When were Gnome SKs released?

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  1. Tundo New Member

    I wanted to see if anyone knew when Gnome SKs were released. I did a search and found some conflicting information. Any details would be great.

    Thanks for your help.
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  3. Imak Augur

    March 19, 2002

    – Halflings and Gnomes have new classes available to them: Halfling
    Rangers and Paladins as well as Gnome ShadowKnights and Paladins. All
    of the necessary NPCs and items should be available for these new
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  5. -wycca Augur

    It was actually part of the 3rd year anniversary, and not a SoL feature. The 3rd year anniversary just happened to be in Luclin. The removal of them from TLp a few months ago was sorta silly in that respect.
  6. Poydras Augur

    I think "unleashed" is a more appropriate word for the introduction of gnome sk's.
  7. Danille Augur

    Sounds quite horrific to me! :)