What's your game plan for launch? Are you going to spam login or wait till next day?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Cohhfarmage, May 20, 2020.

  1. Cohhfarmage Journeyman

    You know you're not going to get on any server when it launches until 4-10 hours. So what's your game plan? Wait till the next day or spam login until you get in the game?
  2. Grimaldus New Member

  3. HJC0083 Journeyman

    Sit in the queue on both my characters. Get in on one or both and then promptly get disconnected upon zoning. Repeat until one character makes it into a leveling zone and wonder if I should start leveling without the other. Start leveling. Other character gets in 4 hours later and I start playing catch up... That's how it usually goes anyway. I should really stop playing high elves.
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  4. Misaligned Augur

    I've been through enough TLP launches now to know it's just frustrating to endure the initial launch shenanigans. I'll wait until the late evening, the next day, or even a few days. Whatever. 3 months is a long time of Classic.
  5. Gemstoner Lorekeeper

    I know it'll be pointless but I'll be banging the login server like a drum.
  6. Mrjon3s Augur

    I am just gonna try and get my names.
  7. Tucoh Augur

    I'll be here poop-posting while failing to log in.
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  8. Fraggly Augur

    Wasn't planning on trying to play until at least June 1st. Tried before at launch and the time lost kinda sucks, combined with newbie zones being overloaded makes for easy crashing.
  9. Sithil Elder

    Work Wed-Fri, then have 4 days off to check out the new server.
  10. Ruination Elder

  11. JooJooFlop Trainer of Trainers

    I'm hoping they open the servers up for name reservations a couple days ahead at least.
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  12. Bewts Augur

    From my experience with the disaster that was the Selos launch? Hard pass on spamming login on launch day. Then again, I’m not playing EQ these days.
  13. sumnayin2 Augur

    Had no issues on Coirnav but Mangler was pretty bad. Hopefully my experience is more like Coirnav where we just knew not to zone for awhile instead of Mangler where I gave up and went to sleep.
  14. Tchanam New Member

    .....spam the login button like a drug addled monkey ftw!