What's epic about 10 player standing around

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  1. Protius Make Everquest TLP's Great, Again.

    "some" respawns were reduced...
  2. Protius Make Everquest TLP's Great, Again.

    I know "some" have been reduced...
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Not enough.

    Some people get lucky but many clerics I know did 5 to 10 hours at bergurgle alone.

    Those quests might be a 1 off sort of thing, but the untold damage is not the people that live to talk about it, but the people who just burned out so soon from such a silly thing to have to poopsock.
  4. Febb Augur

    It's obvious these epic bottlenecks aren't a big priority to the developers no matter how much people complain and quit. They have slowly worked on them but it's usually at the cost of one fix per new TLP server release. Their main focus is the live servers with expansion releases because that is where the bulk of where their money comes from. TLP servers bring in a nice cash injection still so they do clear some development out for them but it apparently is a very small portion of the development schedule.
  5. Tierdal Augur

    This is classic, if you don't like it selos is available
  6. Ceffener Augur

    But not too memorable given the bottleneck you are referring to took place in Nagafen’s lair not Skyfire. The quest was changed in 2002 to make ragefire a spawned mob in Skyfire.
  7. Protius Make Everquest TLP's Great, Again.

    Very constructive... These re-spawns need further adjustments and people like you just want to either find another route, ignore the issue being discussed while tossing in your pointless comments, or make it into some kind of trash talking joke. Good stuff.
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  9. haaaalp Augur

    Necroing threads is against the forum rules. Reported.
  10. Duriekbloodpool New Member

    The other day a paladin stumbled on 6 of us in a circle at 4 am and ge asked what we were all doing, i was there furiously clicking the spot duriek would later spawn in 4 hours later. I wantes to tell him to get away and that this was the part of eq that was for shadowknights only but i couldn't because i had to keep clicking because if i didnt and duriek spawned one of the others would click first,

    I literally clicked where duriek spawns for 6 hours that day in order to get him, and i only felt loss afterwards because it was the 4th day i had been there and i beat a guy who i had seen there for 7 days while i was running down to check caradon.

    We all have carpal tunnel now and i sleep at night dreading doingvtye same thing for lhranc in a longer window wondering if i even deserved my corrupted ghoulbane or if in fact i did because this next level of the quest was going to be more hellish than the last
  11. Protagonist Tank

    Next time, just close your wang in the silverware drawer. You'll get the same amount of negative attention, lose the same amount of dignity, but you'll be much more original and get more laughs than you did with.... this.
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Classic era EQ (Classic/Kunark/Velious) is the gaming equivalent to "We had to walk up hill 5 miles in the knee-deep snow to school as kids" that your grandparents or great grandparents would say.

    It sucks by design, it's one of the huge disincentives for me ever doing another TLP journey, I didn't like the game a whole lot before PoP anyway and you only want to do that once or twice unless you are a masochist & you enjoy the pain / boredom.
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  13. wade_watts Augur

    Epics should only go to those that are willing to physically endanger themselves with near-lethal quantities of caffeine and amphetamines. They are a test of dedication (and your willingness to urinate in a 2-liter bottle so you don't have to leave your desk). If you aren't dedicated enough to sit in your chair for 2 days straight to get an item in this video game, you don't deserve the epic.

    In other words, as was mentioned in another thread: "ITS CALLED EVERQUEST, NOT EASYQUEST!!<!<!@# GO PLAY WOW!#!%! "
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  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    If you had left the second paragraph off that would have been sublime satire, sadly the second part ruined it.

    Nothing should be taken to those extremes, that's just daft.
  15. sumnayin Augur

    Sounds like it is so epic 10 people are willing to stand around for it