono

    Epic spawns are camped religiously and sold for krono by people who have no jobs/social life. Same can be said for any rare drops. Golden Efreeti boots and things of that nature are quite literally camped 24/7 by botters and sold at overinflated prices for the first several months. Places like Hill Giants are heavily oversaturated with regular players and botters alike, and turns into a giant cesspool of DPS racing (ie; kill stealing), etc.. the games policy to avoid having to spend any resources on promoting healthy play/competition is that there are no Camps, and that everything is decided by DPS races (again giving enchanters with mem blur and overpowered pets the advantage)

    TLPs have become a place where mouth breathing neckbeards figured out how to make poverty level wages playing this game all day, every day. The nostalgia will wear off eventually, hopefully before you get duped into joining yet another new TLP, thinking that this one will be different, or suffer from some delusion like thinking you'll outrace/outplay the neckbeards, which is impossible if you have a job, family or any semblance of adult responsibilities
  11. Lejaun Augur

    You sound bitter.
  12. Thewiz Augur

    The smart move is to play on Rizlona.
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  13. NoMoreTLPs Journeyman

    bitter isn't the right word

    I poured years of my time, and thousands of my dollars into TLPs since Coirnav. I was finally freed from the shackles of nostalgia and am now able to see TLPs for what they truly are... an infected, puss oozing sore

    Just trying to do the Lord's work and prevent people from going down this dark rabbit hole like I did
  14. Lejaun Augur

    First I'd consider what your playing style is planned to be. Are you wanting to roll in with multiple accounts, or are you only playing one? It sounds like one, as you expressed interest in playing a beastlord. Aradune is designed for 1-2 accounts, Rizlona is designed for many accounts.

    Both still have lower level groups you can join. That number decreases quickly everyday, but they are still out there. Aradune will offer you more unique people, as more people will run just one or two accounts, while Rizlona will offer more characters but fewer individual players. Both servers are healthy enough at current time.

    When it comes to server transfers, Aradune will likely give you the ability transfer to Rizlona, but Rizlona will not be able to transfer to Aradune.

    As there is no TLP launch date yet, that implies it is months away at minimum. If you have the urge to play EQ now, its a great time to get in. Once Planes of Power hits, lower level groups will be harder to come by.
  15. Corydon Augur

    Agnarr is the best place to be in case you do not want to play any further than the LDoN expansion and stay level 65 forever once you reached that.
  16. Montag Augur

    Agnarr if you want a friendly server that actually helps people and has active guilds looking to help new players catch up. All the other TLP are basically impossible to catch up on.
  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Fake news.

    Started on Ragefire just before Kunark unlocked, was max level in 2 weeks, thanks to guildies.
    I started on Phinigel only once GoD unlocked, 2 boxed my way to 65 90% under my own steam in like 4 weeks just playing evenings & weekends,

    Prior to CoTF & Heroic Characters there is certainly a period when catching up is pretty hard without help but join a guild & most will help you level up if you are patient, I'd say between DoDH & PoR is probably a tough time to start on a TLP without help as a large chunk of players have moved onto the next TLP by then and there are no Mercs yet..
  18. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I'd agree with that. TSS brings OOC regen and live xp rates, plus a new race and tons of better lowbie gear both in the expansion and with the start of Defiant as a global drop. Then SoD isn't far off which brings mercs that will rocket you up to groupable level easyily.
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  19. Lejaun Augur

    I've always considered it a shame TLP's miss out on letting players have access to lower level zones like the Warrens or what TSS offers.
  20. TLP Addict Augur

    TSS is a fantastic "catch up" expac, it's about as close to hold your hand, follow the quest path and get nice gear as you go to WoW as you'll probably ever get, but without being quite as much of a railroad.
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