What server is not full of boxers?

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  1. Ravenscale New Member

    10 out of 10 times I grouped with boxers all their characters rolled on loot and 10 out of 10 times they took rare drops that were for my class for alts that weren't even there. That is neither short sighted or inaccurate. That is just how it is on the server I play on
  2. code-zero Augur

    It's called True Box not No Box. If you read the original posts by Holly you'd know that it was suppose to hearken back to days of yore when boxing required you to have a desktop PC with a laptop precariously perched on your actual lap in order to box.

    Aradune was an attempt to enforce that sort of system with the two character per player limit. If you went there thinking no one was going to be boxing you didn't even understand the basic principle of the server.
  3. Peter_The_great Elder

    Use them, boxers is a part of the ecosystem, can't play eq without them.
  4. Dharken Elder

    As a boxer (and a big one at that) I can say that I will take players LFG *If I am not completing something for the first time. Ergo my achievements for a zone.

    My Lootset is simple. The character I am active on is my looter. I set my loot profiles to Greed, and only on one toon. But here is where it gets fun. I will tell the person/s I allow that I am rolling GREED on items (cash/TS/Whatever) and tell them to set their profiles accordingly. Imagine my surprise when they are rolling NEED on every item that drops and refuse to change their settings.

    Whats that? A rare bag drops for the expansion? I will roll with 1 toon and roll against them. Thats ideally WAY more than fair.

    My group composition can easily handle anything I throw at it. So if I ask them to not do X/Y/Z and then they do it and cause issues, Yeah, I will kick them out.

    As a boxer doing hunter for the first time on an expansion, you can bet your biscuit I have a raid format going and actively advertise it.

    Do you know how much tradeskill items I put in to the economy as a boxer? Remove Boxers and you will regret wanting to do tradeskills. Thats not a possibility, its a 100% guarantee.

    Do my actions mean ALL boxers do this? Nope. But dont bash people because they box. Play the game your way, and I will play it mine. But do remember that this game is 2 decades old and not designed for light weight setups of part timers using mercs to complete everything. Thats why we box. Thats why its practical.
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  5. Vumad Augur

    That is not why truebox exists.

    DPG has no way to prove a character is a Box or a Player. All they can do is verify that a character as it's own MAC address and is not running on a virtual machine to spoof that independent MAC address. IPs would allow them to determine that the characters are in the same location but not if the player is 2 people playing or 1 player boxing.

    Given that there is no way to confirm that the 4 characters with 1 IP running on 4 different PCs are a couple with 2 children, or a single person 4 boxing, they can not ban boxing. The only thing that can do to reduce boxing is to require 1 PC per character, because 2+ characters on the same PC is the only condition in which they can prove boxing is in fact occurring.

    True box servers do in fact exist in an attempt to reduce or eliminate boxing, not as a throwback to old ways of boxing. They are not trying to encouraging boxing.
  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    So your reasons for not wanting to group with boxers are: 1) You want the loot to be yours without contest (this is the same concept inside any group, FYI), 2) They pull large groups of mobs in an attempt to gain XP, and wipe sometimes (I guess you don't like XP?), and 3) You don't like grouping with boxers because boxer = bad (the root of your argument, I'm guessing)

    I mean, you're entitled to your opinion. But you're closing yourself off to a great and growing demographic of play style. Be well. Safe travels.
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  7. Alnitak Augur

    10 out of 10 times my boxxed group invited an LFG outsider, I as a group leader, gave all the loot to the stranger, because I was a host, and by the way I was raised I need to show hospitality to my guest.
    And when I group with my guildmates, our standing loot rule is a need-before-greed and, in practical terms, we roll only on items like current era chase items and some ultra-rare bags. And even then there are some need-based exceptions.
    Perhaps, you play on a wrong server.
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  8. Randomized Augur

    Did you specify that you were looking for upgrades and for which slots? If people ask to join up in my groups and i let them, i usually /inspect them to see if there is anything from my camp that could be an upgrade to them.

    Depending on the drop, I'll just give it to them without asking, other times if i'm there to gear up one of my toons, I'll give it to myself first seeing as I'm doing 90% of the work. Effort = reward in that setting.

    If i'm just grinding away for experience, i usually just send all loot to the rando that joined up so I don't have to deal with it.

    But when all my toons are "greeding" on gems and what not in my own boxed setting, and by about the 50th diamond or so I see them "need" on, I get fed up and start taking it all. It goes both ways. Everyone is greedy by nature, some it's an honest mistake, but I have a pretty high tolerance but when it's clear things are intentional, I'll get petty if I have to.
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  9. Ravenscale New Member

    Usually the boxers use the advanced looting to give items to different characters. When I see defiant gear or rare items that I can use drop i say something. The boxer then tells me to get it from the bazaar later since its needed for other alts.

    When the boxer lets the advanced looting go with auto need or greed and all 3 or 4 of its characters are rolling i say something about fairness; 2 players but 1 gets more chances at loot. I either get disbanded or get a tirade of how dare you ask for fair chance of loot since I let you join my box group.

    Normally when there is a wipe its the boxer trying to show off just how good the team is or how the 3rd party program runs the team.
  10. Nessirfiti Augur

    Meh, jerks are jerks.

    Have you considered boxing?
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  11. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Agents of Change = Boxers in instances often.

    Even the deadest of servers, like Zek has box crews. I play on several servers and have no issues finding space to play, but DO appreciate all the gear in the bazaar / given away in PoK and help offered to me by boxers in guilds on all servers.

    I kinda box, family has 10-11 accounts between us, I usually 2 box and maybe drag a 3rd to XP leech or for utility. If I ever invite another live player to my box group, I need before greed to them 100% unluess I'm farming a specific item. If I run a group I usually don't use autoloot as I don't want to be looking at loot filter window on all chars and having to roll and or don't want to adjust loot filters on altage. I use zero 3rd party software to run characters, I have 2 keyboards and 2 PCs on my desk, typically 1 acct on 1 machine and 2 on the other, give or take logging in buffers on other accounts.

    My wife has a PC, I have a laptop also and son has a PC. We play as a family on true box servers as well.

    True box has to be true box and not NO box as families exist and most don't use a different credit card for each family member.

    a NO box would mean one account per credit card, or that only one family member could play at a time.

    EQ has no way to determine that of the 2 PCs I'm on, are there 2 or 4 hands typing, so MUST use this rule set.

    Being NO box vs True box is anti family policy, and unenforceable with VMware, other than to block access by card number.
  12. atchoom Lorekeeper

    when someone asking me to join my box group , i always say yes and let them get ALL the loots .
    setting loot all and their name , they usually say ** i get all the loots , you sure ?** yes i am.

    yesterday in WW a rare drop dropped, i was grouped with an alt from the fellowship , i didn't even set it on roll i gave him the rare drop right away.

    *** i don't use a 3rd party software btw.
  13. Randomized Augur

    From these responses it's either an "i had a singular bad experience so every boxer is bad" or the lot of us "nice" boxers are all lying.
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  14. Dharken Elder

    If you want to complain about loot chances. Here is the honest math of it.
    Unless we just have 1 or 2 (or whatever number) of toons sitting there doing nothing, Each character has a right to roll. We are doing double...Triple...Quadruple...The work that you are.
    You are 1. Just because I am 1 Playing 5 doesnt mean that I should take a 50/50 chance to award it to 1 of my 5 that are in group.

    But because we are generous and we do see that we can do this without you and thus have a much higher chance at seeing these items again, MOST boxers will go 1 to 1, or flat out pass you the loot.
    Complaining about it is a sure fire way to get a reputation and refusal to assist.
  15. ptah Augur

    I am a 2 or 3 boxer. Only primary toon is in general chat.

    99% of the time, i log in and have a plan of action setup, am going clear tov/cov missions? Do i wanta grind a static camp? is there set of collections I would finish etc? But I have a plan of action, yes its focus on ME. I dont care, outside of fellowship what others are seeking. Selfish maybe? yea

    I focus on crush what want to do with the time I got open to me. My time for others is when I raid, outside of raids, again its mytime.

    Sometimes do things change, if see someone asking for help, sure I have min chat session with them, and make choice based on answer is worth time and effect, Nothing in EQ is more heartburn that helping someone that cant help themselves. Huge slap in face when people ask for help, but dont know the zone, NPC, or have oz of being ready.

    As for as loot runs, if pushing the leadership label, everything is open to NEED, mark it if want it and can use it. Does an item sometimes pop to non user, sure. But my little black book of never again notes scribe names and check twice for whos naughty and nice.

    Back to subject, lots of this is about leaders and followers. Leaders find answers and paths to success, followers follow. Lead or get out of the way!

    Have a nice day.