When do Clerics become wanted?

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  1. Zujilli Elder

    OP, I'm rolling an Enchanter named Vivexa on Ragefire. I'm an EQ newbie as well, lvl 3 and always down for grouping. Feel free to add me to your friends list and ask to group when I am on. :)
  2. Deadshade Augur

    Admittedly I am not a cleric but I had a full group running for 7 straight hours on Gnolls in HHP today .
    During all this time we had clerics and I have not seen so many calling LFG in ooc.

    Actually the last one we took was a lvl 12 cleric .
    I suppose all the Gnolls were deep red to him and I had to keep an eye on him all the time to immediately shoot a mezz in aggro case before he was anihilated :)
    But we had fun and the clerics are (almost) always very decent chaps/girls.
    So don't worry - if you don't get an invite that means that all groups are full - then create one yourself.
  3. Sadsong Elder

    I am sooo wanted - lol

    /ooc Can anyone rezz?! /shout Sure - I can revive you. 15 tells - can you rezz me too, i'll donate

    - Alex
    Level 20 Cleric
  4. namad New Member

    two healers per group would have been classic, things used to be more brutal in 1999.
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