Whens next tlp?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fepyy, May 6, 2018.

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  1. Fepyy Lorekeeper

    So daybreak, agnarr is pretty much wrapped up-
    Coirnav is petering off.

    the question is..

    whens the next normal XP TLP coming?
  2. Ebine Journeyman

    Where is your data that shows Agnarr is wrapped up and Coirnav is petering off?
    Both are at capacity right now.
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  3. Fepyy Lorekeeper

    well agnarr just released its final expansion (not counting the mini LDON) so its just a matter of weeks until the population drops.

    and I think we all know what happened to cornoff server..

    Daybreak knows it needs to sell more 40 slot bags and potions, you can bet another TLP is coming.. im just waiting for an announcement.
  4. Celatus Elder

    Coirnav is doing fine it will be another year before a tlp comes out. You would have failed classic if you think corinav is to hard...
  5. eqzekisdead Elder

    I hope it will be something new. After hearing about the state of daybreak and the massive layoffs I am not getting my hopes up.
  6. Raltar Augur

    EQ wasn't affected by the layoffs, at least.
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  7. Machentoo Augur

    Right, none of DBG's games were affected, according to DBG. SO I guess the people they laid off were all slackers who did nothing productive. Good thing they got rid of them!

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  8. Tounces7 New Member

    Agnarr will probably be strong for another 6 months before it peters off.

    Coirnav just too boring for most people imo. It's not unique anymore like it was, so now it's just a dumb idea.
  9. Lantherion Elder

    Phinny will see an increase with TSS, Agnarr will taper off in 3 to 6 months and Coirnav will die when the next TLP launches.
  10. taliefer Augur

    coirnav and agnarr are both full population, ragefire is high, phinny is low, at almost 2 am on a worknight.

    i just find that interesting, i really dont know what to expect long term, especially if they open another server for the 20th anniversary next year
  11. nagash101 Augur

    Agnarr isnt having any issues, still packed full, even in the older zones.
  12. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Agnarr is pretty much an experiement. Since it is the first server since Al`Kabor that will stop at a specific expansion and not progress to the most current. So we will actually get to see if the reason the TLP servers population drops is because people get bored or the expansions unlocked.
  13. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Agnarr won't be going anywhere anytime soon, and neither will Coirnav. We certainly don't have any plans to open up another TLP Server in the near future - Coirnav has only been up since March and won't even see its first unlock until next month!
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  14. Arrk Augur

    My Prediction...

    December.... right around the time Coirnav goes into Luclin. Agnarr will have had 6 months of PoP/LDON/LOY...

    They better bring it this time...

    If it doesn't hit then.... it will for the 20th.
  15. Tiggles-P99 Journeyman

    Wouldn't be too sure of that on Agnarr Roxxlyy.

    This Rathe Council bug preventing almost every guild on the server from experiencing Plane of Time is already causing people to call it quits early. Raiding guilds having to postpone progression or fight with each other in open world is a quick way to kill the population on a server when it's in its most sensitive time.

    This is not hyperbole or drama when the casual raiding guilds who make up the bulk of Agnarr realize that 3/4 elemental gods and zero plane of time is all they are seeing for a while they will begin dropping like flies. Agnarr was built from the ground up as a Planes of Power server for people who wanted to relive or experience for the first time arguably Everquests greatest expansion. With this bug you not only are impeding progression you are blocking a the final realization of a quest people have been on for over a year.

    With all the other issues Daybreak is having at the moment (that I won't go into detail here) having news of your most popular TLP server is unable to finish the content people waited a year for is not a good look.

    I'm posting the link to the DBG Tracker if you are unawares of the issue.

  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    The issue was raised two days ago on a Saturday, you should give them some time to actually get into work and work on the issue before you go into full panic mode. If people are quitting because of a bugged raid after two days I would question how long they where going to stay around anyway.,
  17. Prathun Developer

    It's going to be a while.
    Coirnav isn't even in Kunark yet. :p
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  18. taliefer Augur

    if people that signed up on a server that was going to spend eternity in PoP quit over an issue that will likely take about a month to get resolved, then i doubt they were gonna last long anyway.
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  19. Tiggles-P99 Journeyman

    So you are saying Daybreak is purposly breaking content so people sub longer to do it?

    They knew about this issue since June 2017 when they tried to "fix" it before. If Daybreak is ignoring or postponing a fix on their most popular TLP in order to ensure continued subscriptions then that's more sinister than negligent.
  20. taliefer Augur

    no, im saying you are chicken little. people signed up to play on PoP forever. one of the events being bugged temporarily shouldnt cause too much of an issue. if it does, then i believe agnarr's long term outlook was never good to begin with.
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