Which class is the most powerful currently.

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  1. Apoc Augur

    Sorry I havnt replied sooner but it was a large nerf to wizzies being competitive at the top end game. I'd say around 25% if not more of our short burst dps which was already very competitive at the top between the pure dps classes. How this fits into the long term dps I'll have to see a few more weeks and figure out that as the change just happened days ago.
  2. KaoK Lorekeeper

    This year's Mana Burn nerf sounds vaguely like the equivalent of the OP Enchanter Haze tactics of last year that were nerfed (which made almost no difference although the tears of the melee classes rallying for it were enjoyable).

    A well played Enchanter will almost always win the 'best' contest at least at the group level as mentioned. However, most of them aren't well played which is what people often fail to consider. And despite their [both player and dev] best efforts to repeatedly nerf Enchanters into oblivion it usually leads to a few weeks of crying and then no difference at all provided you can make a few minor playstyle adjustments.

    These posts would probably be more helpful if they focused on who needed the most help and how to improve them. Unfortunately, it's generally the typical 'who to nerf this month' witch hunt.
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  3. Sindaiann Augur

    Couldn't agree more
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  4. CakedUpMagi New Member

    Raid wise? Wizards and Zerkers for Damage, Paladins for tanking, and then Enchanters..Just cause, Enchanters are OP.

    Oh, and they don't get a lot of shout out, but Rangers..A good Ranger is very OP at the current moment.

    Group wise, I don't think that's changed much.
  5. Ravengloome Augur

  6. Bamboompow Augur

    Google the top raiding guilds currently in the game and look at their rosters and what it is that they want to recruit. It should be fairly telling as to what classes are needing help, which are in the Goldielocks zone and which are probably OP.

    This roster speaks volumes:


    Closed recruitment too. Mean the classes they have only 1 of...well, if they had zero of them that's probably A-Ok.
  7. lancelove Augur

    Ummmm, it says they are not recruiting atm.....
  8. Critts Augur

    If your looking for an all in one toon it would be ranger or Beastlord. Best parsers are Zerkers by far mostly due to having more ADPS options and no limit on AE targets.
  9. Bamboompow Augur

    Yah. means the classes they have 1 of they could probably get by with not having any of at all and be just fine. It would free up more slots for classes they probably can't get enough of. Its a perfect Min/Max analog based upon whats strong and what isn't. It might not even be that those classes that there are just token representation are not wanted. It might be that there just isn't that many even being played as mains, because the classes have issues atm.
  10. RPoo Augur

    I'll just say that the MS roster is very fluid.
  11. EnchFWO Augur

    So, between 50 and 53 Enchanters per night? :D
  12. CakedUpMagi New Member

    Google the top raiding guilds and you'll see various different things, just because they are recruiting class X, doesn't mean it's OP, they may have had someone retire, or someone who sucks and had to replace, there are a ton of reasons why a top tier guild would be recruiting and it almost has nothing to do with attracting the flavor of the month.

    RoI,MS, and Triton all have various different classes they are looking for, does that mean all the classes they are looking for are OP?..Probably not.
  13. Geri_Petrovna Augur

    so, 10 wizards, and seeking more, vs 1 monk(Hi, Sikanle), and not wanting more. 1 rogue, not seeking more, 1 Ranger... not seeking more.
  14. Critts Augur

    MS is always willing to take any class I repeat ANY class on the terms that the player is as good or better then the top of the class. This is called the exseptional player clause it's based on the players skills or ability to learn.
  15. Geri_Petrovna Augur

    To be fair, your players are pretty damn good. It's inordinately hard to be better than them :D
  16. shadowgod Augur

    Berserker if you have out of group bst RFing and DFing you, Ranger, Bard, Shaman.

    If you require only a little support ? Wizard.
  17. Ravengloome Augur

    They have Renaii what are the other ones for?
  18. EnchFWO Augur

    Fair point.
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  19. Iila Augur

    psh, no problem.
  20. kizant Augur

    This is partially because wizards tend to be drama free and highly focused individuals who are a joy to raid with.