when we see FV / AoC TLP server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Iove, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Iove New Member

    I think its time to open this server now!

    Selo / Mangler is fine, but different ruleset like FV what we need! :)
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  2. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Sadly, they seem adamently against it. Though I am with you. At this point the only new server I'd play on would be an FV TLP.
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  3. Miss_Jackie Augur

    I would love a FV TLP type of server going on. But, can you imagine the prices of kronos after that goes live? Oh, mer gawd.
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  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Gooby pleeease!
  5. Hateseeker Augur

    After coming back to play Selo, it's pretty obvious the server needed double loots for some guilds to be able to catch up with the server's unlock rate. It's not a question of skill, it's a question of gear and playtime. If you can't raid 7 nights a week, you aren't going to have the gear to succeed in GoD before OoW comes out, and half lockouts aren't going to make a difference if you can't raid nightly to take advantage of them. And open trade loot could have helped there too.

    Edit: time to break with tradition and make an existing ruleset change. Double loots and open trade loot for Selo.
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  6. Silver-Crow Augur

    FV ruleset on TLP server = Krono farmers dream.
    You think mangler is bad... i think i'd need to get the popcorn out for a FV TLP.
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  7. Nothappening Journeyman


  8. Hateseeker Augur

    open trade loot being a curse is an opinion, one that seems to not be shared with many many players. And I carefully note that saying it's a curse isn't the same thing as saying "very few people" play on such a server. Yes, there are plenty of people who over the years have, because EQ chose to go the no trade route, and the players had no other choice, bought into it hook line and sinker as if a server should not have a true trade economy, and no one should ever get anything except either by buying no drop loot rights or personally raiding for it, but that's not how it should have been. It's just what people got used to.

    And here's the true key: it's a variable ruleset system. Not every server has to be open trade loot. There's enough players to have a new TLP be one every few years. Enough people that want it exist, and their needs are being disregarded.

    Krono farmers already have their dream. Each TLP that starts in Classic has the vast majority of loot is tradeable. TLP populations are heavily stacked to drop off after PoP and re-surge with new classic launches. Therefore krono sales are already well facilitated.

    Add tradeable loot to AOC servers and you make everyone able to participate in the economy, not just those who are currently what we call "krono farmers".
  9. Xhartor Augur

    Hate would be insanely nasty during classic if the gear was tradable.
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It already is.

    At least with fv loot with instances you'll never be truly locked from items. The krono will be insane until luclin, but after that servers mellow out and 2 or 3 krono lords can't ruin the economy anymore.
  11. Sethisto New Member

    I'm in a guild that raids 3 nights a week and we are already at the final zone of GoD with only a single boss wipe in Txevu. Selos loot is fine. We have another 3 weeks to knock out the final zone and chances are it will be done tomorrow without any issue. If it is trouble, we can gear up like mad in everything past uqua over the course of the next 6 days then completely melt Tacvi. There is a stupid amount of loot to be had on selos.

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