Whats a good amount of xp per 30 min of play time ?

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    As the question has asked.

    In you're guys personal experiences, what is a good % per thirty min of play time ? (Normal xp not aa wise)
  2. Truetotheblue Augur

    If we're talking higher levels I'm personally fine with 2-3% in a 30m block assuming no bonuses. But it's more important to me am I having fun doing it. If it's 2-3% and feels like pulling teeth, no thanks. But if I'm enjoying splitting camps, keeping timers down, having fun managing the NPC flow I focus more on that aspect and the XP is more of an afterthought.
  3. Deux Corpse Connoisseur

    For what level? Are we talking grinding on xp mobs? Solo or in a group? Without or without lesson? Mercs part of the equation?
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  4. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    0% to 80 levels. That's the area you want to aim for.
    Your question is really absurd without additional information.
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  5. Alnitak Augur

    Let's say you are lvl 119 grinding up to 120 (which means old expansions have experience penalty for you, you need to kill lvl 114+ mob, and your group consists of well-developed lvl 119's and not those uber top-geared lvl 120's with all the new and super-powerful AA's, spells and abilities)
    Your sustaned group dps will be somewhere at 1200 K (give or take) without running oom mid-fight. (yes, 1.2mil is not super-impressive but that is what I have observer in grinding groups in ToL last month)
    Clearing a camp in Umbral you may be able to kill 8-10 tegis before they respawn in 6.5 mins. So in 32 mins you can kill 40-50 mobs if you keep the camp cleared.

    That would equate to 2-2.5% of level experience.

    There are many variations in this math, like more mobs dieing to your special attacks (assasinate/headshot) , say akheva in the north fort in ME, but the experience gets deluted by a few light-blue mobs here and there. Or you can head to Tier2 zones for a marginally better per-mob experience, but those mobs have 70-75 million HP comparing to 50-55 million of Tier 1 mobs. So there will be less mobs killed in a given 30 mins period by the same group.

    Overall, 2-2.5% regular experience per 30 mins in a grind camp is a real and good expectation.
    Obviously, Lesson and other boosts make the number better.
  6. Skrab East Cabilis #1 Realtor

    200 AA
    20% experience at 105+
  7. Svann2 The Magnificent

    You mean grinding mobs?
  8. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Since the introduction of Overseer, I no longer have to care.

    I will make ~10% of a level every day, and can do whatever I want in game that I find fun, and don't have to worry if it gives little (or even no) XP.
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  9. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I think the answer to the question is really how many hours it should take to level in a merc group, a raid merc group, a group and a raid group, then figure out some amount of XP calculation to meet those. Wether it's tuning the mercs or flattening the curve, or both.

    So lets say it's reasonable to say a target is 1 level per week, averaging 20 hours per week, would be 120 hours of play to level. 500%/120/2 = roughly 2% per 30 minutes.

    That would mean that given 3 hours of play per day, a player could level in 5 weeks, +/- the quality of the group, without overseer.

    I box ENC, CLR, MAG mostly all raid geared. All 3 without max but all appropriate AA, maxed DPS AA. 3 mercs, War, rog, rog with max AA. I am only getting about 700k DPS and have some delays because I need to keep singles so the tank doesn't die and boxing makes it a bit harder for me to pull and stack them. LOTD I got 2% XP in 30 minutes in UP, about 1-1.5% without LoTD. My same group with 3 players should be closer to 1mil DPS with faster pulls, so I could fall into the above formula. A full group of players with no mercs would likely be able to exceed it.

    I'm not saying that is the right amount of time or %, just how I would formulate it. If the goal was 2 hours per day avg, I would adjust the XP curve to meet that target. A good majority of players probably only get 1 hour of XP week on average per day, considering a chunk of playtime goes to other things, which would put the calculation in the 4-6% range.

    I don't like sitting in one spot killing though, so I am very glad the BF partisan missions exist. Both of them, I don't mind repeating the second one or the 3rd one. I wish there were more repeatable partisan/merc for quality XP.

    Edit: PS. My DPS may actually be higher now. I haven't paid much attention recently because I have mostly been playing in bloodfalls since 120 where I tend to use a cleric merc. The tank can die fast there, but Bloodfalls is certainly my favorite zone in the expansions and BF Partisan 2 is definitely my favorite way to get XP while boxing. I believe the rogue mercs alliance so using 1 rogue instead of 2 is a synergistic loss of DPS.
  10. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    I dinged 120 Christmas Eve with both my mages. I only used my Lesson for AA's. I used the group potion twice, both times for AA's. I still have most of my potions from TOL and COV. On my alt mage I still have all but one XP potion from the anniversary quest from 2 years ago.

    I really don't pay attention how fast XP is moving. For me, it's about the overall picture. I got to 120 fairly fast, but not in record time. Now I have almost 2 years before I can ding 126. Max AA's too, how sad.
  11. Moege Augur

    5% is normal for Overseer and that takes 10minutes if you are a slow clicker then log out and go play something else, come back in 12 hours and repeat. Its not worth your time to grind normal xp.
  12. Windance Augur

    Are you asking about what we consider good: as in what we are getting?

    Are you asking about what we consider good: as in what we would like to be getting?

    I have been getting about 60-70 AA/hr just grinding out kills in either BA or BF for TS mats with a fairly decent group that has a mix of raid/group gear.

    Before the level bump I could go to Sithir Tomb and get closer to 90-100 AA / hr.

    I think XP rates on AA is a little slow in ToL. My monk maxed out about two weeks ago, but my shaman still needs like 3000 more ...
  13. Tucoh Augur

    I have no idea. I find personally in gaming, especially in MMOs that focusing on leveling makes the game less fun. Whenever the focus shifts from having fun to looking at my xp, it's time to move on.

    In EQ in particular, I focus on doing the content. Seeing the zones, finishing hunter etc is enjoyable and the xp comes as a secondary benefit.
  14. Whulfgar Augur

    I am speaking in terms of lvl xp only. As tol is very decent for aa grinding. As of late what I've been doing is overseer for the 9-12% xp per cycle. (Yes I buy the first set of 5 , as the 2nd set of 5 pops ready, both sets being either 12 hr or 24 hr, I then run. Five 6 hr quests.) Typically nets 9 -12% lvl xp then I go grind out or so merc / part.

    I am merely curious how anyone else runs it.
  15. Sobmre Augur

    the second you log into eq just mark off 2 hours of your life, anything in eq takes at least 2 hours thats worth while.

    Note 1: you cant do much in 30min unless you pe-planned with a group or boxing
    Note 2: you can do overseer "eq ez mode" and get some exp in 30 mins
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  16. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    As a level 118 SK currently I can pull about 3 to 4% in 30 minutes with Lesson killing mostly light blue and some dark blue mobs. That can go as high as 10% in 30 minutes if I pull up my Shaman and Bard box and go somewhere specifically with ideal exp. Usually what I do though is just pop Lesson the first time it's somewhat convenient and don't worry about it too much because like Tucoh I don't structure my gameplay around farming exp. Usually I am doing something else, questing or doing hunter achievements.

    I'm working on the content in chronological order. Currently in the RoS expansion. If I had to guess I will be 120 with most if not all of my relevant AAs before I even leave RoS. Which means the expansions that actually give good exp from quests I will already not need that by the time I get there. *shrug*
  17. Laronk Augur

    LIES these must be lies with the posts and the people saying that you can’t level to 120 by killing things and how its not worth your time to kill things for exp you must be lying!!!

    See raptor this guy knows what’s up, its not worth your time to grind normal exp while doing quests that you want to complete, quests that give you permanent stat bonuses at that.

    It can be hard to get things done in 30 minutes I suggest always having a plan when you login so that you don’t waste the first 5-10 minutes of your play time making that plan. If you’re going to do overseer try to do it during downtime while doing real things.
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  18. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    To be fair it is much much much slower than it would be if I was doing it the proper way, by questing in the latest 3 expansions. I just haven't gotten that far yet and my OCD doesn't let me leave a zone until I've completed everything I can lol.