What to do in Ldon?

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  1. Bobbybick Augur

    Even though I'm an achievement hoe, the 100 achievement points isn't worth doing the Charm aug on a 1 month unlock server. Heck it was barely worth doing it on Phinigel because of how trivial all of the content is anyway.

    It's basically just a really long magelo pad grind. If I'm still playing past August (unlikely) I'll just spend the 10 minutes exploring DoDH for the slightly worse one and call it a day.
  2. Xhartor Augur

    Maxing the charm aug both requires and causes autism.
  3. Bewts Augur

    Answer the riddle to get your augment so you can raid.
    The only viable items are the +specialization augments and the AC augment from raids... the rest is MEH if you’re in Plane of Time.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend doing the grind to maximize the augment, but there is no shame I’m doing the grind for AC/HP/ATK augments. They’ll be replaced quickly on Selo but are decent fillers if you don’t expect to get a full complement of augments going forward.

    Also, if you do hard missions, the drops from the names can sell for like 15-30k tribute which proves useful (for as useful as tribute is).
  4. Volts Elder

    LDON is the era you take your family on vacation and stop worrying about your raid attendance so much. Most boring expansion of all time.
  5. Gremin Augur

    Augs augs oh and augs
  6. Xeris Augur

    I will play devil's advocate and argue in favor of ldon:

    1) raid augs are a good way to make your character unique. Theres very little item diversity up until this point, t4-quarm loot is BIS and almost every class will have 75-80% gear overlap. Everything that's BIS for bards is also gonna be BIS for clerics in many cases (esp for visual pieces). Augs let's you build your character more uniquely- you can go defensive augs as a cleric, you can max your mana, etc.

    2) the raids are kinda interesting, especially the nro one. The trash clears in some are pretty meh, but some of the boss encounters are unique and interesting

    3) if you're not an end game raider, you can get basically elemental level loot from ldon points if you get the armor pieces + Aug them. It's a good way for casual players/non raiders to get decent gear... theres a sense of progression/accomplishment in doing this as your gear will increase in power as you do more adventures

    Take it for what you will
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  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    But how well will this translate on Selo?

    I can agree with the spirit of your argument on Agnarr. But for 4 weeks... how much gear will a casual be able to "catch up" to EP players? The flip side is you simply could skip it and pass it up in Gates, with what I imagine is far less grind.

    All in all, the LDoN content I saw on Agnarr was terribly uncompelling. And I talked to nobody that said they would touch that content if it wasn't for the absurdly good reward vs cost. I'd very much think they could tweak LDONs to be more TLP-friendly with a few easy changes, but until that, I think most people will just take a semi-break or teeter on the brink of burnout chasing some "great" augs.

    I'll be giving it another go, but after Agnarr I can certainly appreciate that the TLP'ers before me said dropoff after PoP is precipitous.
  8. yerm Augur

    You can get some points in the aug even if you don't max it. You can get points for some upgrades or 40pt items or whatever even if you don't cover every slot. You can also keep doing pop.

    Ldon takes nothing away from the current game.
  9. Xeris Augur

    For sure, I agree that this expansion probably is totally useless for Selos. Granted, I've never played anything past LDON, are there other expansions that have augs? Or are ldon augs used for multiple expacs? Otherwise, I think the main focus is grinding heal & alteration augs for healers, and sta/ac augs for tanks. That's what I'd lush for as a guild in ldon on selos
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If the best reason to leave it alone is that it takes nothing away from pop, isn't that reason enough to tweak ldon for tlp?
  11. Valyn New Member

    PoP is nice. I wouldn't mind another month of it to be honest on Selos. The added content gives those at the top something to do and as others have mentioned, its a good catch up for those not in the top couple of guilds.

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