Where is our necro DoT revamp????

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Hadesborne, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. Allayna Augur

    Would be if the dot cost 40K mana per cast, short duration....
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  2. Angahran Augur

    It'll be arriving shortly after ship to ship combat.
  3. Drogba Augur

    Our dots aren't worth casting from a DPS standpoint versus our taps, even with enchanced decay. So no, our dots need work. Pretty much a pointless line of spells atm.

    DRU/SHM dots on the other hand were very much worth casting before they were given the swiftdot treatment.
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  4. GoneFission Augur

    DoT revamps will be added on a single-character basis, it will be a rare item from a rare research quest in Overseer. Usable for 10 minutes, once per 12 hours.
  5. Cragzop Augur

    Obviously, Drogba is who the developers listen to ...

    - Shadowknight - Your Damage over Time spells at or above level 71 have been adjusted so that they no longer stack with themselves, but now do more damage and cost more mana.
    - - Shadowknight - The Bond of Inruku line starting at level 66 has been modified to use resource taps rather than a separate recourse spell to return health to you. Lower level spells were not changed.

    Do you take credit cards to mention other things you think are under powered?
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  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    So. Much. This.

    Allayna gets it.
  7. Ravanta Suffer Augur

  8. Forcallen Augur

    I don't know when that is from but it looks recent with how its phrased.

    One can only hope he handles necromancers differently than what he has done for everyone else. We are a dps class and dots are not supplemental to our dps. If he ignores Enhanced Decay or gives us massive mana increases, for simply reducing what was 3 casts down to 1, its going to be a $h!T show.

    I envision us ending up eventually about where were are now but with 300-400% increase in mana expenditure.
  9. dreamweaver Community Manager

    It's from today, a few hours ago.
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  10. Allayna Augur

    SKs got a revamp before their parent class, lol. Can’t wait to play on test and see how broken the aggro/dps of an SK is with the revamp.
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  11. Derd Augur

    How would one go about doing necro's differently? The only way to revamp them is to first make lines not stack, then increase dmg and of course the mana cost of each spell so its close to as much dps as 2 or 3 older spells stacked. I thought that was why Necro's fought getting dots changed , since its going to make it so you can only cast say 10 to 12 spells that stack on to the mobs. I mean they cant up the dmg and mana and allow them to stack, and honestly that isn't really a revamp but a case of making you way overpowered. This also doesn't address raid debuff slot problems, either.
  12. Forcallen Augur

    Dzarn gave us the cleanest revamp we were ever going to get. I would love to reduce the total number of casts and debuffs more but I just do not see it happening properly. We are going to end up out of line one way or another either bursting for insane amounts with nutso sustained or swapping roles with everyone else and bursting well but then puttering out due to mana. I do not see this playing out well at all now.

    There have been a few threads debating this over the years that I am not digging up now but basically you give necros zero bonus damage and only consolidate what they currently use. You then take a little off the top damage wise to offset the faster ramp up. Which single target isn't all that big a difference like it can be with multiples.

    So if necromancers currently use 4 versions of a dot you make the new one not stack and do say 3 versions worth of damage for the same 3 versions mana cost. You don't add bonus damage and jack up the mana costs. If necromancers use 3 versions of the next dot line you make the new version not stack and only do 2 versions damage for their same mana cost. For the next dot line necromancers might only use 2 versions so you make the new dot not stack and it do 1.5 versions damage for 1.5 versions mana cost. Repeat with the later lines only further down the line you likely don't change the latest version of the dot at all damage or mana wise just make it so it won't stack with older versions.. So you go from say 17 casts and debuffs down to something like 10 but those 10 casts are doing the damage of 14 older dots at the same mana cost that those 14 dots had. Less debuffs, less casts with a slight reduction in sustained to offset the faster ramp up.
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  13. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    And the end result is the casual player loves it, but the serious player hates it.

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  14. Ibudin Augur

    Leave us alone - group game has improved as necro, and we can hold our own on raids. Yea yea we get some dot bounces here and there, and we hog up all the debuff slots when there is 4 necros on raids, but really - who cares? Most of TOV events, there are multiple mobs you can be blasting dots on so debuff slots become less of an issue imo. As I said in the past on these threads after watching what happened with Shamans (I play one of those too) and druids with dot revamps - no thank you.
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  15. seber Augur

    This maybe fun see get 40+ page
  16. Scornfire Augur

    The only thing they ever needed to resolve was the amount of things eating up Debuff slots, and all the revamps have done is encourage more and more classes to DoT. Dzarn did his best to reduce the number of AAs eating debuff slots recently only to have Aristo shortly thereafter, for no real reason, boost Bard DoTs an absurd degree for the first time in their history and completely undo his work and then some. Now we've got SKs wanting to DoT after this next patch and ultimately, almost certainly, will not end up with a significant reduction in the actual number of effective Necro DoTs unless he tackles us differently than everyone else due to the sheer variety of lines.

    Here's our relevant Lines;

    30s Fire
    54s Fire
    1m24s Fire
    30s Mana Drain
    30s Magic
    1m36s Wounds
    42s Undead
    42s Poison1
    42s Poison2
    1m24s Disease
    1m Disease
    54s Corruption
    42s Lifetap
    42s Group Lifetap

    I won't add snare. So, if a traditional revamp, that's still 15 DoTs + Wounds proliferation for 16 slots vs my current 16+5 for 21 total (not counting scents/cascade etc). That would literally be a wash 1 for 1 if your raid team is even on it's Necro/SK Ratio due to +5 from SKs, Such progress, much wow. Still spell swapping 100% for sure, doing way more dmg as a class that can already top/finish top 5 on every event, and solving nothing with regards to debuff cap.

    If an even further simplification (ugh) of the class is to occur per suggestions and he combines all the Resists;

    Mana Drain
    Undead* Maybe

    9-10+1 for a further -5/6, does this allow another Necro on a raid? Maybe, most likely it just means more druids/shamans/bards/rangers/sks get in on the action. Does this stop the long and storied history of spell swapping mid event that all of us signed up for when we rolled a Necro? I don't care, and anybody who did should have (imo) re-rolled to something more suitable to the playstyle they desire 2 decades ago instead of continually trying to homogenize every class in EQ and make them as bland and hand holdy as possible. 10 DoTs + Covenant/Blood Nuke/Sphere is a pretty solid set, but now we've massively neutered our flexibility, overly simplified the class to basically dictate to you what to use (SO FUN) and set things up beautifully for the (inevitable) resist Bane/Immune events in the future, RoS2.2 with 1 Fire DoT, that'd be lit.

    I foresee;

    A. Us getting nerfed (Substantially) less than a month later
    B. Worse debuff locking on single target phases/events than we ever saw in the past with the (extremely abundant) SKs also now insisting on (insta) DoTing, especially for Guilds that don't/can't police DoT use. There's also going to be the presumption of more slots being up for grabs after a Necro revamp for other classes to snag, which they will.
    C. Me playing my cleric (And DoTing on it)

    I'd give the whole DoT revamp saga a D-
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  17. Kaenneth Augur

    OR just don't cast every spell on every mob.

    I only use 2 dots on each group mob while grinding with my shaman, lets to dots last long enough to do full damage, keeping my mana up with a consistent killing speed.
  18. Forcallen Augur

    Really hope they reconsider.

    Handle TLP's how you want. Lower when Enhanced Decay is available or only revamp 70-1 dots for necromancers.

    Dzarn adds another rank of Enhanced Decay that removes another tic duration for more bonus damage. Getting it to the point that its all 30s dot upkeep + wounds + either a few longer dots or swarm pet/sphere/etc upkeep.

    The only dot line that needs a revamp is the wounds line. Cut the base duration from 96s to 42s before the doom dot occurs so its able to be used by all raiders. Stop that line from stacking with older versions and make the most current version equal to the previous 3 in damage and mana cost (including the doom aspect). Same with the older versions ie the 110 version being old 110+105+100 versions in mana and damage. With 100 and 95 versions just seeing a boost.
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  19. Forcallen Augur

    That really doesn't hold water when its our primary form of damage. And using a mix of new and old to maximize their gains is only going to widen the skill gap and performance. Those that mastered spell set swaps and understanding are still going to crush whats expected, its just even more complex now for those that don't understand or have the ability to constantly swap spell sets.
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  20. kizant Augur

    Since SKs and Necros are related classes they should make it so the Necro DoTs overwrite the SK DoTs. On raids that would make sure debuff slots aren't wasted while still giving SKs extra DPS while they solo all the group content.

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