Whats the point of FTE when AE Plers can still just Train everyone in the zone?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by OpenSource, May 30, 2023.

  1. OpenSource Journeyman

    So whats the point of FTE when AE Plers can just train the entire zone without the FTE lock and whatever they are dragging along will agro any groups along the way wiping them out?

    I thought some of the point of FTE was to prevent training?
  2. Rolento23 Journeyman

    Haven't seen a legit train since playing this server. Where exactly is this happening? Been in UR, Guk, The Hole. Not one train that has wiped my group or any other group around us
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  3. OpenSource Journeyman

    Go to Sola there is a guild AE pulling multiple picks there non stop no matter where groups are. When the blob of mobs comes past you they are all non FTE locked and will aggro and kill you.
  4. Gnothappening Augur

    How are they even doing AOE? I can't imagine having to target each mob in a stack and yell for help.
  5. Wtfagain Elder

    the point was to help botters/mass boxers who colluded with DPG. Another example would be the "bug" (BIG QUOTES) that is applying legacy xp to accounts grouped with that character. they have already leveled a ton of characters on one account and are how using it to PL with their bugged 80% bonus.
  6. Grau Elder

    A couple things I've seen so far. In uguk I guess we were camping in a path people take to get to lguk and people would train frogs over us. They wouldn't attack, but walking their way back to their spawn points they were FTE unlocked and could be attacked. We weren't doing any AEs but it could cause a problem if you were using bard AE slow song or something.

    In sola there is a guild that is pulling all of the goblins to the ZI and somehow PLing doing it. The goblins show up as FTE unlocked (at least from what I saw) even though a level 50 bard is pulling them. I would have thought FTE would prevent this but somehow they are getting around it.

    I haven't died from any trains myself though.
  7. breezycheeks New Member

    /yell unlocks mobs which will function mostly as normal unlocked npc. The puller just /yells each mob he pulls.

    This function shouldn't be an option but it was intentionally added after much forum crying. Modern EQ whales want to buy PL and when money talks DPG listens. Kronolords already know exactly how to abuse fte long before the rest of the community. As we all knew they would.

    This can be used for intentional training.

    Fte has been mostly successful but /yell needs to go.
  8. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Uhh you won't get trained by people AEing with the new system. The mobs simply walk by even after they are unlocked unless YOU attack them. They even walk right by you if the person drops aggro all the way back to their spawn point.

    You are completely incorrect about how it works, just so you know. Yelling at a mob simply unlocks it for other people to assist, it DOES NOT make it social onto other people. The mobs act EXACTLY the same whether they are yelled at or not.

    Posts like the above ones really do nothing but cause problems for all of us. Why complain about systems you do not care to understand?

  9. Arclyte Augur

    set a max limit of NPCs that can be /yelled

    The intention of /yell is for a normal player to get help when they're in trouble. No one is legitimately going to use /yell on more than a few mobs.
  10. OpenSource Journeyman

    Just needs to be a timer on the /yell command like once per 1 minute or something.
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  11. wade_watts Augur

    Yeah, more patchwork fixes to an unnecessary and poorly implemented mechanic. What a waste of dev time.
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  12. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Not poorly implemented at all. It actually is working great.

    Not surprising though, you don't even play.
  13. Doze Augur

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  14. Koniku Elder

  15. manglered Lorekeeper

    stupid game mechanic is only going to cause even more stupid issues and neglect to solve any of the root cause they thought it would.

    hopefully next year they realize what a dumb idea oakwynd was and right there wrongs, but honestly i imagine they will just apply this mechanic to all the servers essentially turning eq into wow with bad graphics
  16. Arclyte Augur

    oakwynd is fun, next expansion we get a global 25% more drops

    stay mad
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  17. Vlahkmaak Augur

    Not sure if it is 100% true. I was in High Pass this weekend; I understand that is the way it is supposed to work though. However, war, sha, and necro 3 box and a necro player. Peeps would run by training the zone line and while mobs sometimes walked back past us occasionally, they stopped and attacked instead of walking by. The necro add player was afk at one point on a bio break when a red named spawned on us and all the mobs walking by then attacked my shaman who had slowed the named. No AOEs on any hot key social/macros. Generally, I have historically considered trains free xp pulls.
  18. Muramx Augur

    FTE wasn't made to stop the Plers. It was good implemented so DPG could have more hands off and not deal with KSing and training petitions.

    With that being said FTE is on a timer after the /yell, death, zone. If you pull a train long enough and meet one of those 3 requirements they can and will go back there being unlocked well before they reset. I have had 2-3 in LGuk in the bedroom had this happen. The person/s ran through with lol cled mobs zon s and as the patched back unlocked.

    For the people that are abusing the PL with extra exp That's a "big" DPG needs to address it and make things right.
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  19. Moraeulf New Member

    I said this many weeks ago and I'll say it again -- the point of the FTE ruleset was to help the AE PLing groups that generate so much profit for DPG.
  20. Obliteration Elder

    FTE is actually really well done, the yell cooldown idea is a nice one though.

    Nothing is perfect in this game, but tuning FTE here and there could be good