Which class is the most powerful currently.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by iamgreatness, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Bamboompow Augur

    The guild is built around wizards. ADPS for melee is probably a concern but not a top concern.
  2. Critts Augur

    There was a ranger with the first two Zerkers. Ranger showed up 8 th on parse.
  3. Critts Augur

    That is what I said in the first place and that's why you don't see good Zerkers on every corner. Problem is wizards can not reach that kind of DPS without let's say at least two enchanters and who the hell is going to set up a raid like that, no one that wants to win. 600k is actually pretty unattainable at this point. Pre manaburn nurf wizards could hit 980k. At least that was as high as I saw.
  4. Ybidzian New Member

    Well all this is rubbish if you look at what it takes to win a raid. No one but warriors tank end boss mobs. they are clearly the most powerful at that task. No one heals better than a cleric. They are clearly the most powerful at that. Check some heal parses sometime. A good necro will burn a wizard into the ground in a long fight, a good wizard should win a dps caster parse in a short one. Zerks are great, but always in need of assistance of the auras of others, plus they die a fair bit. Every class is insanely powerful in different situations. A group (raid or grp content) that has a bard will be much better off than one without. 5 mages and a shaman can wipe grp stuff like no one else (yes Magicalbeast I mean you). A ranger with HS in a grp is a godsend, and SK swarming blues in a grp can level everyone in record time, try a paladin against undeads, a monk for reliable splits, and a rogue that has a backstab opportunity, and everyone's a winner. BL pets, mage pets, even necro pets can tank for a grp. If you want crowd control and runes get a chanter, if you want all round heal, damage shield, moderate dps and ports get a druid, and never forget that a decent shaman can slow time, buff you and also heal if they are ggood enough. Plus they can cure anything. "Most powerful" is situational. EVERY class can be "most powerful" at something.
  5. menleniel New Member

    What happened to the OP? Don't equate power with fun. Find a class you have fun with regardless of dps.
  6. Ravengloome Augur

    Ybidizan some of your post was true at one point, but there seems to be a slight disconnect with the modern game. Though I agree with the sentiment behind the post.
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