Where is Everquest.exe?

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    Just got a new computer, running 64-bit Vista, so had to reinstall EQ. I own all of the current expansions, but since SoD was only released via DD, I planned to use my SoF discs to reinstall and then just download SoD. But low and behold, upon reaching request for 2nd disc, the installer would crash, every single time, regardless of what kind of compatability or administrator settings I used. So I come on EQplayers to download all of Everquest via digital download, but all I can find available is Station Launcher, which is completely riddled with problems. But even after downloading all of the Everquest files via Station Launcher, I can't run bare-bones Everquest, because I have no Everquest.exe file in my \Everquest folder, or anywhere on my computer.

    Where do I get Everquest.exe? I would copy it from my old computer, but that's going to be difficult without a monitor to see what I'm doing, and the SoF install discs don't seem to have the unpacked file on them. If I have to delete every eq file and re-download in order to separate myself from the Station Crasher, I will gladly do so, but I want my regular old Everquest back.

    ~Speedifeet/Anothersoldier (Xegony)
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    I don't know where you have been trying to install, but it is usually recommended that you installed EQ & the Station Launcher somewhere other than the \Program Files folder when using Vista.

    The download instructions for the everquest.zip (only contains everquest.exe) file are located here: http://help.station.sony.com/cgi-bi...amp;p_topview=1
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    Hidron's given link and instructions will certainly get you going. I'd like to reiterate what he mentioned - that you'll want to avoid placing the game in the Program Files folder for Vista 64. It'll save you a lot of hassle in the long run.
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    It's been some time since we've last heard from you - are you all set?
    You likely are, but we like to check in!

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