Where are Robe Ornaments?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by -Necromancer-, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. -Necromancer- New Member

    I have looked all over the web and nothing seems to show me where to find Robe Ornaments. In my case I am looking for Ebon Hero's Forge Cloth Robe. Are these even in the game now? I NEVER see any robes on the bazaar and I never seem to see anyone wearing them? So please let me know where these drop if they are in the game yet? TYVM!
  2. Endaar Lorekeeper

    Ebon at least is in the game, I had one drop in a City of Bronze instance. (The Traitor Revealed)

    I was disappointed to see it's just a black version of the standard beige robe. I hope some of the other ornaments are more varied and something more than a solid color.

  3. -Necromancer- New Member

    Yes they need to add armor/robe ornaments to the market like the weapon/shield stuff they have imo!
  4. Vouivre Augur

    Pretty sure all the colored HF armor does this. It is just a tinted copy of the original.
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  5. Cakvala Augur

    Yeah they will just be a different color with the base design the same.

    These i bet are time consuming to make we probably wont see any more for another 3+ months probably.
  6. Xnao Augur

    They were worth the wait.

    Now if only they set them so that iksar could wear the robe and hero's forge boots!
  7. Kaenneth Augur

    I got an Ebon robe in Sarith I think. Still in my inventory, don't have HF myself.
  8. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    ? They can't wear them? I know us monks are getting the shaft again as far as Robes go, but I thought had seen some Iksar with the new Robes or do you just mean the new drops?
  9. Mary Poppins Augur

    The robes make my high elf look tubby. I don't use it. Other races seem to fit better.
  10. Naugrin Augur

    I got a veridian robe ornament in (I think) Grelleth's the other day. Green tint.
  11. silku Augur

    I got an ebon cloth robe yesterday in the Grounds while farming bixies.
  12. Potawatomi Augur

    I'd like to at least get an update on when the raid ornaments are going to be in the game, if at all.
  13. Potawatomi Augur

    So we are getting new caster hats next week...anyone seen anything on raid robes?
  14. Sinzz Augur

    i really wish they would thin them out a little bit seems to make everyone look cumbersome .

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