What should I do with 35 million plat

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by uberkingkong, Jun 17, 2022.

  1. uberkingkong Augur

    I have 35 million plat.
    If you had as much plat as me, how would you spend it.

    Say someone bet you couldn't spend 25 million in 1 days time. What kind of things, services, etc. would you buy to spend 25 million in 1 day?
    Say Level 120 and T1 ToL geared. Autogranted AAs and like 100AA over.

    How far can you get with 25 million plat to spend in 1 day, how would you use it to maximize the returns other than making more plat/kronos?
  2. Wobat New Member

    Good luck. I've got 340m plat and there's absolutely nothing out there I want to buy. I wish you could buy glyphs with plat.
  3. Windance Augur

  4. uberkingkong Augur

    Side note rant.
    I might be smoking something but I'm think about Luclin, and they have casinos right?

    Thinking of a HIGH RISK casino zone, basically the amount of plat you carry and do quests (aka casino/gambling stuff), you can earn high amounts of plat here.

    But theres scenarios were the casino bouncers/security can jump you if you do something wrong and if you die by them you lose all your plat. (kinda like GTA, you get wasted no biggie, but you get busted, EVERYTHING GONE!)

    Ex. Go there with 20 million plat carried, do quest (basically gambling you can win), you win you get like x.1 (so earn 2million plat), if you lose security comes after you and if you get wiped by them you lose everything.

    I would find enjoyment in this, it would definitely bring up the FEAR FACTOR from almost dying and losing BIG TIME plat at the cost of trying to earn BIG TIME plat!

    Honestly this game has 0 fear factor now, I remember the old days, I be living in fear from dying and not being able to get corpse and so on. Be nice to have some fear factor play again.

    btw this zone is OPEN WORLD not thinking about instance because I find enjoyment watching people get run over by trains (sitting on the ledge in crushbone and train comes by and just knocks everyone out) and so seeing a bunch of security guards go all at it on a group that did something wrong would be entertaining.
  5. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    a year's worth of Krono?
  6. Juzam_Djinn Journeyman

    I'd buy Kronos. Jesus 340 million plat, wtf
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  7. Riou EQResource

    Put it into Krono since they almost never decrease in value, only increase
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  8. Hobitses Lorekeeper

    Buy kronos and then give some to me for helping to "advise" you :D:p
  9. Windance Augur

    Hi, I'm a hedge fund manager. Just give me your plat and I'll look after it for you ...
  10. Bamboompow Augur

    Too bad there isn't a Plat to Chevron/Shell/Sinclair/Exxon/Hess/76/Texaco card.
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  11. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    I have 35 plat. No spells, lacking AA and crappy armor am only level 110 and do not have the latest expansion.

    Where would you advise me to go to get that 35 million like he has?

    Cause no one ever picks up on it - this is sarcasm. I highly doubt OP is serious but just wants to toot his own horn.

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  12. Bamboompow Augur

    Back to the OP's hypothetical: After ego stroking alt builds that don't get played and never paying for the game with RL money again, plat is sort of worthless.
  13. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Level tinkering to 200
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  14. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Buy nobles and start buying the stuff from the nobles vendor.

    Troll illusion cloak is 13 million.
  15. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    You could fight inflation on your server and just destroy the plat. :p
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  16. Strumph Elder

    Actually it's 16.8 million and good luck I've been checking for 2 months and haven't seen it. Granted I do miss a day here and there, but not that many.

    Could watch /general for illusions and the like. I love illusions, so I'm always watching for some for sale. That and stuff to buy for trib.
  17. uberkingkong Augur

    I guess you right.

    I said not interested in making more plat or kronos, and all people talk about is buying kronos.
    I'm already rich, I'm not asking how to get more rich, I'm asking what to do when your rich.

    Looks like I'll be at 300 million in awhile too since this is all you do with it.
    Was hoping for more of these answers, but I got a feel now, don't need anymore input after this.
  18. Nennius Curmudgeon

    You could offer grants to the less fortunate. We paladins would be pleased to accept your plat.
  19. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I had so much pp and nothing to buy (I can make all my chars gear so i save alot of pp and such) i went and bought around 240 krono's at 5.5 to 6.2m pp each so my five accounts can have a good 4 yrs each plus some xtra left over but i did finally find a cool item on that marcia npc char though mask of tinkering so its my 1st item ive bought from her. Wish i could get a ice giant illusion or some other nice one but the ones that arent really around are pretty expensive and rare. On a side note they need to get rid of the cant carry 1b pp bug main reason i started buying krono's in the first place lol.
  20. Conq Augur

    35 million is roughly 11 maybe 12 kronos? That's not enough to buy 1 Summoner's Blood-soaked Earring. Keep saving/earning.