Where Is The Power Sources For Dummy’s Post?

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    Looking at a power source, it looks to drop stats a little. That seems bad to me. I need them explained please. Recently returned to game so yes, I’m totally clueless on them.

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    ----STAT tradeoff----

    Let's put the stat drops into context. Think back to your character creation screen. You have 115 stat points. 100 are set and you have 15 points to distribute. If you put all 15 in INT, you have lower STR. One way of looking at this is +15 int, but if you look at your stats as neutral, putting all 15 in INT is more like -7 STR for +7 int. Following me?

    So effectively those negatives on the power sources are redistributing stats.

    Take a look at the cliff stone, the best tank PS in ROS.
    This raises AC by 70, HP by 1000 and agi/sta/dex by 4, but lower INT and WIS and has no skill modifiers. This is great news for tanks and some melee DPS, but terrible news for casters and priests.

    Now lets look at the Scorpikis Worry Stone, the best priest PS in RoS
    This one raises HP by only 375, wis/agi by 4 and heal amount by 18. Meanwhile, int by -3 and spell damage by -10. This is great news for CLR/SHM/DRU but terrible news for INT casters.

    And the Magma stone, the best caster PS in ROS.
    Also 375 HP, INt 6, AGI 4 and SP DMG by 18, but wis -3 and heal -10. This is great news for INT casters but terrible news for Priests.

    All of these Powersources are a net gain, but they give so much HP (as in the example of the cliff stone) so they balance that with negatives.

    The nice part about the way powersources work is they allow you, the player, options. As an ENC, I use the magma stone for most events, but on CC heavy events where I am going to be more likely to take a bunch of hits and doing a lot less nuking, I do use a cliff stone. The scorpikis worry stone is best for my cleric, but a druid willing to sacrifice a little wisdom could use a magma stone for DPS in some situations.

    ----Power drain----
    Power sources have a limited life. They give you 100% return until they hit 0% power, and then they are trash. The draw on them comes from combat time. I keep an old dead powersource from TDS expansion (because of the different graphic) in my powersource slot during groups and raid trash clears. Then I switch in my good powersources for raid events and difficult named encounters. This greatly prolongs the life of my powersources. In short, I treat my powersources like personal tribute.

    Powersources only affect items with purity. Most of your purity is going to come from augments. They go into your visible armor slots, so your BP yes but your rings no.

    The powersource affects everything with purity, so the cliffstone at 1000HP is not 1000HP. It's 1000HP x purity % x number of slots. So a 1k powersource with purity in many slots may give 10k HP total. The cliffstone itself is actually 0HP. You will see the green and red benefits on the items with purity while your powersource is active. Purity works as a percentage return on your powersource on those items. So if you have 0 purity then you would be wasting your powersource.

    Also purity augs need perfected distillers, so dont waste the good ones. If, say for example, you have a T1 group armor item and plan to get a T3 group item soon, it is better to put the common 25 purity aug in the T1 item and save the rarer 35 purity aug for the T3 item. Do this depending on how long you expect to wear the item rather than the quality of the item. It's better to have a 35 purity aug in the T3group item you are going to wear for 8 months than waiting for the T2 raid item you may never get.

    ----Obtaining Powersources----
    This part can be a pain. The cliffstone is a great PS but it's very rare. It drops from basically any named, or at least T2 named, in RoS. It can take a lot of camping to get one. I have one, and only 1, from using mercs when no tanks were available to come get it. I always differ the cliff stones to tanks. This is why spreading the life of them is so important.

    Other PS are crafted, but they are still rare. The nice thing about crafted augs is they are tradable, while the non-crafted augs have to be camped.
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    I have never made them but am assuming its Pottery, you might try trade sklling in the Reach, the kind Drakkin, up every trade skill easily, not everyone new knows this. Its in the form of quests.
    /end useful post.

    Low level fun factor 1-60:
    If I get a low level I really love one day, I'm going to freeze and maxs them all, Tradeskills. Do the intricate cultural armor at that level, all of it when its not too late to be an accomplishment. I look forward to it. It will likely be ''another'' a ranger ''tracking is a god skill in eq'' or monk.

    Rangers are the most gifted versatile and self contained orderly classes without bunk. I want to say rogue or SK even shaman but they don't quite make it ''they make it later'' who cares in this context? Its about getting it done as soon as you can before you should ''thats the rpg challenge'' it means little otherwise.

    There is a temptation to go with the monk for lack of scribbling spells but there damage ability at lower levels is misleading, its fun however to max there skills. Like rpg stat grinding and the females get pretty ''unique'' armor with the class look ''iconic eq monk''.

    BST and the Horrible swamp fire tree warder:
    Bst ''awesome'' and shaman ''great'' really are the overall best, the disadvantages fun wise not end game raid wise are thus:

    Bst ''woodelf tree is number one bst sin'', All Hail the tree master! ''Not Dar thats for sure...also small warder, pet dependent not enough synergy between pet and trainer as ''master'' implies...otherwise a bastardized shaman that is weaker and dependent.

    I wanted to play a male wood elf bst ''now for something completely different'' but the tree sucked so bad it hurt the mind, its not a beast but a damn shrubbery, a bonzi tree gone to seed. ''At least give Audrey two if you want to make a joke of it'' Tree warder: Feed me elfy, feed me all night long, so I grow up big and strong.

    Dont get me wrong the lore that Goddess did it, is charming..but it would take a divine happening for that to be a warder, ''Tunere '' had to, in other words''...turns the law of identity on its head, and reverses reality even in a fictional context given, to call that a beast. We are talking Waxworks 2, Star trek Q levels of reality warping. Its a damned ''blightfire Trent'' I don't care what anyone says.

    No wonder they have to start at reach, the other wood elves are laughing at them so hard they'd be ashamed. The newbe armor quest giver would not be able to keep a straight face at the little tree. They would think them a mad little druid.
    Shaman are not silly totamatcs like in WOW they are cool nature wizards that can fight, primals, like they call bst. I cheated myself thinking ew shaman till recently ''Because wow''. Shaman disadvantages: cast time ''bracers of the sky on vie ''Hint''. and non scaling slam.
    DK disadvantages though awesome: No kick, literally which should light up early levels when no bash but be limited to 5 points of damage, same for rouge, though again awesome, poison making."Anymore than tome limited kick would negate level 50 epics value and it has little ''two handed bash'' there later epics have the long standing value.
    Kick gen skill:
    I would not bother with ranger ''eccentricity'' enough if they could not kick, because it would imply like of hybridism as was intended gameplay.Besides I view that skill as a given, ''anyone can kick though all kicks are not effective as such'' should be scaled or not like slam but not ''disarm'' that's specific to pure melee ''or should be'' (but its not).
    Argument of usefulness:
    I could care less if its useful or not past a point like the demanding girl in willy wonka would say ''I just want it there because it is and was''. Besides though, it should be useful if only for a week of gameplay in expansion specific content for which it was intended. Reason:fun, its game.
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    Another question, I'm hearing that some of them provide stats even if they are completely drained. So which ones provide stats? Is it the TDS ones and up? Thanks
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    All of the powersources work that way.
    Once a powersource is drained it stops giving bonuses to items with purity, but it still gives base-stats in the powersource-slot.

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