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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Ghosted, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Ghosted New Member

    So I’m a returning player but what I remember of the game you could fit in a thimble lol. I just remember standing in PoK casting Wun-Shi for tips! Guess my question is where should I start and would any other noobies be willing to group up? I hate playing games like this alone and figure Itd be fun to meet new people.

    If not, any older players got some tips for returning player?
  2. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate


    A lot depends on what you want to do in the game

    You can create a free character or two or three lol and go thru the 2 tutorials - the first one is where you start in the game and will teach you about combat, armor, how to communicate etc. Its not a long tutorial and you can leave and come back as often as you want up to about level 14.

    The second tutorial is in the main land of the game called Plane of Knowledge and is given out at any level by Secalna Galnor. This one is nice to hit later one since it goes over housing, bazaar and some other stuff like that is not as important as the first tutorial. Well maybe the one for the guild is good to do.

    Now that would work on any Live server. To be honest most of the live servers don't have many lower levels players but on the other hand you level super fast in the game now so your not low level long. And there are guilds that will welcome new players.

    If you want to pay a subscription right off the bat then you could start with others at the same level or close to it on one of the TLP. I don't believe there is a tutorial on those servers but there will be many more players closer to your level. 2 New TLP just started up so you could join either one of those and still catch up easy.

    I would do the free one first to see if you like the way the game is and then move over to one of the TLP servers

    As for tips - this game is huge and there is way to much to cover in a small forum. Learn to Google or whatever browser you use and just put EQ after what you type in so you get stuff about Everquest. There are guides all over the place and websites for tradeskills, leveling tips on and on and on

    Most of all have fun
  3. Tucoh Augur

    Recommend rolling on one of the new tlp servers and joining a large, casual guild.
  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    My answer - depends how often you want to play.

    If you are a few hours a week player:
    Then the TLP probably aren't going the be the best option, join one at the start you'll certainly find groups but if you can't keep pace with 1-3 monthly expansion unlocks you will rapidly fall behind - so if you play only a few hours a week stick to a live server and join a guild, you can solo/molo up to 65/75 depending on class fairly easily, if you are a strong solo class then you can go much higher.

    Finding other low level players on a Live Server is probably not going to happen, but once you are 85+ you can get xp in a group of 115's and most guilds have helpful people who will be happy to have you join them, or their boxes/alts they are levelling - the current era zones I would avoid as the aes etc will be too harsh without sufficient levels & gear and you'll mostly be dead.

    If you are a few hours a day player:
    Then the TLP probably are perfect, so long as you join them when or soon after they open or have friends there who are able to help or you can find a good guild who help you catch up if you missed the first wave of levelling - you could opt to catch the next TLP that comes along next year but that's a long wait if you want to play now.

    Mischief & Thornblade are new but most players are already 50 or close to it, you might still find some lower players in the 30's & 40's there but you would need to start there from scratch as you cannot transfer TO a newTLP.
  5. Skadad Journeyman

    lots of leveling still in crushbone/unrest on mischief at least so definately not too late! As soon as kunark comes in a week or so tons of iksars will be rolled ( lots plvled ofc but still ).

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