Where to go after Dragonscale hills farm?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Hinastorm, May 1, 2013.

  1. Hinastorm New Member

    So i've been at the farm for forever now, something like 67-82, currently 82, plus alot of aa.
    Being a ranger, I bunch up 7-8 at a time and AE them down with the arrow line, works great.

    I'm worried this spot will turn green soon, so i'm looking for the next spot to move on to afterwards.

    Preferably lightblues, that hit low..just like the mobs at the farm.

    For those that are thinking I should probably be headshotting...this level range has no good spots for HS, that I can find in any guide or online anyway.

    Any help appreciated =)
  2. Yther Augur

    Loping Plains is usually my next stop, but I usually go there earlier than 80s, and leave by 80, but look for Dark Blue or higher cons most of the time. They're a bit higher but not too much. 76-80 in LP, versus 65-70 in DsH.

    There are alot of other places that may work too. Field of Scale has easy con mobs that aren't too bad, but you may want to wait a few more levels until they become light blue cons. I forget what level Beza and Zeka off of Fortress Mechanicus (sp?) is, but was great exp at 80, and seems like some Rangers were soloing it in the low 80s, or maybe molo-ing it.

    Yther Ore.
  3. Russak New Member

  4. Borek-VS Augur

    If you are 81+ with max headshot, you should be able to do every rangers favorite DoD missions.

    Otherwise, sticking with light blues, you should consider Field of Scale/Toskirakk weak mobs, Loping Plains (the most obvious option), Katta, probably others. Have you also looked at minotaurs, brownies, etc in Dragonscale Hills.

    I would normally suggest MG/Beza/Zeka, but they will be almost 100% dark blue to you, and hit a little harder than the farm.

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