Where now at 75?

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  1. Treage_Imminent Elder

    I've scoured the web and haven't found a honey hole like I had from 63-75 in Splitpaw over the last 3 toons. Every place I've tried has upped the damage output of the mobs so much that it makes more sense to stay where I am and keep killing the steady stream of light blues and about to be greens. The gems are nice too.

    I'm ready for new surroundings. Anyone know a good zone to bring my mage/pally/druid that won't be such a large change in mob DPS as to make it a no go? I tried Direwind Cliffs and I went back to Paw pretty quick since the exp was much slower in comparison. I've only been using mercs for buffs and soloing for my exp. I do use the mage to up the DPS of the other 2 after the 50% mark though (lazy boxing at best). I have good gear for my level, it's just the trucks I want to avoid. Any advise?
  2. moogs Augur

    75 is awesome because there are 20+ zones to choose from for great XP. That's if you don't mind being punched in the face, though. (Direwind is one of those nice zones.)

    For your case, try going an expansion or two back to the level 70 capped zones (The Nest, Thundercrest Isle, Arcstone, Relic, The Hive, RSS, Ruined City of Dranik...). Take your pick and roll with it.

    Or start doing Gribbles until your eyeballs fall out. Whatever you want.
  3. Enigma Maitreya Augur

    Lopping plains have several level 78 spawn areas with scroll and very good vendor fodder.

    There are some spawn areas that will be even to yellow for 75's.

    I just do the restless alligators (all are level 78) and spaced such that except for the lower level bears and frogs do not help each other. The Bears and Frogs can be easily avoided by standing such that the gator is between you and the path they follow.
  4. karmalious Lorekeeper

    Basically, you want to shoot for something in Secrets of Fadwer expansion, because after that Seeds of Destruction expansion has massively overpowered mobs.

    As Enigma kindly points out: Loping plains is a great example. @ Level 75 you can hit up parts of DeadScale Hills, once all the camps in there start to go blue you can head over to Loping Plains, Then once Loping Plains starts to turn blue at around level 81 you can go to the next zone on the list called???
    Hills of Shade? I forget, but its attached to Loping Plains.

    To check zone levels, or to check expansions; USE the Allakhazam website.
    Then Goto the DATABASE tab at the top, then ZONES , then BY LEVEL
    (Choosing to sort by level also will sort it by expansion)

    Good Luck!
  5. Treage_Imminent Elder

    Thanks all! I appreciate all the new places to go and check out.
  6. catcattank Elder

    you can get freaky in Jewel of Atiiki