Where is our necro DoT revamp????

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Hadesborne, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. draxx101 New Member

    haven't had time to follow this lately, guess will play around with it this weekend on test

    probably they dont have the time or the resources to do this with a scalpel so we will get the hammer the square peg into the round hole method

    I was thinking of a system where each individual necro gets a debuff slot for long, short and swifts maybe that can just add counters to like the curse cure counters on boss dots

    each current expansion spell would add 4 counters to your debuff, previous expansion 3 counters, etc

    when you hit 10 counters in like either fire poison magic curse disease etc it procs additional damage or debuffs or perhaps boosts the damage done by a separate corresponding nuke

    the counters would degrade based on the time from the first casted dot so you would have limited time to stack certain resist counters

    would still have some spell swapping and lots of decisons about which resists to use on particular bosses, as of right now its mostly fire and magic with disease practically unusable
  2. Whulfgar Augur

  3. Fohpo Augur

    Have to not die during an event first.
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  4. Moege Augur

    In line with the topic
    "Where is our necro DoT nerf??"

    I give it 4 months.
  5. seber Augur

    why is wiz get 20 mil DD that ok but Dot class get 300k tick way Op call nef ???
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  6. Sokki Augur

    I have a feeling Necro DoT's will be doing a lot more than 300k ticks. Even Shaman DoT's hit for more than that and ours have been severely nerfed already.
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  7. Thraine Augur

    my ranger dot does more than 300k a tick hehe
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  8. Duder Augur

    Start by casting a DoT higher than lvl 95. Necros only getting 300k ticks, lol
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  9. seber Augur

    why how do you think neco get from 115 lev 6k dot ?
  10. Pawtato Augur

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  11. kizant Augur

    Wizards don't come anywhere close to 20m and I see plenty of necro DoTs are averaging over 300k per tick. Those two most recent proliferation spells especially average more per tick than any of my DDs.
  12. Evurkvest Elder

  13. Cragzop Augur

    Where is this 20M dd you speak of?

    Seriously, I want that!
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  14. RPoo Augur

    maybe by wiz he meant druid and by dd he meant dot.
  15. koook Elder

    I'd like to play with lower level swarm spells again, without the timer cooldown, was a lot more fun. :] Kinda like playing the old diablo
  16. Sokki Augur

    Right, I don't think even Mana Burn comes close to that kind of damage lol
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  17. Celephane Augur

    Don't ever get spun up by anything Seber says...I'm honestly not even sure how you can understand what he types, ever...but I do see why you changed guilds Seber
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  18. Evurkvest Elder

    I fail to see what the purpose of the revamp is. The number of used dots and debuff slots will not change much. Dot switching will still be a thing. The complexity of keeping up dots will probably increase because of mana issues, you will have to track all dots not to waste mana. Im not sure about the group game but in terms of dps i doubt much will change.

    Can we get some dev insight what the vision behind this revamp is?

    As far as im concerned necros were just fine. Wounds line could have been consolidated i guess. And if you really didnt want us to cast old spells that could have been fixed by boosting lesser dots and/or unlocking swifts on raid targets.
  19. Szilent Augur

    both those things were done. they're part of this update. didja read it?
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  20. seber Augur

    don't see why fast dot damg cut in 1/2 ?

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