Which class is the most powerful currently.

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  1. Blurred_Memories Augur

    not true... we got our single target root punt recast time extended by 2 seconds.

    your turn!
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  2. Etkillah New Member

    Round and round the nerf bat goes, where it stops nobody knows but we all get a turn, many many turns.
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  3. RPoo Augur

    okay Negan, eenie meenie miney moe
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  4. Darkark Augur

    +1 for Xena, -1 for retinal scaring. Dat sig o_O
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  5. Iila Augur

    Wheel of nerfs, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the class that will lose their burn.

  6. Etkillah New Member

    Now we just need a dartboard one. Something about devs, class pictures, thousands of holes, and lots of darts.
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  7. Reval Augur

    This is sort of an area that doesn't fall under consideration, but the pulling tools rogues have are clunky.
    If you make pulling take time, then it affects the group greatly and people don't put an appropriate value on that. I haven't seen many zones where a monk pulls, but at this point I think a valid case could be for the best puller pecking order in regard to speed to be: enchanter, bard, ranger, monk, rogue, and then potentially necro/sk, and then beastlord (strictly fd based pulling is the slowest kind of pulling - at that point better to just be able to tank multiples).

    I played a lot on Zek, and on Zek, the things rogues have that count as utility are just unbelievably good. Right now their SoS makes everyone lose their target generally (and it can be mitigated but it takes knowledge and a bit of constant effort), run 6 as well as their run speed discs are really nice in pvp, their stuns land in pvp which is amazing considering their dps output in pvp is high enough to one round people sometimes, even their evac could be pretty useful at times. I would go as far as to say that rogue utilities were more designed to win at pvp than at pve.

    But with that said, I feel that if you are in a group that is using a rogue to pull, while it is a lot better than no puller, you should be looking for an enchanter, bard, ranger, or monk. There are some instances like the 6 spawns in crypt where a rogue may be better than a ranger, for sure. It's always situational, but in general, the time spent pulling matters a lot, and I think is a huge detriment to rogues being considered as pullers.
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  8. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    I always imagined the nerf selection process to look something like this:

  9. Cuonzo Journeyman

    What was the nerf to necros that hurt so bad? I've been gone 2 years,been playing a little past 2 weeks and everything seems the same.
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  10. menown Augur

    I'm surprised that you are not calling foul at the new enchanter's DD/DoT. It has a 20k base higher DD than your ethereals, outside of non-focusable dichotomic.

    Drown Rk. III (Enchanter 103)
    Slot 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 49586
    Slot 4: Decrease Current Hit Points by 11276 per tick

    As a necro, I am fine with enchanters getting these boosts. They are currently balanced around the fact that only 1 enchanter in raids can use them at a time. Also, enchanters will soon realize how awful DoTs are in groups. The mana sink and lost potential DPS prevents them from really benefiting from these new spells. They will be situational, of course, which I think was the intent.

    As of the February patch, you can only use 1 swarm pet spell at a time; you can no longer use Flesh to Poison to quickly proc your Gift of Deathly Resolve (twincast AA); and you no longer benefit from any of the 500 counters from wizard's manaburn recourse. Also, in a Fall patch, you now have a 10% chance of failure when using your fade and can no longer fade red con targets.
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  11. RPoo Augur

    Drown Rk. III (Enchanter 103)
    Slot 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 49586

    Looks nice but it doesn't crit, can't get it to hit for much more than 100k even with wrist focus so comparing it to ethereals is apples to oranges
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  12. KaoK Lorekeeper

    People don't understand Enchanters, you have to forgive them. :cool:

    But yeah... the initial 'DD' component of DOTs has never been crit-able. Saying they are 'balanced' because only one Enchanter can use them at a time is a bit ridiculous though.
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  13. menown Augur

    Oh, I know fully well that the DD portion cannot crit. But I was responding to what Beimeith said about wizards always having the highest base DD. This seems to disagree with his statement.

    And, it is quite possible that Enchanters will be able to stack these with multiple enchanters in a group/raid in the future. Let's see how that pans out because there has been no response to it on the test discussion yet.
  14. KaoK Lorekeeper

    I think it's pretty obvious that he was talking about highest base nukes that can actually crit (etc.) in any sense of the idea that the normal EQ player would think of it. If you're trying to discount him on semantics then sure - you win. But yes, Enchanters have a flat initial 50k DD associated with a poor quality DOT that no one is going to use even with the boost.

    This seems more like an issue you or others may have with Beim and less to do with actual Enchanter DOTs aside from the fact they are broken and can't stack.

    Edit: I suck at sentences today.
  15. menown Augur

    I actually think, Kaok, that his point was clearly made here, after arguing with a necro that Necros have always had the highest base DoTs, but thinks we should no longer have them after the upcoming DoT changes to necros.

    So, you still want to be Beimeith's spokesperson?

    Like you said, he should not be offended in anyway because the DD portion of this spell is not able to crit. But this does open the door to other classes receiving higher base DDs than wizards in the future. Even if they are not focusable or crittable!
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  16. KaoK Lorekeeper

    Trust me, I never have been, nor will ever be his spokesperson or supporter. :)

    I think using the Enchanter DOT (which no one will still use) was a poor example for the point and without a double quote about the necro reference it lost it's value IMO. Maybe that was just my misunderstanding of your post, so apologies there.

    So, I think ultimately it would have to be amended to 1) highest base damage, and 2) highest base damage which can crit/mod/blah blah. So, Wizards may be surpassed by #1 but not #2. Trust me, I don't want to get in the middle of a Necro vs Wiz DPS war.

    I will say if it's intended that multiple Enchanters can't stack the same DOT (as is now currently Live) this doesn't bode well for, let's say, Necros... :confused:
  17. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    I'm not. Have you seen me post anywhere that I think it's a problem?

    I do however think that whomever calculated the increases might have made a mathematical error on the "Strangle" line of spells. The scaling on that line seems a lot higher than the others and I plan to mention it to them so they can double check it. If they do say it is intended though I won't have an issue with it.
  18. lancelove Augur

    all i know is my chanter box is drawing aggro now from dots so it must have been an increase for group enchanters dps eh?
  19. Siddar Augur

    LoL at enchanter mobs in plane of health casting 27k DoT that removes clarity then charming you.

    You will fear the necro NPCs when they get this upgrade,
  20. Venau Augur

    The real and honest answer is a well played wizzy is virtually unstoppable in group play. Can pretty much take out any named. In the raid game in most cases the same is true. A well played wizzy will out burst and sustain any other class.