When did you stop using CH rotations?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by weebly, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. weebly New Member

    I always played DPS back in the day, and I'm playing cleric on mangler for a change. I'm just curious: at what point do CH rotations start to die out? I remember them being used during PoP, and I know they're long gone in live.

    So I'm curious: when do they get replaced, and what is it that tips the balance towards fast heals instead of CH? Is it higher tank HP making a 7500 heal meaningless? Busier, more mobile events so casting for 10s is no longer viable? Or something I haven't thought of?
  2. Bewts Augur

    Pretty sure at some point in GoD we abandoned it and haven’t revisited it and we’re now in TSS.

    Of course some factors come into play such as how geared your tanks and clerics are, how many healers are present and the level of DPS in your raid.

    We tended to be over geared entering each expansion so we had the luxury of overhealing and DPSing things down fairly easily; not all guilds had that luxury entering GoD. I honestly only remember going OOM as a cleric early in GoD early with Zun in Txevu and a few of the AE cure intensive fights in Tacvi but I entered the expansion in near BiS coming from 6 months in Plane of Time.
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  3. Bobbybick Augur

    Speaking specifically to rotations (raiding), you use them on bosses through PoP and maybe bosses in GoD if your cleric's gear is weak or extended fights like Zun'Muram in Txevu (I've never cleric'ed that fight so speculating). By Omens your heal focuses along with Ancient: Hallowed Light are the way to go, hopefully by this point your clerics have learned how to assist heal.

    A rotation shouldn't be necessary on anything in LDoN as almost every fight is short enough to spam/cancel.
  4. Sirene_Fippy Augur

    From (not TLP) we used light rotations on trash and some bosses in GoD. CH was used in DoDH, DoN, and maybe Ayonae Ro in PoR. After that I remember there being arguments about not needing it in TSS, since we got the Promised line of spells that were clearly intended to replace CH. Guilds were in such a habit of CH rotations that I think they lasted a lot longer than it needed to. Whether or not you still need them depends on how many clerics you have / how geared your guild / tank is and how long the events take.
  5. Zipe Elder

    We stopped using CH rotations for some events in Tacvi, Angish, Demiplane: Basically the lvl 70 range.

    We clearly didn't require them but it was just for the efficiency: If we needed to conserve mana for next event, if we had a long timed event or we wanted to keep the peace on a fast raid with no med breaks we would be using CH rota more on specific events.
    As things went on we barely used them on Angish, last boss we used it maybe was Ture for mana efficiency on the long timed event. If we split Angish we used it more, just because efficiency and lower heals required it. I remember doing two man rotations with long delay on Keldovan split but meh, forgot about the rest.
    For Vishimtar we also used a 3 man CH rot while rest of healers were healing offtanks.
    Same for Demiplane, as we got more gear we stopped using them but we really needed it for efficiency purposes on Mayong.
    My god, and it was just 2 years ago on phinny and I almost forgot it. I am surprised Sirene barely remembers anything!
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    We flipped the switch at gates.
  7. Machen Augur

    I've seen spam healing in Gates, and I've seen cheal rotations still being used in TSS. There isn't one right answer, each guild will handle the transition differently.
  8. jeskola Augur

    The correct answer is Gates of Discord.
  9. Baldur Augur

    We made the transition in my guild on Phinigel when most of our healers had the ancient heal from anguish in OoW.
  10. MrDudeGuy New Member

    Prolly around Gates
  11. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    Yep, except we still used one for Tunat.
  12. Kiaro Lorekeeper

    Did the PoTime progression on selo with ~30, Cheal rotations are not needed on anything in EPs except for Xegony and Fennin Ro (we did Xegony with 2 clerics and 1 druid spotter, Fennin Ro was 5 cleric chain) that is just due to how long the fights are and the low # of clerics. Nothing else from that point onward requires you to be that cautious with mana, with 1 exception in Mastery of Endurance, since the fight is artificially drawn out to 20 minutes.

    If you have 7+ clerics you shouldn't need a long chain and can sufficiently "Spam" heal.
    In OoW your Cheal should be 100% shelved since the ancient Light spell heals for more than CHeal prior to foci (and works with all foci + AAs) and is only a little more expensive after all preservation are taken into account.
  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    How could 1 of the 2 mobs you say need a ch rot in pop be fannin? I can't even.

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