What to do at level 49 but still newbie? How to explore old areas?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Gangia, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Gangia New Member


    So i started to play Everquest in like 2015 in Crescent Reach.
    I quickly leveled to level 25 using the "blightfire moors" map and i HATED IT.I
    As I wanted to enjoy the classical everquest (I head the stories of old players) I decided to skip all that "new" maps and switched to old maps like "Old Karana", "Oasis of Maar" in the default continent from original game.

    I LOVED IT. As I love to explore - exp and leveling is not my primary goal.

    My problem: where do I go now?
    I'm too powerful for some of not yet explored maps from original game (not expansions!), and I'm too powerful for even first(?) "Luclin" expansion.

    What strategy I should take in order to explore all maps from basic game?
    Or its stupid and impossible to explore all maps - as you will gain exp too fast and always be overpowered for some not yet seen maps?

    Is there any quest/map lists that I should follow in order to really explore the game expansion by expansion?
  2. Scorrpio Augur

    Kunark/Velious/Luclin have plenty of lvl 50-60 content. Sure Luclin got low level areas but have you tried Akheva Ruins? Umbral plains? Ssraeshza?
  3. SunDrake Augur

    What server are you on? For classic the places that are still relevant for a short bit are Lower Guk, Sol B, and the Hole. In Kunark its Karnors Castle, Old Sebilis, Howling Stones, and Chardok. Also Veksar, it wasn't in era, but it's an exp bonanza from 45-60. In Velious its Velketor's Labrinth and maybe Siren's Grotto. I never really consider Luclin worth exping in, but you've got Grieg's End, Acrylia Caverns, Akheva Ruins, and Ssra Temple. If you are on a server I have character's on I'd be happy to show you around and provide whatever level of help you prefer.
  4. Fluid Augur

    No, actually too weak for a lot of old content. Infected Splitpaw will kick your butt at that level.

    If you want to go in cold, just open the map and use the zone guide<?> tab. It will give zones vs. levels and you can get something appropriate.

    You didn't mention your character class. My advice would be different for each character type, at least the ones I am familiar with, depending on Class. For instance Ranger/Druids I'd do outdoor zones. Magicians, I would run though the early focus items in Najena.

    I am kind of a fool for quests and alternates. Some early stuff is really good for twinking alternates. The thing about early stuff is a lot of it is usable w/o restrictions on race or class. Lower Guk for Serpentine Bracer, Stein of Moggok for int casters, Trueshot Longbow, that kind of stuff. Lots of early stuff is a complete waste of time, you'll go crazy trying to get a Jaggedpine Crook and never use it.

    I have fun in Lower Guk, Liberated Citadel of Runnyeye, Kedge Keep, Burning Woods, at that level. Not all will be good for leveling but all have interesting drops.
  5. Gangia New Member

    I am Necromancer. And I hate it... In lower guk i get overrun my enemies. Not that I die - but can't kill them at once [no real AoE spells].

  6. Fluid Augur

    OK, I could be a mile off since it has been a while, Burning Woods is where you ought to try for a couple of levels. See Number 3 on the map? You want to head due East of to that little rectangle of a box at ~ 0X 1000Y. The only thing that isn't a single pull are the two on the West side of the ruins. You may be able to handle the Giant Fort but I would get my feet under me at the ruins first. Occasionally a wyrm passes though but not often so have Gate ready. [IMG]

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