What Were The Biggest Nerfs in EQ History?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ibc93, Feb 6, 2022.

  1. Gengrel Journeyman

    it was dominos pizza right? :( Now its just images of pizza /sigh
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  3. Juzam_Djinn Scholar

    Eh? I've found Vox up once, only looked once, and Nagafen up twice (out of like four times) since they changed that. It was the first time I've ever killed Vox.
  4. Juzam_Djinn Scholar

    Bruh, the click didn't even work when the expansion came out and people started getting them. Then it was fixed, but it was still only 5%, which at the time meant 1% to 5%. Then it was changed to 50%, again at that time focus effects for damage had no floor like they do now other than 1%, so it was still 1% to 50%. That's nothing to say of it's NumHits or being level capped like other focus effects. The effect was always bad, even after being fixed. I have no idea about it being listed as 1%, that seems like some kind of weird glitch on Lucy's end, EQ Resource has it listed right at 1% to 50%.

    Yeah, I'm still bitter that we were the only priest to not have some sort of healing effect on our epic, how bad it was, and how it started getting worse as soon as the level cap went up.
  5. Prepared Lorekeeper

    The biggest nerf of all time for all MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) has to be arguably the necromancer in or around the years of 1999 or 2000. This nerf changed the class forever forward from that moment. I don't remember the exact thing that got changed whether it was pet strength or combination of spells or both but it was in one of the patch notes. I tried to find it later on because I wanted to detail exactly what was changed. However the nerf was so hard that necromancers could not as effectively kite in PvP (Player versus Player) nor PvE (Player versus Environment) after it happened. Prior to the nerf the necromancer was able to solo mobs that were killed by full raids in either the Plane of Hate or the Plane of Fear, can't remember which. This was the reason for the nerf because so many people complained that the necromancer was able to solo mobs that required a raid of players to kill.

    So the question in this message thread isn't about whether or not the nerf 'should' happen, but how 'great' the nerf was. Yes the nerf was needed at least for PvE. But this nerf forever changed the necromancer class' ability to do combat and never afterwards be able to solo mobs that used to require raids of 54+ people. I wish I could find the patch notes that detailed what was changed but have spent a lot of time and couldn't find it again. The patch change notes mentioned the necromancer almost exclusively as if an emergency action had been taken to drastically reduce the effectiveness of the class.

    Later on, as others have pointed out, fear was removed from PvP so a necromancer couldn't fear other players. But the largest nerf to the class had already been done.

    The wizard nerfs and enchanter nerfs are notable along with some of the other classes mentioned here but those are low compared to what happened with the necromancer's first nerf. The other classes got nerfed to give them lesser strength in what they were already doing. But with the necromancer's first nerf it changed the strength of the class so drastically that the class could no longer solo raid required mobs. As already mentioned, yes, it was a needed nerf but the question is "What Were The Biggest Nerfs in EQ History?" and this one is the biggest of all time!
  6. Ozon Augur

    Are you thinking about when Fear spell effectively removed a mob from combat, as in XX is paralyzed with fear, and couldn't react in any way as long as feared?
  7. Prepared Lorekeeper

    I don't know. Did that happen in 1999 or 2000? Did it stop the necromancer from being able to kill mobs that took raids of players to do? I believe the patch notes included some text about raids of players seeing a necromancer able to kill what took them to do and was one of the major reasons for the change.
  8. Tappin Augur

    The biggest nerf in EQ history is the most recent one... to kill exp for levels.
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  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    You have a better imagination than that. Kill XP is fine.
  10. Tappin Augur

    It's perfectly fine at roughly 0% per kill... Yep it's the greatest it's ever been.
  11. Mesc Old Soul

    Going on 6 Months since i have not payed to play this game. Whether you want to call it a Experience Nerf or a H e l l Level or whatever else, They should know that there decisions have ramifications and are directly causing them to lose $$$
  12. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    EQ2 doesn't count.
  13. Dre. Augur

    This. Riposte was the equalizer for tank soloing. You could use your class defining ability (resillience) to increase your dps by fighting more enemies at once.

    Sadly we can no longer have nice things. Riposte was nerfed into a state that's currently so bad that I wish it no longer existed.
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    Apparently I have spaced again. I could have sworn, and sort of did, that /pizza was in EQ1 too. I guess I might actually qualify for one of those mythical senior discounts some have proposed. Mea culpa.
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  15. Flatchy Court Jester

    I loved fear kiting (as an sk) I hated when they removed that from the game.
  16. Hegsheoshed Augur

    I'm not sure if you mean the insane pets with low delay weapons, 2 handed weapons and the weighted axe from Kunark. Skeleton pets had a really fast run that was funny to see .
  17. Ozon Augur

    I believe this was before 2000, so completely possible, and yes, basically a mob would just stand in place completely frozen for the duration of the fear, while a necro did what they wanted to the mob.
  18. Iszack New Member

    Back in the day, POP era, If I was in a really crappy group, I would click my Seru Key, port the group up to seru, drop group and gate out.. Was a funny way to leave ppl stranded. They either had to use a gate pot to get out, or if they didnt have any, they would need to camp/log for 3hrs so they could return home when they logged in. It was my way of saying You suck..
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  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Greifing other players because you thought the group was bad is the way to go instead of just leaving the group and telling them why.
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    FTFY. And, ironically, could be how your name is pronounced ;)
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