What's up with Rivervale?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by SmoochyOfWolfington, May 5, 2020.

  1. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    Goblins and giant evil eyes to the left of me
    Orcs and hordes of undead to the right
    Here I am stuck in the middle with you...

    I have tried a number of races in my time through Everquest. Each starting city had it's pros and cons, some for the better than others. I've heard troll swamp was pretty nasty, but it does not compare to Rivervale. There apparently are only two exits out of that quaint little village of wee people with hairy feet. One is through the Runny Eye caverns where high level goblins and huge purple staring eyeballs kill you on sight. Or you can go through the Kithicor Forest where orcs and scores of high level undead reside who want to skin you alive and eat your flesh...

    What is a young halfling to do? I understand there is the book of teleportation now, but before that what? Strangely enough I should of been killed or at least chased quite a few times by the undead, so I am assuming their line of sight or distance was shortened, but it was a tight butt clencher for a while there, until I could get to the Common Lands. And only by a miracle I stopped and peaked around the corner as a high level orc was standing blocking the entrance to get to the Common Lands. I back tracked to let him pass, then proceeded.

    But I have never seen a starting area that bad. Or was Kithicor Forest not that terrible in trilogy, as I see living (at one point) settlements and houses there. Did the orcs and the undead move in or it has always been like that?
  2. Ninelder Augur

    Kithikor always had orcs, but it was a level ~10 zone for the first couple of years of EQ. The undead moved in as part of a serverwide event, which you can now partially relive in SoD's Bloody Kithikor. I actually have no clue why they were left in there, probably due to paladin request. It was the Place for the level ~40 crowd for quite a while.
  3. Yinla Augur

    Travel through Kith during the day, undead only come out at night. :)
  4. Ninelder Augur

  5. Dewey Augur

    I grew up in rivervale. It is my favorite starting zone and nothing needs to change to it.
  6. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    I just found it shocking that every which way I turned there were literally high level undead there. And it felt like there was a permanent dark shroud as well so I just assumed it was always night in that particular area. I forget you can actually check the in-game time with a command. ^^!

    Good to know now. ^^!
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  7. Bobbybick Augur

    A good halfling never has any adventures or does anything unexpected.
    Why would they leave the Shire Rivervale?
  8. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    To find the gorgeous Barbarian ladies with the really long legs... and hope you don't mistake a long haired woman in a short skirt for a long haired male in a short kilt... o_0
  9. Shanarias Augur

    Yeah, Kithicor is a totally different experience after the sun goes down.
  10. Willowtree Journeyman

    Rivervale was cool. I had one of my first starts there. As a halfling rogue this had some advantages but due to missing reliable SoS or ultraslow movement, waiting until the sun shines over Kithicor was the most important to move beyond the usual habitat. But as Halflings used to be, a travel out of the "Shire" was not useful nor a reason because there was so much around it to quest and explore. Without PoK it was always an adventure by itself to meet friends in far away countries to exchange some gear and goods. One single death and hours of dangerous travel got a fast end. For a beginner this was a very interesting start to learn all ins and outs of a class without getting "spoiled" from the start with twink items and money. I think back sitting in the deep heart of the Woods around the "Shire", waiting on the next pop while talking endlessly about all the things from the "fellows" from different countries. The only advantage was that playing with friends who started in a different city was nearly impossible due to the long distances and the danger of travel. But after mastering the first long distance and finding a fellow who can bind in another city, this was not an issue anymore. Once upon a time...:rolleyes:
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  11. Bigstomp Augur

    Rivervale is full of mean little short people. They should be squished and killed (take your pick on the order) as often as possible.
  12. ZenMaster Augur

    The real question is how did Nillipuss get from Faydwer to Rivervale?

    Perhaps, a future anniversary mission to answer that question?
  13. Flatchy Augur

    I agree with Bigstomp, them rotten Lil bastages always terrorized me in Nektulos forest when I was small I still find great delight in smashing them when I see them!
  14. Questoften32 Augur

    ''Dare not go a hunting for fear of little men'' -Roald Dahl.
  15. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    What is SoS?

    I just found the shire to be quite small, even to Halfling standards. I mean you literally are stuck between two points (A rock and a hard place.) with very limited enemies/variety to fight and resources, in terms of anything exotic not already there which seem to be plentiful from the merchants. But I had no idea that time of day actually made a difference as the undead roam freely at other times of day in other areas of Norrath.

    I suppose had more people been on as it was in Classic, at least on the server I was on, I would of some how been informed of this. Either that or I would of most probably had a guide plus more people from around the lands to sell exotic goods to the Halfling merchants. As it stands I still consider it one of the harder starting cities to a curious adventurer, more so with out the knowledge that undead go away during the day.

    And yes, once upon a time... ^^!
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  16. Brilhasti Elder

    Kithicor is terrifying, even today at level 115. Place gives me teh fear.
  17. divirgmar Lorekeeper

    head out of Kithicorr during the day and make it to commons, and Freeport and the docks beyond, but be aware you may not return to rivervale for a very long time. You may come back around for clay and if you do, you will be old enough to come through runneyeye from gorge after getting al the clay you need and happening upon rivervale. Or you can go hardcore and work your levels up past the wall and the guards, and grind your way through runnyeye to the other side and to the karana's beyond. your choice then to head to qeynos and discover the sea and Erudin and Gunthak beyond or, head across the land down around to faydwer, or Kunark.
  18. Willowtree Journeyman

    SoS - Shroud of Stealth - Rogue Invis:
    SoS 1: Invis against normal and undead, inkl. the most low level see-invis creatures
    SoS 2: Invis against nearly all creatures with only a very small amount of high level exceptions

    Not very sharp described but as a rule by thumb hopefully enough.

    I soloed much in Rivervale over 15 years ago. These days this is no biggy anymore. There is a PoK-Port and from Planes of Knowledge it is easy to reach everything. Even as a noob it would be easy to get to certain places where many things rott which can give boost in lower levels or which are sold easily. But even without help there are a couple of quests in PoK and one of the best zones for newbies - Crescent Reach - is not far away. There you find all the freebie quests for tradeskilling without any need for money. The best charm items at lower levels are easy to get. Compared to all other starting cities Crescent Reach is paradise. But for more challenge Rivervale is surely the right place and the most fun is to see the character flourish.
  19. Flat Toad Lorekeeper

    LoL...Since there's a book to PoK right there in misty thicket, this entire thread is a bit...odd;
    i.e. No, you don't need to travel thru runnyeye...just stroll over to the book and..."click"
  20. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    What is this "book" you speak of? Is it purchased from a vendor? Is it a spell of sorts? I see no book on top of a stand in the middle of the woods. You're lying!

    I am trying to play as Classic as possible, hence I do not use the book or try not to anyway for daily travel, only in the most extreme circumstances like getting to my home city at the start of the game and if I need to travel for spells.

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